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State Dept sued by watchdog after withholding John Kerry docs until after next presidential election

Protect the Public’s Trust (PPT), a government watchdog, filed the transparency suit against the State Department on Wednesday after the department said they wouldn’t be able to fulfill the group’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request on Kerry’s office until Nov. 18, 2024.

That’s an oddly specific date to answer the FOIA request. This absolutely shows the blatant political nature and MO of the Biden team.


Garsco 8 Mar 25

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There must be as much damning information in there as in Hunter Buy-den's laptop.


Please tell me Kerry is up for election in 2022.

He’s not as far as I know. The climate czar was appointed by Dementia Joe.

@Garsco Sorry, who's the climate czar?

@ScottforKing John Kerry, who worries the current war will raise global temperatures

Alas he serves at the pleasure of the President and is not answerable to the people. Come to think of it, Buy-den is not answerable to the people either.

@FuzzyMarineVet Alas, how many of the political class are?

@ScottforKing Frankly, 0.0%! They are only accountable to international organizations bent on world dominion.

@FuzzyMarineVet Hello Huston, we have a problem, over!

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