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Personality Traits, Mental Illness, and Ideology
Higher rates of mental illness have been found on the far left.


Weltansicht 8 Dec 2

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What's the mental illness that defines being divorced from reality? That's the one I see most in politically left thinking.


The protests against Trump never subsided throughout his 4 years term. Now that the leftists have seized power, they are calling out for unity! Funny how BLM etc riots have suddenly stopped since the end of 2020.

yes! the olive branch proposal and if you don't accept it now you are the racist/problem; and/or the pure haughtiness moral superiority complex as in Mad Maxine Waters 'God is on our side' or AOC “Fudging the facts in pursuit of 'being morally right'


I forget when and where this occured, but awhile back heard about this protest against then President Trump, and some of the protesters had dressed up in dog costumes and imitated dogs (lifting their legs) urinating on photos of the President. Yeah... deranged indeed. At times it's scary albeit concerning to know that people like that are living and walking among us.

from the same people who don't know which bathroom to use?

I vaguely remember some NYC news of Trump statutes set up with pee on me signs


These high rates of mental illness and ideological thought bubbles are because they have their heads up their arses too much


The Left paints a rosy picture of a future that cannot possibly become rosy. The Left offers food lines and say it's a good thing. Insanity is at the core of Leftism.

much like their indoctrinating, planting the seeds of acceptance ~ you will own nothing and be happy

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