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This group is for website announcements and a few "Topic-of-the-day" type posts. Please note that "Topic-of-the-day" posts may contain some positional bias in hope to foster discussion. The bias may not reflect my personal views or this website's.

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Why do many Leftists fervently believe Trump is a reincarnation of Hitler?

One of the laws of online discussions is that the longer it goes, eventually someone will make a comparison involving Nazis or Hilter ( This seems most accurate when Leftists think about Trump... an example from the NYTimes today: []

While it is true that Trump has a reputation for invoking patriotism, it is unclear if his actions as president is a "lurch toward authoritarianism". In the 1930s, Hitler moved to censor the press, organized boycotts of businesses run by those he didn't like, created a state religion of hate towards what he claimed were an oppressive group, tightly controlled arts (films had to have ideological messaging) and education (e.g., school age books to Indoctrinate hate towards a group), and promoted a chosen group as morally superior to the oppressive group. Could it be argued that these actions are more what we're seeing from the Left?

Leftists invoke Hitler comparisons to Trump based on...

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Admin 8 July 26
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Don’t kid yourself; they don’t believe it for a second. If Trump really was another Hitler, they’d all be hanging from piano wire in the basement of the DOJ (Renamed Ministry of Patriotism.) And they know it because that’s how they’d handle dissent if they had that power.

They call him Hitler for the same reason they call him and all his supporters bigoted, racist, sexist, homophobic xenophobes. It’s simply how they engage in a debate.

Read Alinsky. He didn’t invent his rules for radicals, but he honed their application through years of street organizing. Never debate issues. Ridicule any opposing ideas. Smear and insult those who hold them. And never get caught in a situation where you might be called upon to actually explain and defend your actions.

The Hitler slur is a trap, and we fall into it every time we try to defend against it. Just look at the ridiculous way this question has been framed. We have to stop letting the left set the terms of the debate. Accusations and slander based on calculated lies are unworthy of a defense. They require retaliation. Hard, fast, brutal pushback.

Nothing is more pathetic than a befuddled conservative protesting, lamely, “I am not Hitler!”

Edgework Level 7 July 26, 2020

Exactly. The question is ridiculous because it focuses on the target of the smear, assuming there are valid “reasons” to smear him, rather than the smear tactic itself.

This is a really good point. I've been looking at this as an inability to debate. But, if this is a strategy or tactic that's really scary.


It's not solely about Trump. It could be anyone they want to destroy.



Ironic part is, with the woke mentality the left has become far more fascist in their approach than most of those on the right ever could be.

The left accuses President Trump of “inciting” or “encouraging” violence while they’re out in the streets actually Burning Looting Murdering. They accuse him of oppressing people while they endorse brands and regimes that actually employ slave labor. They call him a racist but actively try to have peoples lives ruined for saying “white lives matter.” They call him a sexist while they support candidates who’ve been CREDIBLY accused of sexual assault. They call him a homophobe while they support people who hurl homosexuals off of rooftops.. the projection goes on and on and on. Shit is comedy! I’m no President Trump nutswinger.. he’s done plenty of shit that I don’t agree with, and has disappointed the hell out of me on several occasions, but the left’s hypocrisy is.. laughable, meng

@tonkotsu Couldn't agree with you more on that, the hypocrisy from the left is astounding.


The real facts are that the left does not hate Trump. They Hate you. They hate that beautiful straight normal All- American family of his and your family if you are anything like Trumps family and if you are white they hate you even more. IT is an irrational psychosis of those who hate themselves at bottom because they are not like you and his family.
"Socialism is the hatred of the other guy who is having a better time in the world" - The icon bard of American Journalism - H.L. Mencken

I agree. thumbs up

Totally agree. I’d add that the left also doesn’t care about the black community, immigrants, gays, or the climate. The exploit these issues to advance their own agenda: power.

"normal All- American family of his"

His normal family of having children with three separate wives, all of whom he cheated on? All-American family, when his first wife was an immigrant from Czechia and his current wife is an immigrant from Slovenia? I wonder, would you also consider the Obamas a normal all-American family, having all been born in the USA and being happily married for 28 years with no sex scandals?

@JacksonNought Marriages lead to- or away from -but are not the same thing as- family.

@JacksonNought Obama did have sex scandals, btw. Lots of rumors of him being a closeted gay man with several men mentioned by name. Not that I would have given a shit. If someone's wife doesn't care then I don't care. My issue was that as president he was less like Senator Obama and more like President George Bush. I wasn't down with that whole droning kids and militarizing the police thing.

How is an immigrant wife not "All American"? As one myself I was always under the impression that this was quintessentially American. Hence the whole Immigration and Naturalization Department--it seals the deal on being an American.

That's exactly true. The fact that Hilter is used is a scare tactic. But most my age (41) didn't take history or only believe the history they were taught.


I don't like to make blanket statements or generalities, but I since the OP decided to do so and basically claim "the left hates you especially if you are white"...

I have nothing wrong with immigrants, but it is odd for a group ("the right" ) who is extremely family values and conservative Christian and nationalistic and anti-immigration, to then champion a man who cheated on every wife and who has married two immigrants as "all-American" and claim them to be the epitome of "normal". And then many on the right, who champion Trump's family, would go out of their way to blast Obama's family as not-normal or not-American. I really am just calling out the hypocrisy here.

And Obama did not have sex scandals. Q-level nutjob conspiracy theories about Obama being gay or Michelle being a man doesn't equal actual scandals. There is also the pee-tape rumor about Trump, with Russia controlling him through blackmail of the tape - would you consider that a real scandal?

I wasn't a big fan of Obama for the same reasons as you, with the drones and militarization and punishing whistle-blowers... but I would certainly consider their family normal Americans, and I would not agree that "the left hates your normal family".

@JacksonNought This isn't the 90's. If we're generalizing I'd say that the right isn't all Christian Coalition anymore. In fact, the only really outward Praise Jesus Christians that you see tend to be people of color. My black friends are all "Bless!" and "Amen!" and "Satan is a liar" while my white Christian friends have COEXIST bumperstickers and wear Pride flag pins.

I know people who worked in the Obama White House so I'll just say that I disagree and that my opinion of Michelle is 10x higher than her husband. Michelle, I still like. Him...not in the least.

I also don't agree on the left doesn't hate normal families. The left hates everyone today especially lesbian and bisexual women. As it does not seem that you are one of those you probably don't understand the doxxing, rape threats, death threats and daily harassment from the left towards women who don't want a "lady penis". Watch Arielle Scarcella sometime and or Google "Kill all Terfs" then look at the images in the search.

There is a reason we are in a mass exodus the fuck outta progressiveville. At least when the right tried conversion therapy there was grape juice and cookies. The left's version include "rape bats" and doxxing.


As mentioned below many on the right accused Obama of being like Hitler. There are plenty of people on the extreme left and extreme right who are crippled by all-or-nothing thinking. To resort to that indicates a deep seated fear of uncertainty where a person feels unanchored if there is. Everything is probability but some things are so highly probable that we treat them as certainty but there is no certainty. This universe would not be here if there were because it needs uncertainty in order to grow.

Trump has not pushed for suppression of religion, ideas and public expression but he has suggested them from time to time. One of the greatest problems is the tendency to lump all the left or all the right into a homogeneous block where every one in them is either all good or all bad. Unwillingness to respect or even listen to the gradation of viewpoints is probably a major reason we are in the situation we are in.

Pand0ro Level 6 July 26, 2020

"Orange man bad" = "Obama man bad" = "Hitler bad" logic perhaps?

@Admin There is no logic to it at all. It is pure emotion. In reading a book about Sigmund Freud it was stated that he had to have a best friend and a greatest enemy. There seem to be many who need an enemy to focus on. When a country is functioning most of them are focused on different countries. In America today it is often our fellow citizens, which is being strongly encouraged by mainly Russia on social media. We have been taught since the 90s that our opponents are evil and want nothing more that to destroy America. It has evolved into profound dislike of politicians and complete loss of faith in government. The original idea was to demonize the opponent to guarantee a vote for the right party. It worked in gaining the votes but is now destroying us.


The comparison has nothing to do with Trump, it’s a typical, over-the-top, leftist smear that’s lost meaning through overuse.

The comparison to WWII Germans was absolutely shocking when progressives first used it against Israelis, because Jews were the victims of the Berlin regime. Today, it’s repeated so often it’s lost much of it punch.

As soon as someone drags out this tired go-to in conversation, I know the person using it has limited knowledge and/or a limited vocabulary.

GeeMac Level 7 July 26, 2020

I don't think they actually do. I think they are just using it as a way to shame people into agreeing with them. Leftists today are the actual fascists so it would be highly ironic that they call anyone else Hitler when they are th only ones talking about exterminating people, burning books, deplatforming bad think, and turning in their neighbors.

Trump is an asshole. That can be off putting but he's far from Hitler. For one Hitler was a democratic national socialist who hated capitalists as much as he hated Bolsheviks. Trump is a capitalist. Like Stalin Hitler believed in voting as long as you voted the right way. Trump actually seems to believe in voting and is against voter fraud. Unlike Hitler Trump loves Jewish people. Maybe even too much. Trump is a philanderer. As far as I know, Hitler was monogamous. Trump believes in the American myth. Hitler believed in esoteric occultism and thought he could channel ancient gods. Trump is very tacky and has a terrible haircut. Hitler did himself no favors with the mustache but his haircut was pretty boss.Trump loves Russians. Hitler hated us. Trump doesn't know how to give a speech. Hitler was great at them. Trump gets hammered by the media,. Hitler was loved by the media. Trump wants to lock down borders. Hitler wanted to expand them. Trump is a "whatever works" type of guy while Hitler had a plan. Hitler was very "greater good" while Trump is very "pro individual". Then there is the fact that Hitler was batshit crazy and Trump is just a smug troll.


It's fairly simple really. Hitler is bad. Trump is bad. Therefore Trump is Hitler. They haven't had a reasoned thought since high school beat that out of them. The don't know anything that they weren't told. I've yet to hear any evidence supporting a comparison.
BTW, your question as formulated doesn't deserve a reply. You've already poisoned your sample by making it multiple choice. When did you stop beating your wife? The proper question is "Does Trump resemble Hitler? If Yes, please explain"

Most of the replies here are answering a different question than the one you asked.

Didn't vote for same reason(s).

Now here is a guy with a cool head. Thank you! 🙂


...their lack of understanding of history and their desire to obfuscate their tyrannical desires for totalitarianism and their attempt to overthrow the U.S. Constitution.

Facci Level 7 July 26, 2020

They compare him to Hitler because if people are focused on Trump and the idea that he's a nazi they won't notice that the people they're following are the real fascists and who they should actually be afraid of.

Lilu Level 5 July 26, 2020

I don't know why so many people hate Trump. I would like them all to write an essay about their answers. This essay can not include the words: racism, pussy or hitler.
I'm just curious to see if they can actually complete this task.

Egotistical, shallow, daddy's boy who keeps failing upwards?


Which non-Democrat hasn't the left called or compared to Hitler? Over politics no less. It's their 'go to' line.

It’s completely out of control. It’s was remarkable to watch the Democratic debates and see the candidates attack each other with ridiculous charges. Kamala Harris accusing Joe Biden of racism, and Pete Buttigieg attacked by Elizabeth Warren as being owned by billionaires. If the Dems think their own candidates are racist, no wonder they are completely unhinged when they talk about Trump.

@GeeMac You might want to go back and look at the Republican debates in 2016.

@Pand0ro why?

@GeeMac I don't know. Maybe there was some interparty bashing going on.

@Pand0ro Oh, no doubt, all politicians bash the hell out of each other, even within their own parties. That wasn’t my point. I’m saying no wonder the Dems think Trump is a racist, that’s exactly how the Dems view each other.

@GeeMac I am a racist. I don't want to be, I try not to be but when circumstances come together I find myself disparaging blacks, Arabs, Chinese, Japanese, etc. solely based on their race. It is part of our inbuilt instincts to favor our group. Are Democrats in such disarray? They have always been in disarray, it is one of the defining features of being a Democrat. Many Democrats think that being a Republican makes them automatically racist while not recognizing the racism in themselves. The interbashing in the Democratic debates is no different that that in the Republican debates.

@Pand0ro I have to give you top marks for honesty. You’re actually far more honest that Kamala Harris when she made her racist smear against Sleepy Joe.

Kamala makes a living hating people like you: racists. She doesn’t believe for a second that Sleepy Joe is a racist. She smeared him to garner points. It was totally fake. That’s where Dems differ from Republicans, I think. When Jeb Bush attacked Trump as an asshole, he was being honest, and to some degree, correct. When Trump called Bush a low energy loser, and pointed out 911 happened on his brother George W watch, he was being 100% truthful and sincere.

Not like Kamala, who is just a liar. That’s the difference.

@GeeMac I have voted mostly Democratic since I was 21 yrs old. Democrats can be very contrived in their self-presentation because so many Democrats are all over the place politically and unlike Republicans, do not feel compelled to stick to the party line. The far left with its antifa movement, cancel culture, political correctness and believing that there is no differences between sexes and intellectual ability among people are living in a fantasy world. That being said the far right are living in a fantasy world thinking that all we have to do is get rid of all Democrats and we will be living in utopia. I do believe Trump is completely incompetent as president (I am also) and has created chaos in the government. Given the loyalty that is valued in the Republican party, the fact that the Lincoln Project formed is astounding to me. Someone has to be unbelievably unfit to have that happen. Rex Tillerson of all people called him "a f***ing moron". Both parties have their serious problems and no party ever formed will be without faults. People should be loyal to their country over their party.

@Pand0ro absolutely no doubt Trump can be his own worst enemy. But I I’d vote for him over Biden, or Kamila, or Cory Booker or Jay Inslee any day. I can’t think of a single Democrat who isn’t towing the woke progressive line.

The Republicans play to a base that embraces flag, faith and family. They are failing miserably at communicating why those values matter in 2020.

The Democrats increasing play to an entitled, morally snobbish base that hates everything the US stands for. And they continue to dismantle America, piece by painful piece.

@GeeMac The far left's madness has forgotten there is a nation that needs leadership that covers the needs of the country, not the few. They should be concentrating on the massive redistribution of wealth from the many to the few, working at making sure families are able to make a reasonable living and the failing infrastructure. Republicans PLAY to a flag, faith and family base but really don't care about it except in the ways that gains them votes. They are trying to make America a one-party state where they work with the billionaires to control all the money and power. Guess we're stuck between a rock and a hard place.


Hitler is the great demon of the twentieth century. His crimes against humanity are not so monumental perhaps as those of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot but his image and his Hugo Boss style have given him a presence that outshines that of the others. So it is only natural that Leftists would choose him for comparison to condemn President Trump. The Right did the same with President Obama though it was not such a natural response. Hitler was an enemy of Communism and the Left is as close to Communism as we have seen in this country. However the alleged censoring of the press and social media is simply projection. To complain and condemn is not the same as censorship; cancellation, however, is.

Great point. I believe the stats from the 20th Century show 70-million killed by fascism and 100-million killed by communism. So Stalin and Mao have more blood on their hands. But the last few generations have zero knowledge of history, so they proudly wear Che Guevara tee shirts and talk about the wonders of socialism.


Leftists A
Those who conspire to create, produce, and propagate the false Marxists/Communist narrative:

Leftists A invoke Hitler comparisons to Trump based on careful study of the feedback data and timing for effect in order to maximize the transfer of power from those who produce anything worth stealing to those who steal it with the Marxist/Communist Treasonous Crime Spree.

Leftists B
Those who believe the false Marxists/Communist narrative or are paid to propagate it:

Leftists B invoke Hitler comparisons to Trump because they are told to do so, and they obey without question like good little Nazis.


... several reasons, including blind hatred rising from their own stupidity in their role as useful idiots for the deep state in its all-out quest for power

skaarda Level 6 July 27, 2020

The left just uses "nazi" as a catchall for anyone they don't like because that's what they've been trained to do by their marxist teachers.

Could Trump actually be like Hitler? What was happening in Germany at the time?

Here's a short synopsis and we'll see if Trump is like him:
Immediately after WWI they were embroiled in a civil war led by communist jews trying to take over the country.

Lands and people divided up so they didn't have enough to feed their people who were also separated from Germany with large populations in Austria and Poland. These expat populations were under constant violent and legal assault.

Their military was destroyed and their country led by a government beholden to foreign banks and trying to maintain the status quo of miserable grinding poverty.

Berlin under the influence of men like Magnus Hirschfeld was the capital of sexual genital mutilation, child prostitution, drug use and degeneracy for all of Europe. Rich elitest went there to satiate their demonic desires with German men, women and children either enslaved or destitute.

Germany was under constant ideological attack from bolshevics, their leadership mainly among the jewish population, trying to turn Germany into another nightmare soviet experiment.

Hitler left WWI and returned to the most ruined and destroyed nation on earth. His once beautiful nation was awash in degeneracy, destruction and misery under the type of people that make the pedophiles at drag queen story hour look like saints. His people were divided up like cattle to be raped and plundered.

Their media, entertainment, law enforcement, etc were doing the same things ours are today by a factor of a hundred, enabling pedophilia, genital mutilation, sexual degeneracy, protecting communists while slandering and imprisoning their enemies. Their society was wholly infiltrated by communists far more brazen and totalitarian than those we see today.

That is the state in which Hitler found the German people. No, Trump is not like Hitler. He is a mild reformer. He will do nothing to purge the communists who are destroying our nation and seeking to genocide the white races.

You better hope we find one though. These people cannot be stopped with groveling and pleading and gentleness. When you finally see your young children being openly raped and sold and you can no longer feed your family then you might rise up and cast these beasts out. You will be treated like a monster by the same marxist demons who have written our history.


It must be his utter loyalty to Jews and Israel.


Winners write history and Germany lost. Keep in mind, everything we hear about Weimar Germany, WW2, and Hitler has been spoon-fed to us by their sworn enemies. The propagandists who gave us the Soviet Union and the misery associated with it were working hard on Germany for a long time, until the Germans got sick of it and put their collective foot down. Every credible account of Hitler indicates he was a very patriotic, honorable, gentle, compassionate, and thoughtful man. Everything he did was out of love for his country and his people. The Jews have been ousted from over 100 places throughout history for exactly the same thing Hitler was accusing them of. They took over 70% of the newspapers and were propagandizing the German people and smearing their political enemies, just like they do now. They ran the casinos, the pornography, the brothels, the drug dens. They were debasing the music, art, and theater. They owned the banks and had everybody deep in debt, with no way out. The mythology of the Holocaust is so glaringly made up, anyone who gives two shits about the truth doesn't believe it. It's just more of the Zionist/Marxist propaganda, where they're always the innocent victims and picked on for "no reason".

-> []

You had me in agreement all the way till you said “mythology of the Holocaust...”

@Hanno So many things wrong with the whole narrative. First, the Jews were told to leave. Arrangements were made with the new nation of Israel to take them, but most refused to leave. Of course, Jews were rounded up and put in camps, as were all groups known to be cesspools of communism. The thieving, jobless, homeless Gypsies, for example. (I'm pretty sure most "Rainbow People", which are the modern equivalent are communist, too.) The "6 million" number came from communist, Russian, Jew propagandists, before the war was over, so no actual count could possibly have been taken. Even with every camp's death numbers having been drastically reduced over the years, as evidence against the outlandish death tolls has piled up, the "6 million" number remains.
The Jews have told many fanciful tales of what the Nazis were doing to them. The Nazis were supposedly shaving the heads of the newcomers, not to keep lice and fleas to a minimum, but German aristocrats wanted mattresses stuffed with Jew hair. Not a single example of a human hair mattress was ever found in Germany. One of the main sources of information we have about German atrocities against Jews was a barber who claimed he cut and styled the hair of Jews as they waited their turn in the gas chamber. WHAT?! This is a major credible source? He was spared his life - like a suspicious amount of survivors of so-called "death camps" - so he could cut and style hair for Jews about to be gassed... BS! Most of the glaringly-obvious lies have been abandoned and quietly swept under the rug and only pieces of the story that the masses can suspend disbelief enough to accept were kept.
Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.and others have thoroughly investigated the "gas chamber" showers and conclusively proved there is no way they were anything but showers. They've followed the plumbing to pumps and boilers, shown the rickety wooden doors that didn't cover the whole doorway (much like doors in public bathroom stalls), tested for Zyklon B residue, etc. People disproving the ridiculous narratives of the Holocaust is why laws have been passed against anyone denying the official narrative, and - this is the great part - DEMONSTRATING FACTS ISN'T A DEFENSE.

@Hanno Only historical event whose details cannot be debated. Kinda weird, no?

Debate all you want... the missing Jews all live in Argentina right?
The American soldiers who liberated Dachau etc lied because why?
The Germans also fabricated their own records... because they wanted to be despised for eternity?

Hate jews all you want... but don’t pretend actual events did not happen.

Even now people are saying the Rwanda genocide did not really happen.
Even now people are starting to say millions of people did not disappear in Stalins Gulags or in the Chinese cultural revolution.

Visit Dachau and the other places or talk to people who were there themselves ... you will stop your story.

@Hanno well no, you can't debate all you want. It's illegal in various places and throughout the West people have been so carefully brainwashed that, like you, they get hysterical when the topic is raised.

BS, there is no serious debate about Rwanda or the gulags. You are absolutely blowing smoke. Only genocide where there is serious debate, because so much does not add up, is the sacred 6 million.

One communist Jew, Genrikh Yagoda, is responsible for the deaths of 10 million white Christians. Why do you suppose you were never told about that?

@Thaw unlike you and @Truthist, I have been places. I have been to Africa and spoke with the very people who are denying the Rwandan genocide because they still hate each other.
I have been to Eastern Europe and spoke to communists who deny the gulags.
I have been to Germany and have seen what has happened there.
Even China is so ashamed of the rape of Nanking that they don’t want to talk about it. It does not mean it did not happen.

If there were ANY doubt that the Holocaust did not happen, do you really think the Germans would hide it and take on that tremendous guilt?

Just because you live in your own little bubble does not mean there is a world of wrong continuing.

We keep on doing these things because we lie to ourselves and say we cannot be that horrible ... it must not be true.

@Hanno Allied forces went into Germany and forcibly propagandized Germans to believe they were evil. It was referred to as "denazification". Much like the Marxist indoctrination today has clueless kids tearing down statues and burning down the stores in the name of "Black Lives Matter", or perhaps you can't put the pieces together of what these people do EVERYWHERE they go. Pictures of skinny inmates taken in camps that Allied forces cut off from supplies by bombing railroads, pictures of slaughtered inmates in train cars the Allied forces strafed without finding out what was inside, fake Jew soap, fake Jew lampshades, false Jew stories of atrocities that never happened were used to indoctrinate the Germans and make them hate their country, their history, their people, and their leader. Most of the strong male figures were dead from the war, and just like Western countries that have encouraged single motherhood, nobody was around to resist the Jew propaganda to hate oneself. We are currently allowing the Jew-led Marxists to tear down our statues and rewrite our history. Perhaps you've heard of the 1619 Project. Your arrogance that you've "been places" reveals your assumption that anyone who disagrees with you is simply ignorant is very typically leftist. It never fails to amaze me how prolific the mainstream narrative is, yet those who eagerly lap it up without question are convinced anyone who doesn't adopt it has simply never heard it before. Yeah, we've heard it. We can't get away from it. It's rammed down our throats from the time we're born. It's on TV, it's in school, it's portrayed in movies, it's woven into the fabric of our culture. It's universally understood in the West, when you call someone "Nazi" or "Hitler" it's the worst thing someone could possibly be. Nobody would bat an eye to being called "Stalin", "Mao", or "Pol Pot", but freak out if called "Hitler". There are still pictures and statues of Mao up in China. How many Hitler memorials you think there are in Germany? The Jews took aim at Germany and when Germany fought back, they called in every favor, spared no phony fiat-currency bank note, pulled every string to wipe Germany and Germans off the face of the earth. The women were raped, the babies were murdered. The Jewish hate for Germans and whites in general is what gets them into trouble over and over. From Rome until now, their hate, jealousy, lust for power, and covetousness for what whites have built burns with the intensity of a thousand suns. While they might be smart, they've never created anything of consequence. What are some Jewish inventions of renown? Fractional banking? No, the evidence about the Holocaust screams that while Jews were interred, there was no wholesale slaughter. The fact that most people judge others by themselves speaks volumes about the Jewish propaganda about the Holocaust. Jews were the gulag guards and most of the Bolshevik leadership. They were vile, evil, murderous, sadistic, bloodthirsty, hateful, vengeful, jealous, weak, cowardly people allowed power and they abused it horribly. Just like the weak, low-drive, low-testosterone, queer, mentally-ill, jealous, hateful, cowardly Antifa punks who seethe with hate for everybody better than them - everybody who's accomplished or built anything. These Jews who make up propaganda about the Nazis inadvertently tell us what kind of people they themselves are. This is what they would do. This is what they have done. This is what they will do again, if we give them the power. And we're currently giving it to them, because their propaganda is working.

@Hanno "If there were ANY doubt that the Holocaust did not happen, do you really think the Germans would hide it and take on that tremendous guilt?"

Extraordinarily asinine statement. Do you really think the Germans have as a people been able to choose their path since WWII? Would the forces that conquered them allow them to openly discuss the same ideas that led to Hitler's rise?

The rest of your argument is anecdotal fallacy.


The Left has been very 'liberal' about bestowing fascist accusations on their opponents. The ashes of WWII were barely cool when Harry Truman called Dewey and Republicans "front men for fascists."

Eisenhower escaped this accusation. He was, after all, the leader of the armies that crushed fascism.

Every other Republican president has been excoriated as a racist, fascist warmonger, and (inevitably) Hitler-like. There was a peak of vituperation with Nixon (Vietnam War and Watergate). There was another with George W. Bush (Iraq War) and today's raging creshendo with Trump.

It is certainly the tendency for each party to demonize the other. Republicans are referred to as Facist by the left and Democrats as Communists and Socialists by the right. If Eisenhower were running for office today he would be considered a leftist. He is a general who cautioned us about the military-industrial complex. Nixon did not start the Vietnam war, he is the one who got us out of it. Dick Cheney when he was Secretary of Defense for HW was asked why HW did not go in and take over Iraq when he had the chance. Mr. Cheney said we would be caught up in a quagmire. He was spot on but had different motivations for going ahead with GW

The issue is that the modern Democratic Party is socialist, they are not even denying it.
To call someone a socialist is not an insult.
Whereas the Republicans are not Fascist at all.
To call someone a fascist is a very serious insult.

Therefore the one is a deliberate smear to demonise a group, the other is a statement of fact.

@Hanno There are some members of the Democratic who are Socialist, a few Communist, many who love this country and consider the agenda of the extreme left as delusional and damaging. There are some members of the Republican party who are fascist in their beliefs, some who are authoritarian and many who are following what they believe to be the best interests of America and love their country. Please don't pack everybody in the same container.

Name the fascist Republican members of Congress and Senate.
Name the socialists Democratic members of Congress and Senate.

Go and call someone in the street a fascist and then someone else as socialist...
Look at the responses.

No, it is not the same is it?


How about all of the above?

How is it any different than Republicans comparing Obama to Hitler, or saying wearing a thin piece of cloth over your face during a pandemic is akin to Nazi concentration camps?

Of course there are several people on this site who hate Jews and idolize Hitler, and would happily compare Trump to Hitler as if it was a positive thing.

Sad but true...


A generation raised without being taught the virtue of emotional discipline will see anyone trying to impose order as authoritarian. If your primary personality traits are openness and empathy you will view conscientiouness as authoritarian. The troubling aspect is that conscientiousness is a measure of maturity.

It cannot be said often enough there is no such thing as emotional intelligence. Emotions are instincts, instincts incompatible with the harsh realities of civilized life that require stability. That said there is an optional level of instability just as mutations are necessary for physical evolution. That is not to say that by design is undesirable only that most ideas like mutations have negative consequences that are difficult to predict. Societies are complex chaotic systems that should be tinkered with caution.

One of the things the left and I would argue emotionally oriented conservatives hate about Trump is his apparent lack of empathy. The problem is empathy like the instinct for fairness evolved to increase fitness in a easy but unstable environment. An environment where networking not competence determine placement in the social hierarchy. For those oriented towards those instincts competency itself can be seen as authoritarian.

The finally piece of the puzzle is that people have been inculcalated by science with a misunderstanding of determinism. Most of empiricism, especially as it pertains to complex chaotic systems, is probabilistic. I'm environments that are irreducible problem solving becomes a matter of close enough. The same process that inculcalated people with a misunderstanding of determinism reinforces the instinct for right and wrong, fight or flight. From a naturalistic perspective you can't be partially alive or somewhat pregnant. But we do not live in a natural world (ignoring the fact that what is not natural doesn't technically exist). We live in a civilized world of abstractions. Abstraction that are real but do not have physical existence but do impact how we live in the physical world. One of those abstraction is freewill.

Without freewill moral agency is impossible. Of course freewill doesn't actually exist it is an abstraction. A social construct that allows for moral agency and personal responsibility. All complex social animals have some degree of freewill but that is a topic for another day. In a complex society freewill forms the basis for rewards and punishment. Rewards an punishment according to rules not the primitive instincts for empathy and fairness. The fact that those instincts must be satisfied in a highly functional society is a reflection that we are apes not ants. You have to understand that complexity means that empathy and fairness becomes a question of for whom. For the most part the question is unanswerable and we have to settle for equal application of the rules which leaves people who are emotionally or instinctually oriented feeling the rules are authoritarian.

wolfhnd Level 7 July 26, 2020

He is in their way and stopping them.


The insult of being called Hitler carries an emotional charge that makes people take notice. Most people know nothing about what Hitler did to rise to power. There is nothing that President Trump has said or done that could sensibly put him in the category of a dictator but that does not matter to the left. They need to destroy him before he destroys their plans to change America forever.

DotBunn Level 5 July 26, 2020


Always a sign of a lack of knowledge. The political equivalent of dropping an “F” bomb. Maximum attention, minimum vocabulary.


They listen to what the mainstream medias have to say on the topic, and automatically believe such.

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