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Well folks, it's official now. According to Russian media reports, the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the guided-missile cruiser Moskva, has sunk while being towed to port. At this point it is still unclear what caused the ship to sink, either Ukrainian missiles or an accidental fire that detonated munitions, the latter of which the Russian Government would have us believe was the case. Either scenario is a major blow to Putin's regime. Personally, I would find it rather amusing if the latter scenario turned out to be true, as that would be even more evidence proving how inept the Russian Government truly is. Takes a special type of moron(s) to accidentally cause so much damage to your flagship that it ends up sinking, lol.

Russian flagship sinks while being towed to port-

SpikeTalon 10 Apr 15

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Any claim in the first 24-36 hours after any such event is probably a lie. Have y'all learned nothing in the last decade? The MSM will, and has, seized on any occasion to push an agenda -- and then they bury it.

A single missile can kill any ship. A single fire in the wrong place can do the same. There are ample examples of each.

Losing a single ship means nothing. War does that. Now, losing a 2nd in the same way is indicative of a problem.


No one knows the truth about what actually happened to the the missile carrier ship Moscow. Did they hit a mine? Did they have an on-board accident? Did they take a missile strike? The Russians have not said.

The Russians have lost tanks, big guns and thousands of troops dead or wounded. Everytime Russia loses a tank or has their troops captured, western media claims the Ukrainians have won the war.

The war in Ukraine is a done deal my brother. Russia is never giving back Ukraine. The world has changed from a unipolar power structure and economy run by the USA, to a multi-polar system of trade and order where nations have choices of global alliances and partnerships


Good old USA neo-cons corrupt to the core with a demented CIC fighting a proxy war because it would take some seriously huge cajones to take Russia on one on one when it's easier to use Ukrainians as your sacrificial lamb cannon fodder. Makes ya proud don't it.

It makes me proud knowing that if Russia ever started using nuclear or chemical weapons on my country, the US could and would wipe Russia off the face of the world. Afterall, morons who damage their own vessels from careless accidents shouldn't be taken too seriously (assuming that is if you're one who's inclined to believe every narrative from the Russian side). The arsenal of the US is far bigger than Russia realizes, and Russia hasn't exactly found much success in handling Ukraine.


Wiping Russia off the face of the earth would involve the USA being wiped off the face of the earth. A single nuclear strike by the USA against Russia would likely bring into play Russia's 2000+ nuclear weapons sitting on bases and submarines around the globe. The moment the USA hit that button, every major city in North America would be targeted for retaliation.

You seem to have an antiquated view of Russia and their capabilities. The USA has only attacked small, weak nations that have no air defences, navy or satellite systems. I understand you do not believe it however Russia would give the USA a spanking if the US decided to send troops along Russia's borders. You will see a rage unleashed among the Russians. Just's all coming!


I'm guessing it was blown up by missiles probably supplied by NATO.

Probably, although it would be funny if it turned out to be true that it was an accidental fire that caused the sinking.

If it was a missile strike using NATO gear, it is a huge escalation that Russia will now counter. China, Russia and India vs the USA. Nations around the globe are turning away from the USA and their threats of sanctions.

In fact, things have become so bad...the USA is BEGGING Maduro for oil! You know...Maduro...the guy the USA said they do not recognize as President of Venezuela...the country the USA has sanctioned into the stone age. They are begging Venezuela for oil!

China will be going into Taiwan soon. DAMN! Russians would have made much better friends than enemies, huh? Too late!

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