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Kremlin newspaper and a Putin confidant endorse genocide as Russia's final solution to the Ukraine problem-

SpikeTalon 10 Apr 6

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Spike talon is a communist progressive no question.


Obvious goofiness -- if only that Aussie land is upside down.


Redstate is like CNN. Working overtime in making Americans ever more out of touch with reality. What CNN is for neoliberals. RedState is for Neoconservative. Both thrive in trapping dumb americans into echo chamber of their own making and profititing from teling victims exactly what they expect to hear. No wonder America is s disaster zone. Imagine thinking this stuff is real life. Lol. As stupid ss it is. It has real concequances. Manifested in Ammerica tearing itself apart.

I'm not sure I follow you - can you say what "reality" you are alluding too in this post - and how are Americans detached from that reality. What Americans in particular are being fooled by Redstate and other "news" agencies; is it Americas political leadership? (of we all know Biden is but a hollowed out shell of a man) or are you talking about the American People in general.

@iThink The way I understand how we got to this point with the media outlets. Not news reporting of journalism, but media outlets. Content creation. Very important, and I'll get to that later.

Someone explained it like this. Back in the old days of television and radio in America, there were few channels on TV, no more. And most people watched all of the content, because they could. It was not yet cabel TV with 500 channels. And it was all on the same TV.

So there were more left or right leading news outlets if you want to call it left or right, but they did not differ significantly in covering the basic facts. They had their own little spin on it, but reports were agreeable on the same basic facts. The way this was explained, was that if you watch left leaning news on channel 1, and than on channel 2 you watch right leaning news, you would easily spot discrepancies and so out of necessity, both left and right leaning news, were obliged to keep the basic facts same, and than put their flavor on top.

Even if the basic message was not factual, it was similar enough between the outlets to keep the Americans thinking more or less the same about topics being covered. Here and there you might have outliers, people reading other stuff or having their own opinion, but it was not a huge problem.

Than with the rise of cabel TV, in order to compete news outlets, such as Fox or CNN realized that they can outcompete the other side, if they don't cover the same things, but create their own market niche. And so at first, they started covering selectively some things and disregarding others, catering to ever more focused market of people.

Being on cabel TV not everyone watched both sides, but gradually people started to focus on "news" that confirmed their preexisting bias. And the news outlets, started to cater to that more and more, and gradually went from reporting on news, to mixing it with opinion pieces. Where its not just any opinion but one that targeted audience wants.

Over time this created, eco chambers and people who only watched one media outlet would have a completely different worldview than watching the other media outlet. This only got heavily amplified with rise of internet, smartphones, algorithms, social media, ease of media creation etc.

But off course in the case of most media outlets, its not about reporting on the news, being accurate, its about sticking to specific narratives.

And in the case of domestic issues, CNN is a poster child for Orange Man Bad, and Fox is the opposite. but Both are only interested in covering narratives that bring them money and not covering the facts for the desire to accurately inform the viewers.

I hope I don't need to explain how deviating this was for America as a country. Its a nation tearing itself apart, with people living in it with completely different world views , and mostly out of touch with any real situation. Because they live in the world of competitive narratives. Not reality.

These media outlets are there to cater to the narratives, not report on truth.

CNN and Red State for example.

The Cable News Network (CNN) is a multinational news-based pay television channel headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It is part of AT&T's WarnerMedia.

RedState is owned by the Salem Media Group, a conservative media company. Additionally, Salem owns conservative websites, RedState, Hot Air, and PJ Media, as well as Twitter aggregator Twitchy.

These are corporate media outlets with publicly traded shares, meaning they are looking for profit, not truth. And in the case of CNN in particular it is the mouthpiece for the three letter agencies and DNC.

We also don't really know what kind of people and funds in the background own shares in these companies and what their interest are. Both commercial and political.

Salem Media Group with their websites, RedState, Hot Air, and PJ Media, as well as Twitter aggregator Twitchy all uniformly cover Ukraine situation with comical inaccuracy and one sidedness. Clearly following a prescribed narrative, not following facts.

Beyond potentially owners of Salem Media Group being neocons or pathologically anti Russian, who is to say that same people who have shares in Salem Media Group don't have shares in war for profit type companies.


War Stocks Are Surging As Russia-Ukraine Conflict Rages On: Lockheed Martin, Northrop Up 20%

As the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine wreaks havoc on financial markets, defense stocks are outperforming and Wall Street analysts say they’ll keep rising.

The iShares U.S. Aerospace & Defense ETF, the largest of its kind with 33 equity holdings, has risen more than 5% since Russian troops invaded Ukraine on February 24.

Defense stocks have widely soared in that time: Shares of Raytheon Technologies are up nearly 8%, General Dynamics 12%, Huntington Ingalls Industries 14%, Lockheed Martin 18% and Northrop Grumman 22%.

Though the U.S. and other Western allies have stopped short of sending troops to Ukraine, they have been sending weapons made by the likes of Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, such as Javelin anti-tank missiles and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles.

With NATO deploying more troops to member countries in eastern Europe near Ukraine’s border, the ongoing geopolitical tensions should boost defense stocks in the long term as global defense spending is set to increase, according to analysts.

Several Western allies are already planning defense budget increases, including Germany, which said its defense budget would now make up over 2% of its GDP from 1.5%; Japan also plans to increase its 2022 defense budget to more than 1% of GDP for the first time since the 1960s.


And just how out of touch and stupid people can be, is not hard to demonstrate, but I'll give you one example. Spotify, Moderna, Twitter and Joe Rogan connection.

Remember how not long ago Joe Rogan the most popular pod caster on Spottily, had two guests talking against the narrative of "vaccines" being safe and effective.

Well, it turns out that people who own a huge fund management firm, own majority stock in Spotify and Moderna. So they did not want Joe Rogan guests talking negatively about vaccines, and Moderna losing profit. They could not attack him directly so they hired professional aggregators to cook up a Joe is a racist narrative and spread it on social media to go viral in attempt to cancel Joe.

How many morons took this at face value, and were completely duped into thinking its about Joe's opinion or race or got cough up in that narrative, not really looking what is beneath the surface.

Well here is some background story.

The Moderna-Spotify Connection

The Group Behind "Taking Down" Joe Rogan


Now imagine a poor bastard who takes CNN or RedState at face value and thinks that is the way world works? You really have to be special kind of moron for that one, and some people, not to name names here, are not only willing to fall for it, but are apparently hostile to anyone who shows them evidence of something that does not fit their narrative.

I guess its true what they say. Its easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. Because ego will fight kicking and screaming to protect the poor bastard from accepting the harsh reality of being a fool.


Same people who bitch and moan about mainstream media laying about domestic issues, are quick to accept all the same media tells them about Ukraine and Russia. And somehow they don't see the problem in that. Truly astonishing.

Off course that is why the politicians love it. When things got really bad for them in domestic issues, and all else fails, they take you to war. Find the external other and demonize it so people will support you in that and divert the attention for you being the real villain of the story. Its a classic.

But than again , I would not expect people who read CNN and RedState to read history books.

I'm about as far right as you can get and even I know that Putin is justified for taking action. Ukraine is a crap-hole, center for Globalism; money laundering; and abject corruption. We need only know who supports Ukraine to know for certain that we should NOT support that bastion of debauchery. When Biden, Obama, Clinton, CNN, MSNBC, The View, George Soros, and Mitt Romney support something ... it's time to turn tail and run in the opposite direction.


And here we go AGAIN!!!!!!!!

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