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LINK A Black Man Says Every Time He Dates a Black Woman, She Has Kids. He says that’s an issue in the Black community.

There was a Black man on Tiktok that went viral after he said that every time he dates a Black woman, they have a child.

Now, that’s been an issue in the Black community. You about 30% of Black men in the community impregnating the majority.

You got guys like Future and Nick Cannon, who just announced recently that he got another kid on the way, who’s going around spreading their seeds around. But it’s not every Black man out here that’s doing that.

These women are sleeping with the same type of man. They know that they got other kids.

To the men, you have to be honest and tell the women that you’re dating that you don’t have kids and you’re not looking to be a stepdad.

Now, if the man has a child and the woman has a child and decide to come together, that’s great. Honestly, I think that’s for the best if a lot of single parents do more of that.

People who don’t have a child, especially the men, you should not feel robbed of creating a family of your own. You should not be robbed of that.

Black men have been socialized to take on the responsibility of another man. And now, you see the younger generation that’s saying that’s not right. Another thing is that you never know what’s going on with that kid’s situation.

It could be a headache down the road.

So just keep that in mind.

That's your black culture lesson for the day. 👀

sqeptiq 9 Aug 26

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I am white and female and feel a similar way.
I prefer to date men who've never been married and have no kids. At my age, that is almost impossible. But, I dislike dealing with drama.
And, if he never married the woman, it may be worse (case by case). It shows he isn't smart or wise enough to use protection or to pull out.


This has always been a problem for Margret Sanger and her followers. That's why Planned Parenthood has most of its temples to Moloch in the Black communities. Eugenics requires a reduction in the number of "lesser people" having children.


Liberal American culture has overshadowed Christian values. Christians having sex before marriage has become commonplace.

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