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LINK Gavin Newsom wants to replace Biden on the ballot. But can he explain California?

How would the country react to a Newsom candidacy? I think the first test of that will be to look at how voters react to government COVID-19 restrictions when they vote in the midterm elections this November. There are two reasons for this. The first is that unless you actually live in California, you are probably most familiar with Newsom for flouting the very severe COVID restrictions that he himself imposed upon all Californians and their businesses.

Those restrictions that Newsom couldn't be bothered to follow were so severe that as of June, California was still about 100,000 jobs short of where it was in February 2020. Other states have already recovered—that includes not only a dozen Red states such as Utah, Idaho, and Texas but also Colorado and Nevada, which have both been under complete Democratic control since 2018. So what's California's excuse for being such a laggard? You sure can't blame the weather.

sqeptiq 9 July 24

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That would be rich having Gave-in Nuisance run for president on his record as governor of California.

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