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On pause? I wonder what it’ll look like or be disguised as upon its reiteration.

Biden administration 'disinformation' board on pause amid free speech concerns: reports

The Department of Homeland Security's Disinformation Governance Board is being put on hold weeks after its establishment was announced to the public, and board director Nina Jankowicz will resign, sources told The Associated Press.


Garsco 8 May 18

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Methinks they'll just keep it hidden and go back to using the tech giants to do the dirty work.


" worries people - we have suspended development and postponed the projected date for activation of your Ministry of Truth pending further study on the existence of mis-information and dis-information and how best to combat it."

Riiiight - so what this means is that the Ministry of Truth has gone "Black" for now. Still up and running but completely out of the purview of the Press, the People, and probably Republican members of the Senate and the House.

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