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Yes, Biden Is Hiding His Plan To Rig The 2022 Midterm Elections

President Biden really does not want the public to know about his federal takeover of election administration. Dozens of members of Congress have repeatedly asked for details, to no avail. Good government groups, members of the media, and private citizens have filed requests under the Freedom of Information Act. Not a single one has been responded to. All signs indicate a concerted effort to keep the public in the dark until at least after the November midterm elections. The lack of transparency and responsiveness is so bad that the Department of Justice and some of its agencies have been repeatedly sued for the information.


Garsco 8 June 23

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The actions of the Federal government, from FBI seizing the phones of GOP alternate electors from 2020 in violation of the 4th Amendment to the Buy-den plan to eradicate the Constitutional federalization of election administration, are all aimed toward fomenting civil war in America to make it easier for the CCP to send the PLA troops "training" in Canada down to take over in the name of intervention to restore order.


If the midterms are stolen, we can expect civil war. Articles of secession will be flowing among several states and armed insurrection is very possible. The Democrats will ruin the country if they try this!


Wow! What a surprise! Not!

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