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Members of the 'Proud Boys' have been arrested for scuffling with Antifa, and the group has been de-platformed by every major tech platform for its "racist" views (members of the group proudly claim to be 'male chauvinists', although they would also vehemently dispute accusations of racism) while the left-wing media constantly held it up as a right-wing boogeyman.

But as it turns out, a group of Iranian hackers purportedly posed as members of the Proud Boys during a cyber misinformation campaign dedicated to interfering in the 2020 US election, according to a briefing released by the FBI this week warning the public about the activities of Iranian hacker collective, which is called Emennett Pasargad.-

SpikeTalon 10 Jan 28

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MSM and major tech platforms consider anyone who disagrees with them to be racists. So, piss off. Your credibility was ruined years ago, by YOU!


mUh rUsSiAn iNtErFeReNcE!

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