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U.S. Government admits #5G #radiation causes #COVID19 - Stunning admission - exposes their #evil

Aztex2020 7 Jan 28

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The truth at last!


OK, now we’re talking fantasy conspiracy. There is no way weak electromagnetic waves like 5G could possibly cause a viral infection. Those are two completely different mechanisms.

I am now regarding Brighteon as an unreliable source.

I think it was a story created by the Babylon Bee and someone must have failed to realize that it was satirical humor

If you study physics and understand frequencies - you would likely have a better grip on the dangers ... just think about the fact that a crystal glass can be destroyed by the right pitch

@Aztex2020 As an engineer familiar with the "dangers," I do not agree that a resonant frequency breaking glass is equivalent to the incredible stretch of logic to "causing viral infections."

In addition, this is the government which required illegal lockdowns and masks, for which there had already been accepted literature for decades proving their ineffectiveness. And the fact that there was no pandemic. Death rates from all causes - data that the US government could not control, did not change in 2020. But flu rates dropped almost to zero. That could only have happened if the government falsified COVID-19 death rates. Then death rates climbed by a million in 2021, after COVID-19 infections had subsided. So those death rates were from the vaccine.

THAT is the US government that released the study implicating 5G? Forgive me if I am not buying it.

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