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This one is sure being swept under the rug. Putin's health has been questioned for a few years now, especially knowing how recently he was observed live on air shaking and stuttering and hanging onto a table for dear life. Don't worry about said evidence though folks, nothing to see here, move along...

Russian oligarch recorded on secret audio revealing serious disease Vladimir Putin is allegedly battling-

SpikeTalon 10 May 15

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Howdy @SpikeTalon,

I've seen the videos of Putin showing something like Parkinson's tremors. I'm wondering if it will take him down, allow the Russians to blame everything on him, and call off the war. It would be a merciful end.

The difficulty is that Putin's views about Ukraine being an artificial construct of Soviet mistakes are widely held among the Russian elites.

Valid point there, for sure.


Russians are known to have assassinated a number of people using poison and or drugs. Could be that someone in the Russian oligarchy is slowly giving Putin "something" that works slowly in order to make it look like disease and not an assassination of Putin.
Seems to me Putins health and fitness changed for the worse suddenly.
We were shown photos and videos of Putin Ice Skating in a Hockey uniform; then there was that photo of Putin sitting shirtless upon a horse. He appeared to be physically strong and fit for a man of his age he looked good. Now, suddenly we are getting hints and allegations about Putin showing symptoms of an unknown illness. Go figure.
Not sure but I think assassination has been used more than a few times when the Russians/Soviets were ready for Regime change.

That crossed my mind as well, and certainly could be. Then again, alot of types of cancers can set in quickly and diminish one's health in short time, so at this point hard to say what exactly it is.

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