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Fuck your stupid christmas tree.

Oprichniki 5 Dec 13

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Free pre-k care ! That's American???
Are we going to get 36 hours of Fox's 36 hrs coverage of their Xmas tree fire?

Do you think you woke up from that 15 minutes of being brain dead or are you still dreaming?

I just said fuck your Christmas tree but if you want to have that discussion you had better get more than your pathetic bullshit to support your false premise.

You talk about no childcare or pre-K.
Sounds wild to you?
Like k-12 being paid for by tax dollars is wild to you too?

Is your preference of "america" to have a completely impoverished and uneducated nation?

You go to Somalia to go live out your dream, ingrate.

I'm actually surprised you were even able to read this given your stance against literacy and education.

@Oprichniki Brilliant.

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