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Who else has heard of a Wendigo?

MysteryArchive 6 June 27

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Yes, and based on a few friend's of mine actual experience some years ago, prompted me to do some research on the creature known as a Wendigo.

Back in my late teens two friends of mine at the time, Jesse and Steve, one weekend evening took a walk into the woods, and what they came across in the woods defies explanation, and on and off over the years have kept me wondering. Full disclosure, I consider myself a skeptic when it comes to claims of the paranormal and anything that could be considered mystical of the sorts, but assuming my friends' story was legit (and I think they were telling me the truth), even I cannot make any sense of what they claimed to have seen/experienced that evening in the woods.

It was winter time in eastern Pennsylvania in a town about four or so miles from the city of Allentown, which meant it got dark out already by 5 PM or so, which was around the time on a Saturday evening my two friends Jesse and Steve decided to get together for awhile and take a walk in the woods. Steve lived close to the woods, about two or so minute walk was all it took. Once they were well into the woods it didn't take long for them to cross paths with trouble. According to Steve, while talking with Jesse he suddenly felt someone push him real hard from behind, prompting him to curse rather loud, which in turn prompted Jesse to jump out of his skin and ask what was wrong. Keep in mind it was dark out by this time and only Jesse was carrying a flashlight, and not a really bright one at that. So Jesse pointed his flashlight in Steve's direction, and found him on his back on the ground cursing alot, and Jesse turned to see who it was that Steve was yelling at. The description both of my friends gave was that of a man-like creature that was dark in color about seven or so feet in height with what looked like horns coming out of its head, and this creature (supposedly) kept knocking Steve to the ground all the while making what sounded like a combination of grunts and growls. Eventually Steve was able to roll away after one of the times getting knocked to the ground, and both of them ran like crazy and didn't stop running until they got back into town.

A few days later I caught up with both of them and they told me the story of what they saw in the woods, and at first I thought they were pulling my leg. I had suggested that one night soon we all should take a walk into that part of the woods to see if their experience could be replicated in any way, and said I could even arm us all just in case we come across any trouble. Back then I didn't own the type of weapons that I do today, but still had some bladed weapons a crossbow and some other melee weapons that would have sufficed. My suggestion was immediately met with a resounding no from both of them, with Jesse saying "yeah I could picture that scenario, 3 teens found dead in the woods, murderer still at large". So we never went back to the woods (under similar circumstances anyways, time of day etc), we never found out who had been responsible for assaulting Steve that night, and for the most part we never talked about that incident again.

So who or what was responsible for all that, was it someone a stalker maybe dressed up in a costume who followed my friends waiting for the opportune moment to assault and harass them for kicks, or was it some sort of unknown mystical creature with truly malicious intent? Your guess would be as good as mine. For a number of years afterwards, long after the three of us went our own way in life and haven't seen each other since, I've often looked back on the memories, the good and interesting times I shared with the both of them, and that incident in the woods lingers in my memory the most vividly. Based on the description of the attacker both of them gave me, just out of curiosity I started browsing the web to see what if any related results there would be, and eventually I came across a legendary creature that was supposedly native to the northeastern US that had matched their description fairly well. That creature was a Wendigo, a legend that I was familiar with but did not know a whole lot about at the time. The following read sounded like a similar encounter my friends experienced, though there could always be a rational explanation for such.- [] Strangely enough, the legend of the Wendigo claimed that during winter time is when the locals feared the Wendigo the most (which I previously was not aware of), and it was during winter when my friends had that experience in the woods.

Again, the story above was based on actual events that occured nearly twenty years ago in January 2003 in the Emmaus woods. To this day many years later I still haven't a sound explanation for what went down that evening in the woods, but I can say this much, there is no reason for me to think they made that story up. Their emotions afterwards appeared to be genuine, also aside from the fact they never wanted to walk through the woods at night ever again. So the mystery lives on...

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