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LINK Trump Says He Didn’t Notify Congress Of Baghdadi Raid Out Of Fear Of Leaks | The Daily Caller

Very smart of Pres. Trump to not trust the Democrats whose hate of Trump is sick enough to try to sabotage this.

Brainiac 7 Oct 27

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It is not Trump they hate as much as it is what he represents and what he and his followers have the ability to do. The sickness that is so toxic it has taken many decades to get this far spread through generations of family.


It still infuriates me that we have been made almost helpless to protect ourselves, our families, our values our precious children.


The rush the left have to shadow everything done and said by the President and his team tells a story of a shadow government. You hide nothing if you have nothing to hide.


Ask yourself....Why did Pelosi & Schiff go to the middle east recently?
Think about this scenario ...

Where? Israel?


As well he shouldn’t have! How DARE Pelosi and company conduct such a biased, and blatantly calculated, meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah and others, with the intent to undermine the office of the President. IMHO, ALL those accompanying Pelosi and Schiff, NEED Congressional Censure and probable IMPEACHMENT! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


The democrats are not now nor ever will be again trustworthy.


He is absolutely right, Dems hate Trump so much they would have been praying for a failure and the leak it to the press.


paranoia is just smart thinking when the whole Democrat party and news media (but I repeat myself)is out to get you


You certainly don’t need a degree to know who the traitors are.

it is bad enough we see obvious Treason going on but what is worse is the apparent indifference of our Dept of Justice and both the Judiciary and Legislative branches of Gov't to do their fiduciary duty to pursue the traitors and to charge them with the crime.

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