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Why mainly atheist woman

Why are atheist woman are mostly against Christians being a atheist woman myself I can’t stand anything to do with any religion it’s just utter garbage. But progressive atheists are they just as bad as any religion they are Hypocrites

Ktpie 6 Apr 18

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Well, as House said: "Everyone lies." I think that Greek is still looking for that one honest man or woman. It is one thing to not have a belief in any god or to believe there is no god. It is quite the other to push ones beliefs in atheism as a religious experience, to demand that others believe you can prove a negative, a miracle, I do believe. As for the belief in god, is it simple due to generational memories or is it in the vein Karl Jung offered, a great human collective consciousness, a collective spirituality that is greater than our singular existence? We can neither prove the existence or non existence of any god or deity. As Brian said: "you've got to work it out for yourselves!"

What Atheism is not a religion nor is nihilism I believe in people just not all people


Abortion always comes up I’m not one of those sjw I don’t believe in killing babies that’s ridiculous who want to have late abortions are murderers I believe we need educate these women true biology as it’s not debatable how babies are formed. These feminists are blaming well if this man
That I had sex with that I asked him not to wear a condom because the environment is a fuckin cunt whore sorry and she be fixed for future “accidents” wrap it up darling


I joined a freethinkers group and I have nothing in common with them it’s like they are pro Muslim anti western religion they have many faults but they never banish their family or stone them for getting raped as a atheist woman I find it sickening they call them selfs a atheist


I am not an atheist nor am I religious really. I do believe there is something after death though. I wonder if some atheists are just plain angry people because of their beliefs? Not being nasty just curious.


Many atheists hypocritically vilify Christianity only, and I believe there’s three reasons for this:

  1. They don’t see Muslims, Hindus, etc, as religious adherents, they see them as nationalities.
  2. In the West most atheists grew up as Christians so they associate atheism only with Christianity.
  3. Those that aren’t labouring under the delusions at 1 and 2 know the price they’ll pay at home by the PC brigade and abroad when a fatwah is issued on his/her head for declaring that Allah doesn’t exist.

I'm with option 3 🙂

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