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Although marxist atheists think they are intellectually superior to Christian believers they merely replaced their authority of God with Government. Every criticism they have of God you can replace the word Government and the same criticism would be equally valid. For example: God kills then says thou shall not kill. Well the government does the same damn thing.

Marxists bow to the altar of Marxism and believe in the higher power of government.

Christians bow before Jesus and believe in the higher power of God.

Both have replaced their own mind and thoughts with an ideology or belief.

Beachslim 8 Jan 5

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Here's the difference:

Christians almost exclusively don't get their morality from the Bible. Sometimes they'll be a little motivated to do the Jesus "turn the other cheek" or give to charity thing. Pretty much everything else they'd learn from the Bible is horrible though, so they're wise to ignore that, and they typically do.

Marxists at least follow a modern theory...which is obviously a way better source for ethics than most of the Bible. That said, given how horrid a source for ethics most of the Bible (apart from the New Testament) is, that's not saying much. I think LaVeyan Satanism is pretty clearly a better source for ethics than most of the Bible, and they encourage vengeance.

So, on the one hand you've got people who follow the modern theory called Marxism, which may or may not be wise...but it's rooted in reality.

On the other hand you've got people with a vastly worse code of ethics, which they ignore for the most part so as to (wisely) make up their own.

If you've got a problem with Marxism...fine...I think the solution is to talk about its specific weaknesses though. I don't think it has much in common with religion though or God-belief. Religion's big problem is that (at least in my view, it's false). It sends people down paths in life that are less-than-ideal paths to go down (if it's false) because they have an incorrect view of reality. Marxism is rooted in reality though...and if I thought God-belief were rooted in reality, I'd feel the need to argue the specific pros and cons of following that belief system just like I'd want the specific pros and cons of Marxism discussed.

I haven't looked much into Marxism though...but we do need laws or chaos will result. We don't need laws from the Ten Commandments. Without the Ten Commandments, our code of conduct would be just fine.

You missed the point as to be expected. Marxism is not rooted in reality at all, its purely imaginative drivel that goes against the laws of nature. If you don't work you don't eat.

@Beachslim There's nothing about Marxism that goes against reality. It's a political strategy. There's nothing about the laws of nature that say "You don't work, you don't eat."

I saw you talking about "natural law" below. I'm curious about what your definition of "natural law" is. I bet I'd have a different definition of what our natural rights are. I've heard of "natural law" before, and I typically do.

@MrShittles you think we are gonna feed the global population without working and growing food? You stupid communists think you are morally and intellectually superior but in reality, all your countries commit the biggest atrocities against human rights and have a record of starving due to idiotic beliefs that think you don't have to work.

@MrShittles when a communist like Biden eats, its because of someone else's labor. He doesn't understand how to grow food

@Beachslim Biden is a communist? BIDEN? Biden is not a communist unless you're the most ultra right wing fringe group member possible to who wants to completely reshape America into something far more alien than it has ever been. Biden is a very moderate, boring person. Even Bernie Sanders was not a communist. People wanted Biden because he's boring and right smack dab in the very center of the country in terms of his opinions.

@Beachslim Well...given that you think Biden is a communist, I guess I am a communist too (relatively speaking). Hell, I'm not sure who isn't a communist in your opinion.

I'm actually just sort of a globalist democrat...I think that's probably the best way to describe it. That ain't a communist. I'm not even a leftist. I like Bernie Sanders, because I thought he was the smartest candidate and I voted for him to get a good leader...but I only wanted him elected because I assumed most of congress would block many of his goals in terms of law changes.

I'm maybe a liberal...ish. I'm not even sure I'd go that far. I'm a Democrat, and to most of the wealthy west the Democrats are are a center-right party.

So no...Biden isn't a communist, and if you think he is a communist, I have no idea what category you place basically all of our wealthy friendly allies in, such as Canada and the U.K. Are they like...what...Oober communists times 2 ? They're way more left leaning than all our Democrats except Bernie Sanders. What's China? Are they super agooglepex communists? They're about the closest thing we have to an actual communism.

Your classification system confuses me greatly. Apparently you believe nearly all of America's closest allies are communists. Germany are communists, Canada are communists. The U.K. Are communists. Hell...pretty much everybody is a communism except for, I don't know...maybe South Africa and the United States (for now)

I'm confused.

@MrShittles if you're confused think more it'll become clear

@MrShittles yes, there are varying degrees of communism in different countries. The more free shit, the more communist the country is. Another metric is taxes. Communism is 100 percent taxes. Socialism is 1 to 99 percent taxes. Although I use the term to describe all of the above. Mexico is less communist than the USA.

@Beachslim Therefore, in your view, the most right wing elements of the American Tea Party are probably a little bit communist.

If you said socialist...I think I would have had a smaller objection. Pretty much all capitalist nations have some socialist aspects. They're not pure socialisms.

From what I understand, a difference between communism and socialism is that in a true communism all economic resources are publicly owned and controlled by the government whereas in a pure socialism individuals still own private property.

@MrShittles pay property taxes you don't own shit, you are renting from the government.

@Beachslim So then you're describing the entire world as communists. I won't say that's necessarily unreasonable, but most people are fine with some degree of government control...whereas they would not be at all fine with the greater control in what most people describe as communism.

@MrShittles there are very very few places not under communism and tend to be under a monarchy


Just to point out, there IS a higher power. For each of us, for ALL of us individually, there IS a higher power. For governments, there IS a higher power: those who are insufferably poorly governed. The entire human species exists under a higher power: reality.


These people don't submit to natural laws. They enforce their imagination on others and put their own lives on the line to do so. For example: police in Australia are using violence to force people to take vaccines against their will. Natural law shows some people have adverse reactions to these vaccines which are very serious. By obeying their imaginary laws, you play russian roulette depending on how your body responds to this vaccine.


What kind of arrogance believes they know everything, so they can conclude that there is no God? While numbers don’t prove anything, atheists are in a minority in the population, and are not a highly intelligent demographic. Of the most intelligent people on the planet, roughly 2/3 believe in God. Even the most intelligent can’t tell you if our Universe is a special case, what was there before time and space, and whether or not our Universe is part of one or more other Universes beyond our ability to detect. IMO those who are not open to the possibility of God, but have the opinion say, that aliens have been on Earth, are just silly and have an inflated view of their gifts.


Many people cannot deal with anything they cannot apprehend without their physical senses.
" appoint a king to lead us, such as all the other nations have.” 1 Sam:8.5


Marxists bow to altar of marxist books. The hammer is a symbol of violence and using force to mold the world to their ideology. The wolf in sheeps clothing is the marxists deception of free stuff while you are being forced communism.

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