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Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, sponsored a virtual event that asked students: “Is Professionalism a Racist Construct?” before providing one-sided information to suggest that it is.

Fox News reported that the event will be held virtually on February 1 and claims the term professionalism “has at times been used to silence and marginalize people of color, when attributes of appearance, language or interactions that have nothing to do with job knowledge or constructive collegial relationships are labeled as ‘unprofessional.’”

Thus, the event description insists, professionalism is part of white supremacy.-

SpikeTalon 10 Jan 24

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Decades ago when I lived there, WashU was a pack of liberal (back when liberal didn't mean commie trash) ding bats. No surprise there.


I define professionalism as being obedient to the government.


They are all over the place

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