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LINK OVERPOPULATION: Are There Really Too Many Babies? [Opinion] (2022) | UnCommon Sense - YouTube

"OVERPOPULATION IS KILLING THE PLANET!" Is this a fact or is this an elaborate fiction novel portrayed as news?

Although the persistence has slowed, in the last several years the media has hyped up the idea that the earth is overpopulated, but how much of these claims are fact? Is the population of earth reaching a point that the earth cannot sustain the massive number of people? Is there really a food shortage? Or are these narratives being pushed to scare the public?

In this episode, Billy and Butch react to statements from intelligent figures in our society and discuss their personal thoughts on the idea of overpopulation.

Billy_Kid 6 Feb 13

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Not sure if anyone actually watched or listened to the podcast, but at least the conversation has begun.


Strange how this baby happens to be white with blue eyes and next to the heading of the video topic.Seems to be a mischief here.


What is the saying? necessity is the mother of invention?

Humanity's ability to hop past one supposed crisis after another is an empirical proof of that concept. If free people are allowed to invent and implement, I've yet to see a problem that is insurmountable. Note the qualifiers in that.

As to population. No, we aren't within the neighborhood of any real limit. Multiples off, probably an order of magnitude.

E.g., self proclaimed envirotypes (aka treehuggers) are constantly whining about habitat being infringed. Yeah. OK. What have you done about it. OOOh, you created a hashtag!! I'm so impressed.
How about doing everything you can in 3rd world areas to uplift those peoples' income/wealth? Rich folk don't abuse the environment as much as others. They can afford not to. Don't need globalism crappola, just free trade. Cheaper energy -- without your whining about it not being to your delusional standard of tech. Fewer regs from totalitarian thugs skimming all the extra dosh that comes from a freer economy. Etc. Let folks do what THEY think is necessary to make the situation better for their children.

I'm thinking about doing another episode on this subject and bringing up similar points. People have been warped into thinking this way and I personally think it's a tactic of population control. If people are afraid of overpopulation and mass limitations of resources, why would they want to add to the congestion? But the truth is, even IF there was a population problem, if we stop having too many children we run the risk of a collapse. Right now we have far more elderly people in America than we have youth and working class citizens. I think this fear has been spread to keep the people at a number that is more easily contained, manipulated and surveyed.

@Billy_Kid As an elderly myself, I have a question: how come there has been so little progress and even experimentation (aside elites sleeping in oxygen centers or sucking blood from the young) to extend, meaningfully extend, the working life of "elderly"?
And I don't mean extend retirement age so old farts have to go work as doorway greeters at box stores.
C'mon, you dolts in science fields! You do realize that infirmity kicks in at 60+, don't you? By your 40's you are running down. Thinking at 50: "Oh, mebbe I ought to look into this now." is not a well-thought out plan.
I'd have no objection getting back into the work force, just to feel like I'm contributing. So long as I have lots of Postits I can use to remind me why I am entering this room right now.

@bobbo666 Although I can not answer that, it is a very good question. This may be something to look into. There are many scientist across the world who study things that we, the public, rarely or never hear about because the findings of such studies find solutions to health issues that will not benefit the "sick-care" system and Big Pharma. Sometimes the findings would even take down a part of the Pharmatocricy, so of course, the information is extremely hard to find. All that said, it would be interesting to know if anyone out there is studying that very thing. I'll see what I can find.


Fiction. God knows.


7.8 billion ppl. Yes.


Also for context , the birth control shot is not foolproof.

Do not panic. We are no where near the Folkhemmet government you fear.

In fact , very few are even familiar with these nonsensical fnordy shibboleth words I am mumbling about and what they do to their hypnotized social neighbors when triggered.


I am not clicking on that video link because I have my own opinions on the topic.

The last crisises in the past 20 years have been solved through temporary quick-fix bandages but they are starting to creak from the weight of apathy.

The IPV4 Y2K crisis was solved by IPV6.
We solved the OZONE problem by swapping out CFCs with some other propellant, the helium shortage has been mostly ignored due to alternative light weight gasses. The food shortage problem has been temporarily solved with GMOs. The trucker shortage is artificially induced by political instability. The peak oil crisis happens every 20 years. We have luxury electric cars.. for now.

It's interesting to me that you are so sure of what you've learned so far that you reject further opinion and analysis on a subject.

I am sure that you put alot of hard work into this and I appreciate your willingness to share it for free without malicious intent.

I have just been politically inverted ever since I left the ARMY as a result of Bush's poor handling of everything.

I learned my lesson : I am never voting Republican ever again.
If you can assure me that this video is non-partisan, then I will humor you as a new viewer in this audience you are seeking.

@Mikewee777 The point of the channel is to get people talking again. Republican and Democrat are labels that mean nothing in this culture war we are all in the midst of. I welcome your opinion no matter what side of the political spectrum you identify with. I am a registered Republican but I also can't stand the Bushes anymore than I can sympathize with the Clintons. I've simply never changed my "label" and vote however I feel I should with the choices I am given. Sometimes I even write in if I don't like my choices. One year I voted for Charlton Heston. The point I'm trying to make is that all logical opinions are worth listening to. I'd like to see more people having constructive conversations about society and governmental problems than the seemingly consistent childish arguing from the different sides. I believe real conversation and healthy debate is the only way we will ever understand one another and find solutions.


There are far too many people in the Third World. That's a commonly known fact. The UN would say that giving these nations more money in aid will solve the problem. Actually, all that does is enricher their dictators. A much more helpful solution would be to make birth control mandatory in these shitholes!

Islamic cults currently have too much inbreeding and even less sex because the pedophile priests are hoarding all of the best women ( they refuse to share) while the impoverished men resort to : suicidal terrorism , goat raping and even gay pedo child rape as a result of having no woman to live for.
Which is probably where that MERS pandemic came from.

A smarter solution would legalize a reverse harem with multiple men married to one woman instead of the other way around.
It will also reduce the number of " honor killings" because they will have a better idea of who the child belongs to and she would be too exhausted from the human train queue to seek out any animals to molest.

You can not impregnate a woman who is already pregnant and even if you accidentally do, there is still a limit to how long it will take for her to recover between pregnancies.

That's called population control and I disagree with that. Birth control was created and tested in third world countries in hopes of lessening the population and more specifically the Black American population. Margret Sanger was an evil woman who saw third world people and anyone of color as less than human.

@Billy_Kid correlation and causation are not within the same line of context.

Two different people can be against something for different reasons. In the same way that you can also be correct for the wrong reasons.

A sane person knows that the entirety of the canadian trucker protestor groups are NOT NAZI enthusiasts. For the same reasons why being ^ for abortion ^ does not mean that these pro-abortion people cheer when a black fetus dies in response to it being black. The whole point of being for abortion is that it is supposed to be for medical emergencies , not for recreational consequence-free booty blasting . Repeated abortions have long term consequences, just like all surgical procedures. Ideally, nobody should be cut open at all. The entire planet is stained with jizz, touching a door knob could just as easily get these hyper-fertile women pregnant. If you took sex ed, you would know this. If you are anti-mask, imagine the horror of being forced to wear gloves everywhere.


Too many babies?
Too many people.


If you have a slogan 'every baby a desired, loved baby', rather than FORCE, letting women decide...they do the work...labor...are sick for a long time, often, endure
back pain and strain, and need the choice to do this, or not.

Lots of loved, wanted babies, cared for is different from just 'lots of babies'.
Babies are big business, think about all the big companies selling for babies

There's a very dark side as you consider satanism.

We can't afford in many ways unwanted babies.

And 3rd world mostly Muslim countries have so many kids, then beg us for help, while they continue.

In some Muslim countries, they have no water. All of this must mean
they stop making the problem worse.

Satanists have too many trans-trenders.

Their " conversion therapy " is the reactionary backlash against the " pray the gay away " agenda.

Non all nuns are habit women and not all burkas have women inside of them. You do not cure homosexuality by chopping off penises and harvesting those organs for a new chimeric abomination. Cyber-wombs are also a bad idea. No matter how efficient the technology becomes , we will always need real actual women.

I also thought it was disgusting how hollywood forces these confused LGBTQ to adopt abandoned chinese babies who lose their cultural identity from all of this travel.

American babies need to be cared for by Americans too.

@Mikewee777 I go further: babies need their parents. Zn Egyptian baby looks different from a Norwegian baby. It's shown that men want 'their own', same skin color, features, etc.
I noticed Arab men with wife, New baby, child, and they looked happy to me, pleased with their wife.
It's Caucasians that are all mixed up, and I read that child abuse is heavy when it's not the father.
I don't know how bad it is with natural fathers because the articles only focused on boyfriends.
It would be good to know this.

I totally agree.


As much as I despise the U.N., the W.E.F., W.H.O., and the whole N.W.O., I do believe that we are reaching an unsustainable population level. In my lifetime of over 60 years, World population has more than doubled. If that doubles again in the next 60 years, we're in trouble. I have no idea what the solution is, other than encouraging people to have only one child, but I'm vehemently opposed to any type of legislation or mandates enforcing this.

I would think the Creator is well able to know how many people He desires to inhabit His Planet! Fear not!

@dmatic The Creator doesn't meddle, and since so few acknowledge there is one, znd then disagree to who that is, the Creator I serve lets people run things.
He's with His people, though.
I don't believe the Creator is in favor of the child sex trafficking, invasions, leaving citizens stranded rithe

The earth won't fill up, but resources will give way, dry out. Humans need to take responsibility for their lives.

@2FollowHim "The Creator doesn't meddle,"... Pretty bold statement. Have you read the Bible?

I see where you're coming from but I can't agree.

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