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Yet more proof Putin and his lackies are ruthless liars. I'm also hearing reports that Ukrainian women have been/are getting raped by Russian soldiers, but to be fair the OSINT community has yet to independently verify such claims.

Russia continues bombardment of Ukrainian cities despite peace talk claims-

As for the supposed Ukrainian missile that destroyed an apartment block in Donetsk, that too has yet to be independently verified.

SpikeTalon 10 Mar 30

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Howdy @SpikeTalon

It's interesting to see how the Russian info war is finally ramping up. Ukrainians flooded the internet with their info war in the early days of the war and basically set the narrative. Russians are trying hard to reset it.


Putin bad, great reset worse.

This is just a repeat of the Crimean War. Russia is barbaric but the "civilized" West just as murderous in it's own way.

The people that exploited China would love to exploit Russian resources and have been trying for three hundred years. Russia is a tough nut to crack. It has it's own cultural structure and that includes an ever changing power structure. The irony is the more it changes the more it stays the same. Stalin replaces the tsar, Putin replaces Stalin. The nobility is replaced by the party and now by oligarchs.

People think the modern world is so much different but we in the West are just returning to historical norms. There was short period after WWII when the elites having been shaken by the near disaster of socialist Nazis gave average people a fair deal and the middle class exploded. It didn't help that a still largely rural and independent U.S. population, steeped in frontier tradition had risen to prominence.

I get your point, but the crimes of the west do not absolve the Russian Government of their crimes though.


Yeah I wouldn't trust anything on face value that is reported by our incestuous corporate main stream Western Media. Much of it is pure Ukrainian propaganda taken verbatim without verification by the same mindless MSM.
I'm expecting soon to hear reports of Russians eating Ukrainian babies! Also I believe and suggest that the main reason that the Russian military are "bombing cities" is that they would be taking out buildings in which elements of the Ukrainian military are taking shelter from which to engage their invaders. There have been some reports they are (in some cases) using civilian areas as shields for their advantage. There are some ruthless soldiers on the Ukrainian side as well!
It's normal Russian practice never to stop fighting until the peace negotiations are agreed upon and formalised by both sides. Another thing to appreciate is that Russia actually has the fire-power to level and completely reduce all the cities to complete rubble if it wanted to. Reports that Russia could be ultimately defeated by Ukraine ( short of a nuclear intervention by the west ) is propaganda BS..

There's propaganda being pushed by both sides, and there's a number of folks on this site who wouldn't hesitate to believe the headline if it was against the Ukrainian narrative. OSINT is not western media, and the New York Post shared their findings.


Being the reasonable person that you are, but I am not certain of the veracity of your facts, do you suppose, were you a person in the position where you could reason with Putin, that you could negotiate a peace or even convince him to end the carnage? Do you feel that all the information you currently have could convince him?

The OSINT community had confirmed such reports and not western medias like the New York Post, the NYP only shared info that of which is already out there. Curiously enough the known Russian Government propaganda sources have been quiet on that much.

I doubt it, anything short of fully handing Ukraine over to Putin would not be good enough for him. I also think he is well aware of what his soldiers are doing. He keeps pushing things, seeing what he can get away with. On a side note, the allegations of rape by Russian soldiers at this point is hearsay, no conclusive evidence has come out yet to verify such claims, so I remain skeptical on that until someone could independently verify such.

That didn't sound right there... I meant rape from Russian soldiers. Saying accusations of rape by Russian soldiers sounded like I was implying the soldiers themselves were complaining about getting raped, lol.

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