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The news is coming hard and fast after a bombshell leak out of the Supreme Court revealed a draft decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. RedState reported on the initial details, noting that it is misleading to treat the draft as the final result.

Still, this is completely unprecedented, and it does appear that five justices were prepared at the time of the draft to overturn the landmark abortion precedents of Roe and Casey. What happens next is where things get interesting, though.

Clearly, this leak was designed to gin up outrage and possibly violent threats against the justices in a last-ditch attempt to get them to change their votes. Shortly after the leak was announced, barricades went up around the Supreme Court.-

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Assuming RvW is ultimately overturned in this SCOTUS term, the actual decision won’t likely be announced for another six weeks. This only moves the left’s outrage up by six weeks. Not really any kind of game changer for 2022 politics. The outrage was coming regardless.


Howdy @SpikeTalon,

I guess this will gin up outrage on the left.

I don't think it will actually change any actual facts on the ground. Getting an abortion will be as convenient as finding a Starbucks in California. People in Utah will have to go out of state.

A multi-billion dollar 'abortion industry' is a loathsome thing. At least we can excise it from the Red states.

I guess this will gin up outrage on the left.

Which was, apparently, the intention.

Howdy again @SpikeTalon,

A couple of thoughts occurred as I was working this morning. The first is the renewed demands to abolish the filibuster in the Senate. The second is the demands to 'pack the court.' (which would require abolishing the filibuster). We'll have to see how this plays out.

@timon_phocas Them going after the Filibuster (yet again) is truly concerning.


Someone was just appointed an associate judge until Judge Breyer retires when she takes his place?

I honestly don't think she was involved but we can't exclude the possibility right now.

It sounds more like it would be a clerk from one of the existing Justices offices.

This is serious and the source of the leak will undoubtedly be routed out, come hell or high water. Someone may have put their life in jeopardy if someone more important was involved.

This is entirely anti-American. Someone who hates America and wishes to see its "fundamental transformation" is probably involved.

Chief Justice John Roberts kind of supported Obamacare? Is the culprit from his office? Wouldn't surprise me if he were. Obama to me is always suspect when it comes to anti-Americanism. Just another possible scenario. Hey... it could happen.

The purpose is obvious, to rally the pro-choice base and get them beating the drum for Democrats in the mid-terms.

Then again, maybe it's just disinformation from Russia.


Wow! A leak like that represents a new low for the Leftist deep state.

This was a photo of a few protesters who hastily took to the streets in protest shortly after the leak broke out. I hate to judge anyone strictly based on how they look, but some of these people really do look deranged, that look in their eyes...

Here's another gem. Their sign reads Party for Socialism & Liberation. That's an oxymoron, socialism will not lead to any sort of permanent individual liberty, and liberation will not lead to a socialist state. Looks like the twenty-something crowd protesting there.

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