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Episode 1,120 – Dirty Dozen: The 12 Most Dangerous People in America Pt. 1


Episode 1,121 – Dirty Dozen: The 12 Most Dangerous People in America Pt. 2

toronto_Georgia 8 July 24

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Funniest thing to me is , although I have not seen the full dirty dozen list, the ones at the top that I am aware of are people I have followed for years and years and years. The Bollingers I started watching about 5 years ago. They stated that no one has been able to point to a single actual bit of misinformation of their materials. Not one. And the vast majority of their information is taken directly from government websites who have listed these studies and information. The public will fall for any of the government's shenanigans and never ever look under the skirt to track down real facts.

Too many of those we love unknowingly listen to these fake news sources. And that becomes a source of friction even among family members.

"unknowingly listen to these sources"

Are you suggesting the dirty dozen listed are dangerous to listen to?

@toronto_Georgia Ambiguity corrected.


What the WH should be doing is go after Critical Race Theory as the source of distructive disinformation. The bloating of Covid deaths itself is disinformation. The tweaking and increasing of a virus' transmissibility whose logical purpose can only be nefarious, and then lying about it, is disinformation. The deliberate thrashing in the public's mind of viable and effective repurposed medications is disinformation. So it (the WH) has negated its own moral authority to censor and to encourage illegal censorship in the all-too-willing woke private sector.

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