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LINK Democrats Borrow Castro Slogan for Their Outreach to Latino Voters

This new initiative to reach out to Spanish-speaking voters uses the slogan “Adelante,” which means “onward” or “forward.” Now, a Spanish word shouldn’t be an issue in and of itself, but when that word carries an association with Fidel Castro and Cuba’s communists, it becomes loaded with baggage.

“As it so happens, slogans such as ‘¡Adelante!’ or ‘¡La Revolución Seguirá Adelante!’ were popular rallying cries under the communist regime of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro,” reports the Washington Free Beacon.

“The Cuban newspaper founded in 1959, the year Castro took power, is called Adelante, which boasts that it was ‘primero con la Revolución,'” the article continues.

sqeptiq 9 May 14

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Here's my slogan...


How well is that working for them in Miami and Tampa? I bet the second and third generation Cubanos in those towns are just as adamantly opposed to communism as their parents and grandparents.


“Adelante” would be something those crossing the border illegally from Mexico would understand.


No need to go that far back...Trudeau has tons of slogans they could use

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