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Should white people consider identifying as non-whites for personal gain?

Halloween is a unique opportunity for adults to transform themselves into scary monsters, super heroes, movie characters or even sexy playthings. Identifying as something different is not only a fun temporary escape but increasing a way to gain power. Consider the case of white people, mostly women, who decide to identify as a minority. For example, a white assistant professor was just outed for claiming to be Chicana and another white/Jewish professor of African, Caribbean and diaspora history claimed to be black. If minorities are supposed to face racist obstacles and oppression, why do so many whites, including biracial people such as Barack Obama, try to pass as minorities? As states like California are trying to legalize race-based affirmative action in education and corporate boards, there is a greater incentive for people to identify as non-whites. Is it time for more white people to identify as non-white, or a higher intersectionality score, for personal gain and perhaps thwart identity-based preferences?

Whites identifying as a minority should...

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Admin 8 Oct 30
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We need to reject skin colour as a justification for any decision.


It’s all a social construct, right?

Personally, I’ve been self-identifying as a black, 7’ tall forward in the NBA, but I have yet to hear from Nike with an endorsement deal.

Clearly, racism is involved.

Is it because you suck at basketball? I can relate!


How about people stop identifying with skin color, and start identifying as human beings? That's my preference. Besides, white people don't need to "act" as a minority. On the world stage they only represent 14% of human population. You tell me who should act like a "minority", and who should not.

Wolak Level 5 Nov 2, 2020

"If minorities are supposed to face racist obstacles and oppression, why do so many whites, including biracial people such as Barack Obama, try to pass as minorities? "

Not a choice: Obama could not have passed as white no matter what he, you, or I said.

Also, until biracial people are in the majority, they will, logically, be in the minority.

Sad but true... even if he was only 1/8 black, he would still be considered a black man.
One of my colleagues is 3/4 Dutch and 1/4 Maori. No one ever considers him to be Dutch, he is a Maori and treated as such.

Why is that sad?

It is sad that only a smidgeon of non whiteness and you are considered non-white.
You can be full of white ancestry and still be called black.
It is sad that whiteness is the standard. Any deviation and you are “non-white”. It does not work the other way around.

Obama is every bit as non-black as he is non-white.... as he is every bit as white as he is black, however no one will ever call him non-black, yet everyone calls him non-white. And he will never be white.

It is extremely racist and no one seems to care.

>Obama is every bit as non-black as he is non-white.... as he is every bit as white as he is black, however no one will ever call him non-black, yet everyone calls him non-white. And he will never be white.

Given a 50/50 choice, isn't that decision up to him which way he wants to lean?

The problem with bi-racial isn't that you are both, it's that you are neither.
The white community might have troubles with you blackness; the black community might have trouble with your whiteness.
So instead of being ostracized, i know a lot of biracial people lean one way or the other to be part of a broader community, with the community they feel more connected with, instead of being in the middle as a community of one or few or trying to connect with both communities.

Take the Rock for example: he is black and samoan. He choose samoan because he identifies with that culture more than black culture.

Ben Kingsley is indian and english. He famously played Gahndi in deference to his indian background but he considers himself english (white) because he is more in tune with that culture than others.

I don't think it's racist at all to call Obama balck because he is biractial and identifies with Black nor The Rock somoan or Kingsley english for the same reason they identify with those cultures in their heritage.


A question like that just prolongs the presumption that “race” exists among humans. Hey, its a free country, but I don’t consider anyone very smart who asks a question about “whites” or “blacks” or any other skin tone.

Now if you want to talk about culture, that’s different, and really interesting. But for heaven’s sake, stop tacitly agreeing that skin shades have anything to do with anything!

It’s more than skin tone. Science says it’s genetically driven for us to be attracted to our own kind

@FrozenSoul "Science" eh. So the science of genetics says that now that the human genome has been known for decades, there are no races among homo-sapiens. What you are talking about is family, or culture. It ain't "science," bub.

No races? Defies common sense. There is differences even beyond skin

@FrozenSoul. Cultural differences.

And since when does "common sense" trump science? How many people do you know who believe the Earth is flat? I know a few. That is their "common sense."

Differences of opinion exist because of two things: People don't believe smarter and more diligent people than themselves, and secondly "feel" something is true, so you can't dissuade them that it isn't.

Many people feel that the things they know and the way they live makes sense, and that living any other way, and thinking an entirely different way cannot make sense. Well, they are not right.

I don’t wish any harm to other races. I just choose to PRESERVE the Caucasian race. It’s a beautiful race that has accomplished much over time. SCIENCE does have support that people are attracted to their own race most of the time

@FrozenSoul. There is no caucasion race. And if there were a single caucasion culture based on history, I would not be all that proud of it.

U r full of shit. The police use race to help identify people! Such ignorance is not worth argument.

Now, as far as whites doing some bad stuff - you are correct! But that was under Biblical Justification.. when whites realize their true Pagan roots they see it’s not a genetic thing, it’s a Abrahamic Spell that did that


This is a bit off from Halloween costumes but, does anyone remember Rachel Dolezal?

She was a white woman who pretended to be black and was so successful she became an activist and led a chapter of the NAACP. The argument for Dolezal is that if a person with a penis can identify as female and the government will issue a driver’s license and passport to back it up, why can’t someone with white skin decide to be black?

Realistically, there was an outpouring of revulsion for Dolezal’s dishonesty after her fraud was exposed. Why should a white woman accept benefits meant for blacks? Why should she take a job with the NAACP when it should go to a deserving African American.

Ditto for Meghan Markel. I had no idea she identified as black (African American mom) until progressive activists started to claim she was the victim of a “racist” media.

There is an incentive to identify as a minority when seeking a job now. It could be a real mess when everybody starts pulling an Elizabeth Warren scam, claimIng to be American Indian, and not mentioning it’s just 1/1032nd. Will corporations soon have DNA tests along with drug tests?

GeeMac Level 8 Oct 31, 2020

My problem with your post is ...
“Why should a white woman accept benefits meant for (some other ethnicity or gender) blacks? Why should she take a job with the NAACP when it should go to a deserving (other ethnicity or gender) African American.”

Exactly how did “special” benefits and jobs get assigned to “someone more deserving”?
I thought it was against the Law to discriminate based on sex, race, religion ...

I guess these are only true if you’re not one of the “protected” exceptions? If you don’t self identify as ...?

@Bay0Wulf good point, and no, I’m not in favour of special benefits. However, no one would want to see a kid from a rich family get money from a fund to benefit low income kids. Ronald McDonald House is for parents of sick kids, no one wants to see a couple with no children get free accommodation there.
What Dolezal did was fraudulent. The question of benefits based on race is a different conversation, especially if funded by taxpayers.

I guess it come down to what she wanted to "get" from her job at the NAACP. Did she make things better for the black community? Did she help people find jobs?
I don't know much about her, but if she was helping the black community and not hurting, I don't see a problem, but i'm white so I might see things differently.

@AlpacaLunch maybe the ends justify the means. Anyone is capable of helping other people though, without pretending to be something they’re not. Dolezal to me, isn’t a humanitarian, she’s a sneak, a liar and a fraud.

@GeeMac Maybe, but I don't know what her motives were. She was sneaky, but I think she did help people and had good intentions.
I can only speculate because I've never met her and only have internet information to go by.

@AlpacaLunch there’s a pretty good doc on the whole story called “The Rachel Divide”, not sure if it’s on Netflix. She betrayed a lot of trust with her lies. I can’t support anyone who engages in deception and fraud that way.


I think I lost brain cells reading this. What the actual hell...

avan16 Level 5 Oct 30, 2020

I truly don't understand some people's opinions on this site. And maybe that means that those people will think I'm nuts for what I'm about to say.

No, I don't think it should be "illegal" to identify as another race. But I do think it is morally wrong for someone to identify as a minority when they aren't one. I think people who do it deliberately (opposed to an honest mistaken understanding of their own heritage) should be called out and they deserve any shame they get over it.

Why would you encourage that kind of deceit? I think people who say it should be encouraged are just being spiteful.


You'll find a lot of people who identify as something they're not in the mental asylums. Large swaths of the population have literally gone insane.


Identify as anything you want. I will make my own decision as to what you are.
Personally I am an attack helicopter with Warthog canon and mini-nukes.


If people these days are encouraged to 'do what they feel', why can't black people identify as white and just stop all this dastardly systematic racism in it's tracks?


One more example of mental disorders becoming normalized, while the rest of us are forced to engage in ridiculous discussions like this to accommodate the aberrant behavior.


Whenever I’m confronted with forms asking me for my ethnicity I always check “native American” because it’s the truth. I was born here.

Andyman Level 7 Oct 31, 2020

They should be Shunned ... Cast Out ... Made Mockery Of.

Though it is a sad commentary to consider that there is something to gain by pretending to be a “minority” at the expense of disposing of one’s Caucasian Genetics and Background and History.

How far have we denigrated Whites and bent to elevate Others into favor even above Ourselves?
How is it that We have allowed such nonsense to attain some sort of “Moral Highground”?


....laughed out of the building (and polite society)...

Wait! Polite society is still a thing???


I'm gonna be Obama for Halloween. But where do I find an empty suit?


It should not be asked at all if somebody belongs to some minority. Elizabeth Warren did this, it turns out that she is no more native American than Donald Trump is, because she is stupid enough to publish a genetic survey of herself. Her act was illegal, but Democrats don't care. No institution or employer should be allowed to ask about minority status and give bonus points to certain answers.

Corjova Level 6 Oct 30, 2020

And then we have Canada, where in the federal government, there are specific criteria whereby if you are non-Caucasian and male, those who are anything but are given priority in hiring. Merit and objectivity are absolutely secondary. All in the name of multiculturalism and diversity.

@skaarda if this is true, then Canadian laws in this matter are unjust and immoral. I cannot understand that the white majority tolerates these laws.

@Corjova Well, I believe many are well meaning but naive by our criteria and take a softer approach to things. Could be I am too far down the rabbit hole. But it is the same as the criteria for bilingualism in the federal public service. If one wants to go anything higher than a Team Leader, say to a Manager and above, nearly all the positions have a bilingual requirement, and certainly all at the senior levels. But 80% of the country speaks English and has no need for French. Ergo, guess who is getting all these management positions, right to the top of the civil service. Especially in Ottawa in Ontario, where Quebec is right across the river and many of these folks come across to the Ontario side to work the civil service jobs. But if you raise this as an issue, you are persona non grata. I don't think most Canadians know or care. Perhaps we are all too comfortable and fat. As per Wiki: French is the mother tongue of approx. 20.6% of the Canadian population.... re. the 2016 Census. Most Canadian native speakers of French live in Quebec, the only province where French is the majority and sole-official language.


Be whomever you want to be.
Call yourself whatever you want to call yourself.
Embrace the consequence of people accepting or rejecting that label.

That is fine until they make laws that affect your ability to get a job or contract, the school you may go to or how the courts treat you.
Then suddenly that label is not just a label.

I know of no such laws in existence, or in the works, in the us.

Once again you display your shocking stupidity.
Try looking into “Affirmative Action” ...

Self identifing as something and AA don't affect your ability to get a job, which school you can attend, nor how the courts treat you.

Hmmm ... Perhaps you should try running that load of erroneous crap past Elizabeth “Fauxahontas” Warren ...

She still has a job, didn't affect her school, nor how the courts treat her.


Just be you it’s just that easy. Don’t you love you? Weird


As long as this guy identifies as the governor of Virginia...

How long ago was this?

@AlpacaLunch His college "photo" was probably from late 70s early 80s. He is still the disgraced governor of VA.


I’m 1/8 Cherokee. I used to check white on forms. I’m gonna try checking Native and see . Shit, cannot hurt. Lol

Last time I checked, my sixth great grandfather married a Cherokee. The division is too high. Math is hard


You mean like Kamala??


Talcum X approves this poll! (And encourages whites to identify as non-whites for personal gain).


I think it's unnecessary, but if someone wants to, they shouldn't be shamed or punished for it. Why does it matter if someone wants to "identify"? Doesn't change reality.


This philosophical rambling about the meaninglessness of life, And the supremacy of the ego, strokes the withers of the sophisticated fool, desperately trying to hide the insecurity within.
Looking down upon the masses, rather than up at the superiority of those who truly are, masks the inalienable certainty of ones own smallness.
Mortality threatens those who have not been chosen for immortality. They compensate with a veneer of intellectual vanity because it hurts less than truth.

David42 Level 7 Oct 30, 2020
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