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In the day long events commemorating the January 6th, Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a telling statement to her fellow members and the public at large. Pelosi declared “It is essential that we preserve the narrative of January 6th.” Part of that narrative is that this was not a riot but an “insurrection,” an actual “rebellion” against our country. Pelosi’s concern over the viability of that narrative is well-based as shown by a recent CBS News poll.

The majority of the public does not believe that this was an “insurrection” despite the mantra-like repetition of members of Congress and the media. The public saw that terrible day unfold a year ago and saw it for what it was: a protest that became a riot.-

SpikeTalon 10 Jan 7

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In a sense, after all the conspiracy research, I see it the same way as I see BLM: at the onset, on the ground, genuine and peaceful, even if somewhat misguided, but infiltrated, sabotaged, and turned into a riot from within. The cops, too, were infiltrated, and law and order was turned into police brutality. I never cared for great awakening theories that ignore Africa. When I find out that police are freemasons, I lose my rosy view of them. I have seen good, bad, and ugly stories about cops.

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