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What is the minimum cost to make one happy? I have it here in my small trailer. It is generally warm. I am not hungry. Have no rain on my head. My clothes suit me and are not generally worn. I have my pencils and music. Why would I feel justified stealing money from others who have it? Or telling the government to steal it for me? I am happy here in my small cozy place.

TrevinKovahl58 6 Sep 17

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That's called being logical, and fully content with what you have minus the fruitless desire to want more material things. Afterall, when we all die some day we can't take anything with us. Sounds like you possess all the key necessities in life.


Unlike people like you there are people not content to live their owns lives, but they have a desire to control the lives of others. They, the far left radicals, through various subterfuges, have managed to usurp the power of government to their own ill intentioned ends. For years thy have been taking over various states; Mass and New England, the West Coast, and other industrial states, and after several failed administrations, they now have manged to take control of the federal government and it's various agencies.


It's called contentment, and we should all learn to be content like you. Hope you'd be content with a regular hairstyle too 😊

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