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LINK Progressive NY Democrat Predicts "Civil War" if GOP Takes Control in Midterms - YouTube

Progressive NY Democrat Predicts "Civil War" if GOP Takes Control in Midterms

Aztex2020 7 June 16

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Here are the words of a terrorist bigot bragging about killing Vietnamese people and threatening to kill me also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

klhljhjlhkj 4 replied June 21, 2022 0
UUUUU big words from a big man.
Try and arrest me: me and my military issue field tested blood baptized M-16 "Joana" will be there to waiting fo ryou.

(PS: Joana has already taken many lives of people that go against our current president: 24 gooks at last count. One more gook won't bother us one bit. Coem and arrest me. I dare you. C'mon big man. You got any bite behind those words????????))

He talks like he is in the military. I have adked him outright at least 6 times what branch of service he is in, what his rank is, what his mos is and where was he deployed!!!!!!!!!! He has never answered my questions.

This just proves he is a STOLEN VALOR TROLL POSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also informed him that a M-16 is a full automatic firearm, which has been illegal to own since 1934 unless you are a FFL dealer, have gotten a Class 3 licence, which takes about 6 to 8 months, and have paid the tax stamp every year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are his words again, claiming to have killed
me and my military issue field tested blood baptized M-16 "Joana" will be there to waiting fo ryou.

(PS: Joana has already taken many lives of people that go against our current president

This just proves he is such a fake poser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@klhljhjlhkj Sine you refuse to answer my questions about your CLAIMED SERVICE, YOU ARE ADMITTING THAT YOU ARE A POSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



@klhljhjhkj COMON MAN!!! What branch of service do you CLAIM to be in??? What is your rank??? What is your MOS??? Where were you deployed????

Answer those questions or FOREVER BE KNOWN HERE AS A POSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@farmerguy56 s/he/it said/claimed corps when it was ranting about SNAFU


This fool Jamaal Bowman thinks his dire warning of civil war is all scary and intimidating. It isn't. There are a lot of people who are patriotic and loyal to the Rule of Law as laid down in the US Constitution - and we all would enthusiastically accept the challenge of a bunch of rioting communists. Bring it Jamaal! Bring it!


warns of civil war, yeah right pun intended. Civil war vs what? Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, NYC....take away the democratic city shitholes strongholds from the violence demographics and the rest of America is a very peaceful place on the earth compared to other nations.

Just like emboldening far left radicals and racist superiority complex individuals of alleged social justice movements.....yeah right

claims of Trump in cohoots with Russia, yeah right, and who was involved with Uranium One again?

and 'pushing for a civil war' ? you mean like Mad Maxine and gather a crowd make a scene in a restaurant, a gas station, a store....or Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot and 'a call to arms' after all the disarming rhetoric of law abiding citizens?

that alone should be SCREAMING volumes at everyone with common sense that if they are willing to treat you this bad when we ARE armed what the hell do you think they will act like if they have everyone passive and hopelessly submissive?

Fed Kills the Economy, Dem Blues, Vax Keep Killing
Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog


So a far left Democrat warns (advocates?) for civil war because the citizenry votes for his opponents? This tells us something about the Democrat far left. They mealy mouth the word Democracy, but what they mean when they use it is totalitarian control by the far left.


See how much the left respects "democracy" in action. They are all for it if it goes their way and you should just shut up and accept the results. If it doesn't, then it's Civil War!!! God knows, I really do try not to hate these people.......


Bring it the fuck on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are a lot more of us then you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you considered the millions of illegals that they have allowed in since God knows when? Almost all men of fighting age and not necessarily Latin Catholics. All these Muslim training camps that they have allowed to exist? Just my theory of course. But possible… don’t you think?

@FEWI Entirely all too possible.

@FEWI I don't think the muslims are too concerned with fighting the God fearing American, but the infidels, the abominations to natural law, they are more likely to go after and slaughter them because they are unarmed except for the marxists but then they would be next for being atheists. Where I live, it is a dry county, alcohol is illegal. Muslims would be quite afraid and bewildered here, the Bible Belt generalization speaking, figuring if we survived the cesspool of this culture relatively unscathed, we may just be a little more mujahadeen than they are. At worst scenario, if they took over, we would just have to pay a modest dhimmi tax, and still cheaper than what we are paying now to be abused by government & corporatocracy.

@Weltansicht The ones screaming “ Death to Americans” aren’t those Muslims?

@FEWI some are yes, others are not, they are not muslims but they are chanting Death to America as well, many are born American but they are self-hatred loathing culturally brainwashed liberals....

but look at the overall Obama drone strikes on a wedding party...or muslims that do not want to be a part of the globalization & new world order....remember what was attacked 2001 and attempted in the 1990s....

or the pushing of intolerant views upon others perceptions, beliefs ect in the name of "equality" while eliminating the freedom to disagree

as I said, I really do not fear them, I don't fear any of them especially the domestics but I don't turn my back on any of them either, even my own religion. Trust is earned not granted.

I am just suggesting don't get manipulated into religious prejudice ~ be wary and cautious of course at all times

@klhljhjlhkj odds certainly are in favor, you are just being a douche bag troll

do you know how many Jews in the USA?
do you know how many military retirees in the USA? and 'liberally' cut that # in half for able bodied 😉
do you know how many veterans served in Lebanon, Bosnia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan?
~ not to mention Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey....

Do you know the percentage of legally armed Americans?

You be a level 4 troll literally, not to mention a hypocrite if you have veracity about that oath to protect from all enemies foreign and domestic

@klhljhjlhkj HEY KKK GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does the number of farmers have to do with anything??????????????????????

Why don't you look uo the number of firearms owned, legally, in America!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why don't you tell us all what branch of the military you serve/served in?? What was/is your rank?? What was/is your MOS?? Where were you deployed?? Where did you serve??

Just remember, I have the ability to verify anything you say about those questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@klhljhjlhkj Nope. Wrong there comrade disinformation dissenter/sympathizer. Nice try at the shaming attempt too, but poorly executed.

Nope. Not when my fellow Americans & politicians say stuff like 'your rights are not absolute' when specifically addressing that addendum to the U.S. Constitution. Or when others specifically call to arms or violence, intimidation threats such as yours, or going to make a person watch while their children are locked in rape cages, among other nefarious sinister vitriol and diatribes. Which is what makes you the hypocrite. You are too busy running your scam racket of getting people to question their own reality and proper choices & to obfuscating their honest options.

Should I mention that abortion is an enemy of all peoples, killing innocent helpless children and that some of those AMERICAN CITIZENS openly revel in committing that mass murder of pre-birth infanticide and want to abscond from common sense and justice with just infanticide.

So if you think that quote "MAKES YOU THE ENEMY OF EVERY RED BLOODED AMERICAN CITIZEN!!!!" That is your prerogative. I can put your head on a pedestal with the rest of my enemies as well.

@klhljhjlhkj Again, why the hang up on farmers??????

So you said the CORP. So are you claiming to be a Marine??????????????

If that is the case just answer my questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



YOU SAID IT YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@klhljhjlhkj That is what your demented little sicko mind thought I meant!!!!!!!!!! Not even freaking close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@klhljhjlhkj This is a confession. at least you are disingenuously honest.

Twisting others words is narcissistic abuse and sadly you are looking for attention because you have no other capabilities.

I really pity you, only because you are part of the problem not the solution.

@klhljhjlhkj Hey KKK bung hole guy!!!!!!!!!!! You brought up muslims, not me! YOU MUST BE A MUSLIM TO BOOT!!!!!!!!!!!

@klhljhjlhkj hardly any of that projection at all, just indicates your manipulations once again

I didn't make ANY accusations at all; only an observation & opinion. YOU are the one who is making accusations and getting defensive, irate, & ultracrepidarian.

I'll break it simple down to you Barney_style there purple dinosaur. 2 heads are better than 1 so go eat your lunch. I think you are an ate up bitchin' betty dreaming of farts n darts a motarded Pvt. Lance Cpl. Schmuckatelli ~ capisce?

@klhljhjlhkj You need serious help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You hate America, you hate Americans, you hate me and everyone else on this form!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@klhljhjlhkj Maybe you are on the TERRORIST WATCH LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@klhljhjlhkj FAKE POSER!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Let's go.

and they didn't invite any of us to their rude

@Weltansicht Thx for the piccie.


Jamaal, Baby, we’re already there, thanks to you assholes.

He's got it backwards. It's far more likely to happen if the LEft stays in power.
But, i think it will happen anyway, because Republicans are part of what caused this country to go downhill.
I'm still trying to figure out the state (or even country!) to live in so that when Civil War breaks out, my neighbors will work with me to survive instead of against me. Middle America looks safer than Texas or the South. The South will probably become a blood bath because of the large black and Hispanic population. I wanted to live in the South (climate and I am from there), but being able to trust people is more important.

Texas has far more globalists than many are willing to admit or know about. The Feds would never allow TX to be taken - too much money here with oil and technology and the Houston port. Then there's the border with Mexico issue...a probable weakness - unless Mexico fought with us or helped helped by securing their borders.

Undoubtedly absolute ASSHOLES!!

Anywhere in Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas, Idaho, or Alaska.

@genkiferal Find a mountain range populated by people who are willing to support their neighbors and off the beaten path, then hole up there.

@jaymaron Those places have much harsher climate than you know.


That's why I'm going there, because leftists dare not go there. The harsher the weather, the better. I grew up on frozen tundra in the land of the Packers.

If dumbass nuclear regulations were abolished, every small town in cold territory could have its own pee wee nuclear reactor, the size of a semi truck. Such a reactor can keep the town warm with discard heat.

Plenty of trees in the frigid north, for wood stoves. @guru has a wood stove.

Dr. Steve Koonin: If you're driving in rural cold territory, would you rather be driving an EV or a Ford F-150 gasoline truck?

I'm writing a fiction novel about frigid rural America titled "The Nukes of Blizzard County". []
I invite people to contribute material.

Off-grid heat: []

@jaymaron I use a wood stove and a wood cookstove too! Plenty of trees and people always wanting to get stuff cleared, trimmed ect. Maybe one of these days a gassifer for a pickum truck

shameless self promoting lol []

@FuzzyMarineVet yeah, I've considered that. the TN mountains seem to be getting a lot of attention for parallel societies types - maybe too much.
AR mts have too many leftists there now and the prices are ridiculous.
W.VA is sooooo cold, but that is a possibility.
My ancestors helped found a small county in TN around 1820, so I am hoping my name will allow me to be accepted - still not sure where to go, but I need land to grow stuff and need trees.
I'm in TX now and there are not enough trees here and I feel so exposed .

@genkiferal There's room in far Western North Carolina. You don't have to worry about Governor Cooper here, he doesn't know we exist.

@FuzzyMarineVet @genkiferal @Weltansicht @FuzzyMarineVet @iThink @Edgework @guru

Prime Iowa farmland is $10000/hectare, and remote rural land is less. If you're building an off-grid supervillain fortress, land is the cheapest component. You want a mighty vehicle, and the vehicle might cost more than the land.

The fuel sources with the best Energy/$ are coal and wood. Everything else is far worse. It seems that it's possible to find sources of free wood. Does anyone have stories?

The trees in a hectare of land are worth $4000.

Building a supervillain fortress: []

@jaymaron "The fuel sources with the best Energy/$ are coal and wood. Everything else is far worse." Have you investigated thermal depoymerization? Waste Management Systems bought the patent from the inventors in the 1990s and license the manufacture of portable units for farmers to fuel their machinery. Basically it takes organic compounds like plants and plastics and breaks the polymer chain to produce an oil that makes great diesel fuel.

@jaymaron you might like to check out Big Burb channel from SuspiciousObserver, and making a rebuild from 1979 Chevy Suburban 😉

@jaymaron just for using in a wood stove, I think coppicing is a good idea- and there is something similar to coppicing that works on some species of trees that area easily able to regrow from the base - I think rose-flowered locust might be one of them.
Working part-time helping to removing branches from larger trees or remove the entire tree will give you lots of free wood - especially from city dwellers.
My next-door neighbor here in Dallas just removed an entire tree, yet didn't keep anything for firewood - though he has a fireplace and last year TX went through a severe snow storm - a black out of a few days for many. City dwellers are idiots and don't understand value or prepping. If you can do that - or a friend that does that - on weekends or after work on summer days - you should get lots of free wood.
You can get free wood chips from city/county tree cutters who cut along highways and streets. Slightly aged chips might be okay for fuel, but well-rotted chips (take 3 to 5 years) make excellent soil or compost. I used to give the driver $10 and my address and tell him to dump the load in certain spot (gotta be careful about that, though, as he might choose a crappy spot). He'd often dump it when I wasn't home.
Homes up for demolition can be scavenged for old windows, doors, door knobs, etc. You won't find much, but every little but helps. You'll need permission from the city or bank or owner, of course.


When I say "wood", it can more generally mean "biomass". Yes, harnessing biomass is a great idea.


Cool stories about salvaging.

Plant bamboo, because it has few side branches and is easy to harvest. Also, a young bamboo forest achieves full coverage when young, and can grow fast when young. A forest with wide trees takes a decade to achieve full coverage.

As a commodity, scrap wood is 5 cents/kg, which is equivalent to the value of the electricity extracted if you burn it.

@jaymaron bamboo can be gorgeous. Plant an edible type if possible - not all types are edible even after boiling the shoots. They are one of (maybe the highest?) the highest sources of silica possible - something needed for strong bones and stronger, better skin.
I'd guess this, too, could be planted in vacant areas - for those people who have smaller lots or are afraid of their stashes being stolen or destroyed.
The war movies I watch (for ideas, not pleasure!) often show the enemy burning down entire villages and even homes in the middle of nowhere - sometimes burning down crops, too. umm, "scorched earth policy" might be what that concept is called.

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