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Fruitcake ? I might just end up just buying a block online. This is the fourth grocery store I have gone to and they continue to stare at me as if I was fabricating the significance of a good christmas fruitcake. These hypocrites who accuse me of declaring " war on christmas " are the same degenerates who fail to provide cake on one of the most sacred of cake holidays. Fruitcake is real but Hollywood hatefully makes everything a punchline. STOP GASLIGHTING ME ! HERE IS A PHOTO ! []

Mikewee777 7 Dec 10

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"Ralphs" grocery and
"Macys" department stores
finally had some
seasonal goodness in stock.

I imagine some sort of evil gangster mastermind as the anti-vax haircut looter strawman available
to blame for depriving me of this fancy cake .

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