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A spectrum.

Religious or ideological extremism exists on both sides both have immoral allowance .....why does it always come down to "which" side is the best when most of us sit firmly (hopefully) in the middle looking back and forth at the two in confusion. A religious extremist detonates a suicide bomb killing hundreds then the other side starts with tunnel visioned hate speech, judgment and indirect (sometimes direct) violence creating/adding more harm to this already harmful human experience. I abhor religion and ideology alike when it promotes segregation, when it supports price tags on people especially but not specifically.
So on one side is a religious extremist who is married and believes he owns his wife who hits her sporadically and imposes dominance over her, this man due to a belief blows himself up killing innocent people......on the other side you have a man who again believes in owning his wife, who hits her sporadically and imposes dominance over her, this man however does not kill innocent people. Which man is better ....well obviously the one who doesnt kill innocent humans....yet this "innocent" man still exploits people and spews ideological rhetoric as to how he is superior to the man that kamikazeed himself all the while turning a convenient blind eye to the similarities they share. We already know the innocent man does not need to change his ideology or religion to stop him from a suicide bombing but we do know this man needs to change how he treats his wife.

Peacefulalien 3 May 15

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