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LINK Is Witchcraft Too Mainstream?

...“The movement really took off in 1960s,” Berger said. “There were some earlier renditions of it, but really it takes off as part of a counterculture, and it has several aspects that led to it spreading widely. One is it's very individualistic. It’s each person having a direct relationship with the divine. It's seen as an earth based religion, its connection to the Earth, going back to a more natural pre-capitalist way of living that is seen as more genuine and more environmentally concerned.” ...

Heresiarch 8 Oct 10

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I doubt it's mainstream. Over the years, out of all the people that I personally know, only a handful identified as a witch/wiccan, and they weren't satanic either. To each his/her own I say, as long as they don't bother me. I distrust most media sources these days, and doubt witchcraft is as mainstream as we are led to believe.

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