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Weisselberg Pleads Guilty. His willingness to accept jail time rather than turn on Mr. Trump underscores the extent of his loyalty to a family he has served for nearly a half-century, and it helped stymie the larger effort to indict Mr. Trump.


TyKC 7 Aug 18

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2 tier justice system, I don't mind anyone going to jail for breaking the law, but c'mon man. All rich people do this and nothing ever happens.
Hell Joe Biden is doing it from the white house.
Besides that's just what they allege. He pleased guilty so he wouldn't have to face 15 years if found guilty. That's the dirty little secret of every prosecuted. There is no justice anymore. I
Income tax is theft anyways. Shouldn't even be an IRS to begin with.

There is a lot to unpack here. Seems just like a rambling rant. Not sure what you mean by 2 tire🍸 justice system. Oh, I get it. Their all against conservatives and all for liberals. Tell Hillary Clinton that. Joe Biden is doing what? And why is this relevant to what's in the article? All rich people break the law, so are you arguing for socialism? If we just didn't have rich people, they wouldn't break the law. He pleaded guilty so he wouldn't be found guilty? Well, if he was found guilty, then he is guilty. He cut a deal. And that deal has consequences. Happens all the time. I won't comment on the nonsense about the IRS.

@TyKC a 2 tier justice system means just that. They pick and choose who to prosecute. Hillsry has faced no consequences for multiple felonies.
Why not comment on the IRS, they are an illegal and unconstitutional organization. 2/3 of the states did not raitify this. Which constitutionally they shouldn't exist. Not sure why people are so eager to be stolen from. The IRS only mission is to collect for the illegal federal reserve.
I would be all for criminal prosecution of anyone who breaks the law, but it diesnt work that way. Bush and Obama sold guns to drug cartels. Illegal as all get out. Yet nothing. So many in government commit multiple felonies and nothing.
Sure he pleaded guilty and thats his problem. I would never plead guilty to anything.
You sound like you are for unequal justice. Because you mention Hillary who has not paid a price for a whole host of felonies.
Seems you make excuses for those you admire.
If he was truly guilty he should go to jail, but sgsin the IRS is an illegal institution. So to fraud them wouldn't be illegal. Because any American that thinks it's ok to tax people for working. Cares nothing for liberty. Or the true rule of law
One more point, you say rant, but truth is truth not a rant

@Kheare There is no truth here, simply baseless and sometimes wrong opinions. You say the IRS is an illegal institution, but Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress the power to "lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States. The fact that the IRS is an arm of this taxation is perfectly legal. If you really believe that you should bring a lawsuit designed to disband the IRS and see how far that gets you.

Your 2 tiered justice system concept is just an opinion, not fact. It's true that poor people are at a disadvantage because they have to rely on public defenders and cannot afford high priced lawyers. To call the ATF's sting operation illegal is, again, a baseless opinion. Law enforcement uses sting operations all the time. It might have been ill advised, but it was not illegal.

I referenced Clinton only because Comey, the FBI director at the time, violated FBI policy by announcing that the FBI was investigating her. This is not an opinion. The DOJ IG found as much in his report. So, it seems she was treated unfairly. Not sure what you mean by her "whole host of felonies." You'd do well not to rely so heavily on notoriously unreliable media reports and access more reliable sources. Moreover, you can't have individuals deciding what is legal or illegal. This should be determined by statute and the rule of law.

@TyKC correct it does give Congress authority to lay taxes, but your missing the bigger point. They made it a constitutional amendment without it going through the whole process. When 2/3 of the states have not ratified it. It makes it an illegal institution constitutionally as it remains right now.
So you want facts on Hillary Clinton. How about lieing under oath to Congress. Which she did. How about destroying 33,000 emails after they were ordered to be turned in. That's 33,000 felonies right there.
How about letting our soldiers die in Benghazi to cover up illegal weapons running to ISIS and Al Quaida.
You know as well as I do that James Comey should have prosecuted Hillary.
Reality is our government plays favorites. If you are in the club of Rome you are good. If you are not you could be jailed for being on the sidewalk on j6 at the Capitol.
There is no denying Hillary's crimes and there is no denying the IRS as it stands is an illegal institution.
Any attempts to whitewash any of these facts is just you not seeing the writing on the wall. Be that as it may. Truth is what matters. Truth Hillary committed 33,000 felonies in one fell swoop and the IRS was never ratified as an amendment to the constitution which makes it not a legal entity.

@Kheare Well then, if the IRS is an illegal institution, you can just stop paying your federal income taxes. If they put up a fuss, you can argue (in court) that the IRS is an illegal institution. Be my guest. No Hillary should not have been prosecuted. She was careless with that information and should have had her clearance pulled. There were about 40 people who routinely sent her emails that contained classified discussions. And about 400+ emails sent to her that also contained classified information. Should all those people be prosecuted too? Unfortunately, government agencies do a relatively poor job policy wise of dealing with classified information over electronic communications. Most classified information is paper based with cover sheets. Moreover, the CIA and other agencies are notoriously bad at keeping their information secret. For instance, it's classified that the CIA has a drone program. Everybody and their bother know the CIA has a drone program. There are a lot of republican claims that Hillary lied to Congress, but if that were true, Trump was president for four years and Barr was AG for most of that time. They could have prosecuted her. So, why didn't they? Deleting 33,000 emails off a private server is not a felony. Yes, 30,000+ were invertedly deleted from her system. She voluntarily turned her system over to the FBI, who recovered all but about 300 of the emails. It's much better for the republicans to keep this information in the domain of the notoriously unreliable Press than to actually prosecute, since, if they did, they wouldn't find much.

@TyKC again you just made my case. A 2 tier justice system. Why Bill Barr didn't is beyond me. Trump didn't have the authority to prosecute anyone. I wouldn't want any president with that power. People have gone to prison for sharing one classified email. 300 unaccounted emails that were supeaned. That's a crime. If we did that we would get charged. No way you can argue otherwise.
Same as you said. If your emails were supeaned by a legal entity and you deleted said emails. You would be charged with obstruction from the get, and if they were looking and trying to build a felony case. It would be felony obstruction. Most likely for each count.
To your point of lieing to congress. I watched her lie with my own eyes man. She clearly said under oath. I shared nor stored any classified documents on my server that she said was at her home. Which is another felony by the way. Regardless if you think that's a small lie. It's still a lie and it's against the law. You or me lie to congress about something as important as national security. Again a felony.
As far as telling a judge that. Court has not been constitutional for decades now. They don't recognize a lot of things. Most laws and ordinances are blatantly unconstitutional. They are arrogant and most would only prop up the state.
Show me a law where it says I have to pay income tax. Other than a constitutional amendment. It can't be done. So just because they can persecute you and use violence. Doesnt mean it's law. It means with live under an authoritarian governement. Most of what all governments do is unconstitutional.
The system is designed now to protect the state at all costs. Reagrdless of justice. In most cases anyway. Always exceptions.

@Kheare The subpoena for her emails was from Congress not the FBI. Congress can't prosecute anyone but can only refer someone to the DOJ for indictment. As far as I know, no one in Congress did that. So, the question is: Why? Who's gone to prison for sharing one classified email? You give no examples because there are none. And that's your problem. You can't see people lie. You have to hear them lie. You should have used your ears not your eyes. Yes, lying to Congress is a crime. But, again, Congress can't prosecute but only refer someone to the DOJ for indictment. Again, the question is, why did no one in Congress refer her to the DOJ? There is a process to be followed and it appears no one followed it. So, why not?

In fact, she was correct in saying she did not share classified information on her server. That information was determined to be classified after the fact. So, she did not lie. She should have recognized that some of the communications and discussion she was having involved sensitive information and should not have been discussed in an unclassified environment. A lot of people make this mistake including Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell and a whole slew of people. But what they did is far different from what people do go to jail for; that is, removing marked classified documents from where they're stored, which is what Trump accursed of doing. People are prosecuted and do go to jail for that including Gen. Petraeus.

What you seem to be arguing for is a complete form of autocracy ruled by Trump alone since you seem to think that our entire system is unconstitutional. I think you would find that very unpleasant. If Congress, the president and the courts don't do their jobs, then yes, our republic fails. But that has been our way of governing ourselves for over 200+ years and it's not going to go quietly into that goodnight. BTW, here are the laws that require you to pay income taxes: 26 U.S.C. § 1, 26 U.S.C. § 63, , 26 U.S.C. § 61, 26 U.S.C. § 6012. Not to mention that dozens of cases have upheld the federal government’s power to collect income taxes against just about every argument. Oh, but silly me, of course, all these court cases and laws are clearly unconstitutional.

@TyKC so then to hell with laws and justice. We all just get to do whatever we want.
You assume to much about a person you don't even know. I clearly said from the beginning. Anyone including trump breaks the law. They should go to jail. All I have seen from you is excuses for criminality and then we wonder why we have the system we have
None of those laws are valid because they are based off of a faulty constitutional amendment.
All you have done is deflect and show laws based off of an illegal act. Not buying what your selling. Go ahead and pay your government to fuck you over. Me I know ways around everything and fuck this government.

@Kheare What you seem to have a problem with are the facts. You allow your biases to get in the way of truth.

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