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LINK Leftist Media Blames GOP for Shooting - Attackers Identity Spills Out and Silences CNN

Most ACRONYM people certainly don’t identify as ‘non-binary’ it seems more obvious it is a monicker for some kind of mental disturbance/shared delusion with the men or woman now applying it to them selves, the latest Shoot out exemplifies this increasingly glaring fact quite clearly

KendallH 6 Nov 24

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There never should be any legislation allowing any criminal activity to be named a "hate crime". Because there should never be any given group of people a protected class status.
Murder is murder - regardless the characteristics of the killer(s) or the victim(s)
Are there more or less different levels of amplitude of heinousness and cruelty in murders across the board? The answer is a resounding YES BUT - YES BUT the callousness, heinousness level of a given criminal incident has no relationship to the race, color, creed, sex, sexual preference, personal identity of either the murderer or the victim.
Blind justice - justice applied to any case and criminal means that a given criminal will be dealt with according to the law regardless any other and irrelevant personally identifying data or facts.
The lawful and just penalty for such crimes as the one at hand is or should be swift trial, adjudication, conviction and execution of sentence. In other words this "non-binary" self identifying fool should be put to death no more than 2 weeks after having committed the crime.


"LGBQ"/"Non-Binary" are just terms to identify mental illness in my opinion!!!!
Not dealing with mental illness is the reason we are having so many murders!!!!!
Until the general public is will to admit this, the killing will continue!!!!!
It is NOT the guns, it is CRAZY people!!!!!!! IMHO!!!!!!!!!!

Back when people were more sensible, metal illness was recognized as such; eg people harboring delusions, thinking that they were someone or something other than who and what they actually were. They had names like schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, etc. In recent times it appears that the insane have taken over the asylum, and now accept a myriad of delusions, possibly because they see themselves in these delusional behaviors of these mentally deranged.

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