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Joe Biden needs a class on political correctness-

Biden is going to keep it up with the gaffes, and seal his own fate...

SpikeTalon 9 May 22

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How would you describe the Tasmanian Devil (the cartoon)?

When you have a shitstorm that keeps growing and accumulating more shit, there is no time to reflect on the tsunami of shit that you find in front of you. This is Joe Biden. It is almost like this is a strategy. How messed up would it be if this was all an act? I don't think that is the case. I think that this should be considered some kind of elder abuse.

The constant bombardment from all sides... I voted for Trump in 2016 and I will again in 2020, but I laugh at the 'tired of winning' mantra. For every problem the Right 'wins' - which really involves no NET gain... The Left creates 10 other problems. The Dems choose this candidate as a demonstration of power. They control everything.


The saddest part of this is the hypocrisy of the Left by ignoring the latest major gaff and all of the other things he has been caught doing.

The hypocrisy from the MeToo crowd is disgusting.


Scott Adams says it was a win for Biden


It is still the world Joe Biden lives in (1900's)

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