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In July of this year, President Joe Biden nominated Suffolk County DA and Progressive Socialist Rachael Rollins for the District of Massachusetts US Attorney position.

Rollins, who has built a career pushing progressive justice “reforms” (spoiler alert: they aren’t), has only worked in the role as Suffolk County DA since 2019, having previously worked as Counsel to numerous government agencies including the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, the Massachusetts Port Authority, and the National Labor Relations Board, according to the Washington Post. She holds a Bachelor’s from the University of Massachusetts in African-American Studies, a JD from Northwestern, and a Master of Laws (Labor and Unemployment Law) from Georgetown.-

SpikeTalon 10 Dec 10

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Yet another lawless DA. These people are sworn to uphold the laws. Why aren't they (Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, and now Boston) being impeached for braking that oath?


Jobs for the girls and boys.

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