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LINK Live Action Cowboy Bebop S01E05 - Autistically Reviewed

The A-plot was Jet's, which I'd rank C-tier, yet the B-plot was Faye's & Spike's, which I'd rank A-tier, and that all averages out to a B-tier ep. Black Dog Serenade is often criticized as the least memorable Cowboy Bebop episode, so it kinda makes sense Jet's plot was C-tier. Btw I forgot to rate Julia, but in hindsight I'd rate her 8 again.

Overall Rating: B+

Cool Points: 4
Bored Points: 3
Accurate Points: 5
Inaccurate Points: 6
Trippy Visuals: 3
Vocal Laughs: 9
Fight or Chase Scenes: 2
Boner Alerts: 0

Faye Hotness: 6
Judy Hotness: 8
Goth Hotness: 5
Mao Hotness: 1

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NEETpride 6 Nov 19

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