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Which platform would you prefer to view videos on?

Which platform would you prefer to view videos on?

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Billy_Kid 6 Oct 17

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Anything but nazitube.

  1. Bitchute - Best quality and least glitchy, easy to share.
  2. Odysee - Sometimes the Definition is throttled.
  3. Rumble - Good quality, but sometimes my subscribed channels appear "late" rather than timely.
    Dead Last YouScrewed - I only watch content on YouScrewed that isn't available anywhere else. I refuse to enrich those aligned with global tyrannies.

Since I watch video through my Xbox Series X ... I'm stuck watching YouTube but I would prefer to support Rumble.


yt purely for layout, using others for people I follow who get strikes. If they were neutral I'd love it but it's purely ease of use atm


I don't like YouTube's politics, but I like its features.


If it won't play on IDW, I don't look for trouble going elsewhere.

Sorry, I'm not sure what you're getting at...

@Billy_Kid You weren't specific. I don't watch TV. I only watch things like Liz Wheeler, Ben Shapiro....on IDW.

@TimTuolomne I don't watch TV either. What does IDW stand for?

@Billy_Kid You're in IDW. Slug is part of IDW.

@eschatologyguy Ok. I'm still not sure what it stands for, but I get what you're saying now.

@Billy_Kid Intellectual Dark Web, I think.


How about

I do have an account there. I've found that I can embed and still get the views. I also just found another video site where I can also embed videos, which could help up my views. Honestly, I'm just trying to get noticed a bit more and maybe gain a few subscribers. This is all still very experimental for me.

Are you on Minds?

@Billy_Kid On October 8th marked 5 years that I have been active on Minds, the longest I've been active on any social media site. This site, while interesting at times, is not as well known as some other similar platforms like Minds/Parler/GAB etc.

@SpikeTalon I didn't find out about Minds until 2020. I think it's probably my favorite of the new social medias.

@SpikeTalon I have found Parler too populated with ill-mannered Lefties, sometimes defended by admin. Admin seems less interested in defending Constitutionalists like me. I didn’t stay.

And I wouldn’t go near YouTube, which to me is just a different version of Facebook. Both highly censored.

@TimTuolomne I had experimented with Parler when it first came out a few years back, and aside from the UI being unintuitive some of my posts had gotten censored, just like when I was on GAB, so that was the end of that for me.

@SpikeTalon, @TimTuolomne I have accounts on multiple platforms. That's the only way to get stuff out and self-promote. The sites aren't going to help me grow; that's all on me. Rumble has been even worse to grow on than YouTube, to be honest, and I have trouble keeping up with every platform. I've found a new one recently called Loop that is small-man owned and operated and open sourced. I'm liking it so far, and the video site(where I found the link for Loop) called There's a lot more freedom in those spaces. I'm thinking I may put my more exclusive content I'm working on over there. We'll see how it all pans out, but I've got to be on as many platforms as possible if I want all this hard work to go anywhere.

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