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The rumors we first reported on back in December have turned out to be true: the United States federal government is apparently in the process of trying to force automakers to install kill switches in their vehicles that authorities can use to shut down any newer vehicle.

The law comes as part of President Biden's infrastructure bill, which was recently signed into law, according to Yahoo. The government kill switch is - like all good thefts of civil liberties - being positioned as a "safety measure".-

SpikeTalon 10 Jan 19

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They think of everything to control our lives or prevent us from living it as we are used to! I am amazed and in awe!!! 😬😵💫😷😟

Sometimes highly motivated individuals can be dangerous to the rest of us. Motivations that is in all the wrong places.


Americans I have only one comment to make! What you sow so shall you reap!

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