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Fort Bragg could be renamed to Fort Liberty in push to remove Confederate names from Army bases

Fort Bragg in North Carolina is currently named after Gen. Braxton Bragg, a senior Confederate Army general. It would be renamed as Fort Liberty, the only one of the bases named after a concept, with eight others being renamed mostly after individuals with ties to Army history.

"This post is home of the Airborne and Army Special Forces," said Ty Seidule, a Retired US Army Brigadier General who serves on The Naming Commission. "The 82nd Airborne Song, which I sang so proudly when stationed there, has a line that says 'We're All-American' and proud to be. For we're the soldiers of liberty.' And liberty anchors the Special Forces motto as well."


Garsco 8 May 24

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I would wish that these people who push to rename the base, Fort Liberty, that they would define what liberty means to us all, otherwise the fort could be re-named Fort Slogan.


I expect the "Speech Police" will redefine Liberty to be equivalent to slavery.


That would be ok with me!


But liberty is anathema to the Left. They can't have people thinking about that.

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