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Which platform would you prefer to view videos on?

Which platform would you prefer to view videos on?

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Billy_Kid 6 Oct 17

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  1. Bitchute - Best quality and least glitchy, easy to share.
  2. Odysee - Sometimes the Definition is throttled.
  3. Rumble - Good quality, but sometimes my subscribed channels appear "late" rather than timely.
    Dead Last YouScrewed - I only watch content on YouScrewed that isn't available anywhere else. I refuse to enrich those aligned with global tyrannies.

Since I watch video through my Xbox Series X ... I'm stuck watching YouTube but I would prefer to support Rumble.


yt purely for layout, using others for people I follow who get strikes. If they were neutral I'd love it but it's purely ease of use atm


I don't like YouTube's politics, but I like its features.


If it won't play on IDW, I don't look for trouble going elsewhere.

Sorry, I'm not sure what you're getting at...

@Billy_Kid You weren't specific. I don't watch TV. I only watch things like Liz Wheeler, Ben Shapiro....on IDW.

@TimTuolomne I don't watch TV either. What does IDW stand for?

@Billy_Kid You're in IDW. Slug is part of IDW.

@eschatologyguy Ok. I'm still not sure what it stands for, but I get what you're saying now.

@Billy_Kid Intellectual Dark Web, I think.

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