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Progressive member of Congress reportedly mistreats staff, contradicting public image as champion for workers-

SpikeTalon 10 Sep 15

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Don’t forget the reports both during the campaign (particularly during the primaries) and also after the election of Kamala’s verbal abuse of her staff and that so many of them did not like her.


Is the myth that the Dems party is for the working man still valid is it? Unbelievable if it is!


nothing new or unusual about that. there have been dozens of politicians who verbally abused staff members and aides...heck some politicians even buggered the male aides...after one such Senator was accused of having or at least trying to have sexual contact with the male Pages who worked in the Senate / House chambers there was a joke going around:
How does Senator -whats his name- like his Pages....and now the punchline: "Bent over"
Wish I could remember his name but I'm very sure it was a Democrat.
Then of course there is the case of Hitlery Clinton - she is notorious for verbally abusing White House staff and others.

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