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No surprise here: GOP maps plans for Biden probes, prelude to 2024 culture war

Inquiries into the origins of COVID, a leak of IRS data about billionaires, and accusations the NSA spied on Tucker Carlson would be part of the “muscular” plans of Kevin McCarthy if Republicans regain House control after 2022 elections.


Garsco 8 Dec 19

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I don’t see the Republicans taking the win in 22. They were able to manipulate and steal the presidential election so what’s to stop them from doing the same in the state elections?

Only a very few “big” precincts successfully managed to swing the votes to change the electoral college. House races are decentralized and would be less likely to be manipulated, IMO.

@Garsco I hope you're right. Our last governors race was questionable, a red state and the democrat won. I no longer trust the people who count the votes.

@FEWI If the Dems pass their bill to federalize elections with massive and legalized mail in voting, ballot drop boxes and ballot harvesting, then all bets are off. I’m still cautiously optimistic that effort can be beaten back in the coming months.


A thorough investigation should be carried out on the IRS, they've been abusing their power for years now.


I'm getting sick of politicized "investigations" that do nothing to solve real world problems. Wake up Congress! We didn't send you there to perpetuate your power. We sent you there to represent our interests.

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