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That's for sure.

SpikeTalon 10 May 26

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we could get them to do that, though, by cheating the same way that they cheat. use you dead kin's info to vote...and the dead woman down the street.


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Howdy @SpikeTalon,

What a hoot! I remember reading Teddy White's Making of the President, 1960 back in the middle 1970s. White described how Democrats used the Daley Machine in Chicago to swing Illinois' electoral votes to Kennedy and win the election. Teddy White was a personal friend of John Kennedy. It wasn't supposed to be an indictment. He simply described the politics of the day.

For Democrats, electoral fraud is a hallowed tradition.

Newt Gingrich often raises the concept of a political machine.

Democrats fall for the machine every time.


Right on. And they are only for enforcing laws when they aren't the ones breaking them.

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