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Is the Hunter Biden email dump believable? Damnable? Silence-able?

If you were the son of the Vice President and were doing questionable things like getting paid for influence with your father, would you drop your water-damaged laptop off at a shop and not pick it up? That's what is being reported by the NY Post in their latest post: [] Social media companies are actively blocking any link to the NY Post article as they claim it's fake news. On the other side, it could be true. What say you?

The Hunter Biden emails are...

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Admin 8 Oct 15
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What, exactly, are we questioning the legitimacy of? There's no disputing the fact that Hunter Biden worked for Burisma in a totally unqualified capacity--oh, right, his name is Biden--and was paid scads of cash for doing so. The fact that emails now implicate Creepy Joe directly is a shock only to brain dead Democrats who will try to ignore it anyway, just as they've ignored every aspect of this farce.

The waterlogged laptop smells of disinformation. That just tells me that Bidens were duped by a counter attack engineered by some other faction in the labyrinthine intelligence community. I'd like to think that whoever did it was working for the good, but I'm really too much of a cynic to fall for that old saw one more time.

If the FBI did seize the laptop in December, 2019, as reported, that means that they had possession of material evidence regarding the Ukraine and Joe Biden's criminal activity, at the same time President Trump was being impeached for asking about that very topic.

Makes one ponder, yes?

I don't doubt the legitimacy of the scandal but I do question the timing of the story hitting the news cycle this close to election day.
If we know the identity of this computer tech - assuming he is a real person - one can't help wondering what prompted him to go public with info he had in December last year

Actually, he had the laptop in April, 2019. He tried to interest the FBI and went to congress more than once. No one was interested. That’s when he copied the hard drive and took it to Rudy Guilliani. The FBI finally took it in December, which means they had compelling evidence of criminal behavior on the part of the Bidens, and sat on it while Trump was being impeached for asking about that very behavior.


You may be asking the wrong question.

The real issue is why the social media tech giants were so quick to censor it. Remember the infamous Trump dossier in the last election. No one killed that “story”. From the Russia hoax, to the recent unverified “comments” about military members attributed to Trump, and every bit of innuendo in between, nothing that puts Trump in a bad light has ever been suppressed, and never will be.

Why do Biden and the woke-progs get preferential treatment? That’s the real question here.

GeeMac Level 8 Oct 15, 2020

Normal humans wouldn't but these elites know that they can literally stab a baby in the street on a Wednesday and no one will care because prosecution is only for the little people or Trump. Hillary admitted to moving classified documents on private servers and Bernie in the cut that killed me from being a Bro forever actually said "no one cares about that".

How can you be for the little people but refuse to prosecute political elites the same way we would be?

Oh ... they’re “for the little people” alright.
Just not the way you read the phrase ...
They are going to “help and protect” the poor, misunderstanding, unintelligent, defenseless “little people” from ... THEMSELVES!

Of course, being that They see Themselves as Our Protectors ... Our Saviors ... THEY are Naturally Entitled to Do What They Want ... to Take What They Want ...


The real question is: how many of these situations, Killary's Emails, Biden JR. getting paid millions with no knowledge of the job he is paid for (just two examples) not even Mentioning BILL or OBUMER, will it take for this to come to a head??
We keep hearing about "Special Investigations, Special Prosecutors, ETC. ETC. but NO Body with a name "EVERYONE KNOWS" is being called to task!!!
WE hear names of people accused, jailed, etc., but until they were arrested we had never heard they names!!!
Even now, we continue to hear about investigations, accusations, and what low level AIDS did, but nothing about the people at the top (in the NEWS, daily names)!!!!
The NEWS today is about a "possible" Social Media interference in these stories!!! LIKE DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is it time for the PITCH FORKS and TORCHES to come out?????
Trust me, I have worked criminal cases with different "FEDERAL AGENCIES", and I can tell you from experience, "THEY ARE NOT THE SHARPEST STICKS IN THE WOOD PILE"!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 Oct 15, 2020

Same experience.


Off course its legit, everyone knows about it. Even Biden himself will tell you on camera. The YouTube video where he is biden bragging about ukraine aide and blackmail. Its still online and has been all trough the impeachment of Trump. That is how corrupt everyone is. Everyone knows about it, its not a secret. Evidence is not even hard to get. Its the corrupt system that is too screwed up to do anything about it. Biden has been in politics for over 40 years, you can find videos of him saying all the things democrats are accusing Trump off. All on video. And if you dig deeper you can find so much dirt its not even funny. But no one wants to find it because corruption at Washington employs too many people

Well, someone made a good point. If the leaked emails were not blocked by the big tech, they would be just another 5 min generic news in the speedy 24/7 news cycle and be lost in the day or two. But by blocking it, big tech have made it a far bigger story and potentially opened up a door for public pressure to force useless republicans to finally start regulating big tech. I would not underestimated the useless nature of republicans and their own corruptibility so guys like Ted Cruz won't do much. He talks for years about big tech censorship on his podcast , but that it something other podcasters can do., my questions is what has Ted Cruz actually done for the taxpayers.... virtually nothing. He is a career politician in DC, probably getting payed by same interests groups that pay the democrats.

Now they say that they will call Twitter of CEO for hearing, which is about as useless as you can get. So I don't expect much from all of it. Democrats always say that all you need is big government to take care all your problems, and republicans say the government does not work. And than they get elected to prove it. Republicans in USA are like Tories in UK. useless.

Any change is resisted because bureaucrats have a vested interest in the chaos in which they exist. -Richard Nixon (1913-1994), 37th U.S. President

As someone said. At this stage of the game, I either want less corruption or more change to participate in it.

You are absolutely right that if the woke tech owners had left it alone it would have been quickly lost in the news cycle. Their heavy handed censorship may do the Dems more harm than good.


Been following this for ages a lot of the "breaking" news? It's been reported on since 2017. I knew about Hunter BidenBurisma and Ukraine since 2014. When the uprising in Ukraine happened, Biden and HRCs hands were armpit deep in it. I knew HRC was using her position as Sec. of State to influence peddle, especially in Russia where she was selling US Uranium in Russia. So I knew in 2016 Trump had no ties to Russia and knew HRC and the BIdens did. These drops provide more details, but I knew about Biden putting his family members in lucrative positions based on his position. They are sloppy, they have been handled with kid gloves (recently) by the press. There are tons of unflattering pieces about Biden going far, far back and they aren't hard to find.


Think it's definitely possible. Why can't someone just debunk the story if it's not true? (Or at least address it?) Instead, Twitter has gone all 1984 on us.

KanjaG Level 7 Oct 16, 2020

I believe it is legit. Hunter Biden had/has a drug problem. These are the type of things that addicts do so my instincts make me think that he dropped this off and forgot about it or believed it was dead. At the time this happened there was little or no expectation of the impending fiasco. I believe it's got real legs and it's not for the social media platforms to be playing one-sided politics. Let the Biden's deal with the hand they have been dealt, Trump had to play his hand against the FBI so play the game on level ground.

Rick-A Level 7 Oct 15, 2020

I was suspicious but the story kind of holds together but the media blackout absolutely sold it to me.

The further spin that this is just about Hunter Biden drug use is again convincing. That pointedly ignores all the involvement by elder Biden and directly provable illegal and unethical actions.

Hey Rick. Thanks for assuming my badly written gibberish had actual meaningful intent.


Actually, I feel that THIS has been made known as a COVER UP to a Much Bigger Recent Revelation detailing the BS having to do with Benghazi, Seal Team Six ... and a bunch of Even More Detestable Traitors. (The recent trove of Voice, Video and Documents allegedly released to a “Senator” )

I think this is a case of; “LOOK!!! A Squirrel!!!”

Crack heads, Coke “fiends”, are not rational people. (I’ve known many of them)
Expecting them to be and act rationally is a waste of time.
Worse, Hunter seems to have a deep disrespect or distain for the ... People? Government? Law?
Perhaps he got that from being around his Father?
Joe’s obvious contempt for propriety is jaw dropping. (“Well, sonofabitch, the guy was fired!” What kind of moron tells anecdotes like THAT in Public? On Tape? As a Joke?)

It seems Corruption runs pretty wide and deep in the Biden Clan and Joe seems mostly to be the Ticket Holder for the “All You Can Swill Buffet” at the Government Money & Influence Trough.

Is it possible its “Legit”? Of course. In fact, very little of this is actually new information ... more detailed but ... certainly not new. More specifically, I don’t think there’s been any real attempt to deny it.

The questions are;
A. Is the “Look a Squirrel”! going to derail the BIGGER (more Dangerous) story?
B. Is this “NEW Story about Hunter and Joe” going to have ANY effect?
C. Make ANY Difference?
D. Has the Establishment decided that Joe hasn’t a Snowball’s Chance in Hell so ...


It's hard to understand how someone drops off a computer at a repair shop and then forgets it. O.t.h. rich people in the USA seem to make a habit of such confusion, e.g. I remember weird pictures from Paris Hilton and her sister which got published because they forgot to retrieve their stuff from a storage box after moving house. Perhaps rich people become victims of their own incompetent staff. Being an arrogant airhead / crackhead provides sufficient explanation for such foolishness in case of Hunter Biden. I don't understand why the FBI didn't act after taking possession of this computer, I think Rudy Guiliany waited too long to cause enough damage to the good name of Joe Biden. A few weeks earlier would have been better. I think all this is legit and exposes the viciousness of the Obama era deep state. We'll see if God blesses the USA with four more years of Trump rule or curses your country with Kamala Harris as legit or acting president.

Corjova Level 5 Oct 16, 2020

I don't need the emails to know Biden and his son are corrupt and guilty. Corruption like this can be found on many politicians if they would just investigate them. The pay to play and quid pro quo are business as usual since 1980.

george Level 7 Oct 16, 2020

He's on Crack, let me repeat that, he's on Crack!!...of course he'd do something this stupid!

Motherfucker is on crack!! Not enough for some people, though😂


Why not? He's not exactly the brightest light on the Xmas tree.

Exactly, how many smart criminals are there? We never hear about the very few that are smart because they aren't caught.


It smells a bit fishy, but this whole thing has been fishy from the start. Wait and see, I am sure this will not be the only thing pulled out of the bags as we close in on election day.


Voted for something else. While that does appear to be some damning evidence there, I'm going to wait it out and see what becomes of the situation.

I wouldn't wait to see it on mainstream news. If they don't talk about it, it's as if it didn't happen for the poor souls who still believe in mainstream media.

@Geofrank I wasn't exclusively referring to mainstream media sources reporting on it, I'm curious if the lesser known/independent media sources will be able to dig up any additional details.

@SpikeTalon Yeah that will be interesting to see. I hope so.


I'd say it is entirely possible, especially if you were buzzed up at the time.

skaarda Level 6 Oct 16, 2020



How many freebie laptops do you think these people get and how do they keep track of them all?
Just curious, so I think it''s quite believable that these were thrown as broken and a dumpster diver grabbed them as valuable rubbish is thrown out.
In the UK we go to the rich towns charity shops for the named stuff for allot cheaper lol.

Fleabag Level 5 Oct 16, 2020

In my limited experience, they get quite a few over the years. It's usually easier to replace with something better and becomes a no brainer when the repair is expensive (or money is a non-issue.)
There's a Goodwill I go to in a nice neighborhood. I know I'm looking through the tossings of an angry divorce' after she kicks him out.


NRO has a money quote on this topic. "...if there were a sex tape featuring Donald Trump Jr. smoking a crack pipe it would be running on the Times Square Jumbotron..."

Instead it's being studiously ignored.

The timing is suspicious (October surprise, anyone?).

The timing is probably set by Steve Bannon who knows a thing about influencing, nevertheless the facts are not denied or discredited by the Bidens, they know so they seem to admit.


Has any journalist asked the Ukrainian if he remembers having a meeting with Biden? Are there any journalists left?

(Thank you Scott Adams)

There are no journalists anymore. They have been removed and replaced with glassy-eyed woke activists.


And then?



People under the influence of blow (and other influencing factors) do some careless, thoughtless, and sometimes panicky things, and this might well be one of those situations.


The intelligence community knew something like this would happen based on hacked emails.

So while I chose "something else" since clearly none of us on this board have any reasonable claims to calling it legit or not, let me create an alternative "not legit" story to balance out the "legit" story the NY Post is putting forth.
Goes something like this:

  • These emails are from successful Russian (gov't or non gov't) hacks over the last few monhts
  • They are altered versions of legit emails to make them real enough but very damning
  • They were given to Gulliani when he met Yuriy Letsenko
  • Gulliani, in order to cover up the Russian source concocts a story about laptops and recruits a rabid trump supporter as his patsy (this explain why the store owners story is not straight when interviewed).
  • In order to further distance himself, Gulliani coordinates with Bannon so that it's Bannon who found out about this, not Gulliani.
  • Armed with all this, they go to the NY Post (who in my scenario is only guilty of wanting increased viewership by having a "bombshell" exclusive) and the NY Post eats this up and runs with it.

Now I want to be clear, the above is purely my imagination of what "could" have happened; some, none, or all of the above could be right. But the point is that there are SO many holes, SO many red flags that my created story is, on the surface, as believable as the NY Post story and that should speak volumes as to the quality of the NY Post story.


Kinda like 2 years of Russia, Russia, Russia??

when we have video of J Biden bragging about coercing the Russian authorities to stop investigations in to Burisma I don't know how you can say anything other than "legit"

Exactly like that.
Or four years of Emails, Emails, Emails.

We are a country divided by our own confirmation bias, ready to believe or disbelieve anything and everything, regardless of evidence, as long as it reaffirms our love for our own and our disdain for the other .

As I proposed in my imagined scenario, take emails that are innocent and doctor them to feed into the narrative that people have already built up for themselves based on past videos. This way, you reaffirm what people already believe (as you believe based on a snipped of a video) even though what is being presented in support of that is not real (doctored emails).

Again, imagined scenario... but just as plausible as the laptop dropped off at store given to FBI and Giuliani and then Bannon finds out about it promoting Giuliani to release it.


We know the Biden's have been influence peddling for decades. Did any of the thousands of people who knew about care? Did J. Edgar Hoover's FBI suddenly become corrupt when Trump ran for president? People are incredibly naive.

@TheMiddleWay we always see doctored documents get disputed by the party accused where as they are just ignoring this and letting the media block it as much as possible and do public relations for the Bidens. If they disputed the email being real I would be open to it not being legit but no Biden is challenging the authenticity of it.


Cocaine is a hell of a drug!

2peros Level 7 Oct 15, 2020

Yeah? just gave me the jitters 😟. Then again, practice makes perfect....


Too convenient to not be questioned....and I would love for it to be true, but being realistic.

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