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After 30 years in law enforcement, including 3 years instructing at the Ontario Police College, I offer the following strong advise to all police. Only arrest when absolutely necessary and all other options have been exhausted. [] via @RebelNewsOnline

jakuboj 8 July 23

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Everyone blames the police, and in some instances it is the police. I know about 10 officers personally. 4 of them are family members, and they are the nicest people I know.
Politicians have created unjust and non sensical laws they must enforce.
Politicians have created the disdain for police. Although here in America. When they decided to take, to protect and serve, off of their cars, and put, law enforcement. That was the turn I to the police state.
We have like 4,000 felonies on the books at just the federal level, and God knows how many misdemeanors. Politicians have used the police as a revenue generator, and now they cushion themselves from any criticism. Shameful really a once free, and prosperous nation turned to a failed police state

Everyone has a choice to follow unlawful orders or to refuse to follow them. There is no defense for those who follow unlawful, unethical orders. This is true whether you work in law enforcement, military, medical or educational fields.

@jakuboj I agree with part of that. The people have allowed politicians to write laws that these same people expect them to uphold. Let's face it. Not many people can go against the grain

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