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During a Christmas week in which the news cycle was Omicron, Omicron, masks don’t work, vaccine mandates, Let’s Go Brandon, and Omicron, two Antifa “journalists” and their intrepid attorney made the wise decision to quietly dismiss a baseless copyright infringement lawsuit they’d filed against Andy Ngo 15 days earlier. While the suit’s filing was gleefully covered by The Intercept, The Daily Beast, and The Daily Dot, strangely, its dismissal only warranted updates by the same after one of Ngo’s attorneys, Harmeet Dhillon, tweeted about it.-

SpikeTalon 10 Dec 28

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Meanwhile, back here in AU, it's been mandated that if one hasn't had at least 2 jobs, don't bother going to the horse races on New Years Day. That being Perth Cup Day. A major annual horse racing event which attracts 10.000+ crowds.

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