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Here's your weekly dose of political correctness...

Land O' Lakes Butter, other products remove native american woman logo-

To be fair and consistent, I think we need to do away with the Brawny paper towel guy too, just another "men are meatheads" stereotype...

SpikeTalon 9 Apr 19

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If anything, this proves the CEO is indeed intolerant of an image of native American woman! Otherwise why would you make a fuss about something that even the people concerned themselves didn't have any issues with?

Or simply the CEO just wanted to do some lame virtue signalling for publicity and promotion.


I quit selling milk to Land OLakes in the late nineties when they used my equity to build facilities in China. I would just like to know, what in the world is "light butter?"

Sounds like you made a good choice.


I think all us old white guys are owed an apology for the Marlboro man too. That Captian Morgan Rum has got to get a new name and logo.

Didn't think of that one...


WOW, LAND o' Lakes was a ICON...IF you cut 2 round holes where her breasts are, then fold and bend her knees up behind where the holes are the knees make a perfect replica of a nice pair. This was a school boys trick, now the trick is to bring deviant drag queens into the school to teach your kids a better way.

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