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Is Biden (eventually) going to win?

As mail-in ballots are highly skewed towards Biden and the Democrats (estimates are as high as 3:1), Trump's lead in the swing states could be reversed as seen already in Michigan and Wisconsin. Similarly, it appears quite possible that the Senate will also change hands. Should we call it early here? Is either side going to "steal" the election?

What will be the final result?

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Admin 8 Nov 4
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The whole thing is beginning to look like it was rigged. All these late night drops that don’t have a single Trump vote?

Rick-A Level 8 Nov 4, 2020

Yes, that was noticed...

They STOPPED tallying votes so they could bus ballots in over night. It is so obvious it's a joke. I mean, if California didn't need to stop tallying votes with the number of people there, what the ...???


Massive ballot dumps at 4 in the morning. 200,000 in Michigan, 100,000 in Wisconsin, ALL FOR BIDEN.

Twitter censors Trump for mentioning it?

Sort of like impeaching him for asking questions about Biden crimes for which the FBI was sitting on material evidence, and kept their mouth shut.



Dems are really ramping up the cheating game this time around...

@DinsdaleWalden I'm hopeful this time around that President Trump won't be so passive. He needs to fight hard to uncover what's going on. From the outside it seems pretty obvious what's happening and the truth needs to be uncovered. The Dems are empowered to do whatever they want without consequences. Time to teach some boundaries..


My vote is more hopeful than confident at this point. It was very confident late last night - but again "suddenly" we find more ballots and they ALL go to Biden....??

Right. And aren't the same people who predicted the early mail-in voting would mostly be for Biden also the same people who predicted all those big leads he was supposed to have? Aren't these all the same polling groups/methodologies?

@KeithThroop isn't that what is happening? Election-day polls are getting counted before the mail-ins, which is why Biden's numbers are going up as they start counting the mail-ins.

Its not like media outlets on both sides of the political spectrum weren't very upfront about the "Red Mirage".

Too bad people don't get the basic logic of this election and side with Trumpian Conspiracy instead. ☹️

@JacksonNought When the mail-ins are running greater than 3:1, or 100,000 votes are 100:0, there is something fishy going on...

@TheMiddleWay Which makes their assertions useless....

@tracycoyle is there? Or since Trump severely downplayed the pandemic and fear-mongered about mail-in voting, the majority of in-person votes were for Trump and the majority of mail-ins were for Biden. Maybe the 3:1 prediction was an underestimate. Not too far-fetched.

the entirety of votes have not been counted yet so I'm not entirely sure that we can state what that ratio actually is.

Your view is like flipping a coin a hundred times and after 5 flips getting three straight heads and claiming malfeasance.

How about we wait until the results are computed in their totality rather than take point data as representative of the whole set?

@tracycoyle Dems miscalculated badly Trump supporters in 2016 and didn’t cheat (as much or so obviously) as in 2020...and lost. They were going to make sure that didn’t happen again.

Americans should be sick that the most sacred of their fundamental rights - the right to vote, has been dragged through the muck


If Hiden Biden is called the winner I bleieve it will only be due to fraud committed through all this mass mail in ballots.


The final result is slowly unfolding exactly as predicted: Biden is benefitting big time from the mail-in vote.

At the end of the night Trump was leading in five of the six battleground states. As the additional ballots were counted, Biden closed the gap, until the candidates were leading in three states each. Then Biden won Wisconsin, despite Trump’s 51-47% Wisconsin lead at the end of last night.

Trump still leads in Pennsylvania, although the gap has narrowed, and Biden has slipped ahead everywhere else.

This is exactly what was expected. For Trump, barring a miracle, it’s death by a thousand cuts.

GeeMac Level 8 Nov 4, 2020

Sadly, it's a long shot for Trump. Highly unlikely is how I'm describing it to people who ask. The democrats got what they wanted... They took advantage of the mail-in balloting, got overwhelming support from the media, and avoided substantive issues that would have revealed Trump's strengths. Reminds me of basketball before the shot clock... get a slight lead, then stall until the final buzzer.
Adding insult to injury, the DoJ efforts to indict those who treasonously tried to oust Trump will likely die quietly.


Honestly... isn't it time the personal was divorced from the factual?
Trump admitted yesterday that he is not a good loser. What we have seen since is simply a confirmation of that.
As of now it looks like Biden has a clearer path to the magic number than Trump. What the outcome will be is still unclear. But the fog is lifting.
What we actually see in America is a country divided in 3.
Democrats, Republicans and those that are simply Apathetic, for whatever reason.
Apparently the US has just had an election with its highest turnout ever. Yet it seems that turnout is going to be around half the people eligible to vote. Hard to say that is a true reflection of the will of the people.
Trump has been a fairly good President if you look at the facts and keep away from personal disdain. Yet this election has been about hating Trump... and you have to admit that the LW Progressives certainly know how to hate.
An election should not be about personal hatred, it should be about policies and a vision for the future.
After the last election the Democrats worked everyday to bring Trump down... well they finally may have done it but their behaviour and the media's behaviour has been appalling. Not schoolboy immature appalling like Trump's often is, but adult, almost criminal in its scope.
I'm not sure that America know's what it has done, but in 4 years time we may just see another 1 term President being ousted.

An election should not be about personal hatred, it should be about policies and a vision for the future.

These two are not necessarily divorced: my personal hatred of the current president is based on his failed policies and his lack of vision.

@TheMiddleWay then like most Progressive you are immature.

I express maturity by addressing your point without taking a dig at you personally; by avoiding, not embracing, Ad Hominem.

@TheMiddleWay blah blah holier than thou blah.... do grow up and address reality.
You as always make claims seldom if ever backed up by fact.

@Lightman *in 4 years time we may just see another 1 term President being ousted

Why wait?

*America is a country divided in 3. Democrats, Republicans and those that are simply Apathetic

Not necessarily. I'm #ThirdPosition and I'm anything but apathetic.

*the US has just had an election with its highest turnout ever. Yet it seems that turnout is going to be around half the people eligible to vote. Hard to say that is a true reflection of the will of the people

That's totally the will of the People. I wish fewer would vote. I can't imagine how many dimwitted, ignorant Bozos vote because they feel obligated to rather than inspired to. They've made it so easy to vote, you don't even have to know how to tie your shoe laces and you can vote. Voter registration is automatic in some States. IMO, if someone doesn't have the drive to visit the court house to register to vote, they shouldn't vote.

#Democracy is shit anyway. Article 2 of the US Constitution proposes a very UNdemocratic way of electing the President. The State Legislatures were supposed to appoint Electors who would go on to vote for the President. Somehow that got twisted into the People voting for a candidate and the Electors rubber-stamping the majority vote. The President was supposed to be elected by select, respected members of society in a careful process of deliberation and careful examination ... not the year-long, corn dog eating, baby kissing, populace pandering nonsense we call campaigning today.

*the LW Progressives certainly know how to hate

The #Right should show them how it's really done.

@ZuzecaSape sorry but if you choose not to vote fine but don't complain about the result. If people are clueless or have no idea fine don't vote... but even that is a sign of political apathy.
Democracy is better than violence or war civil or otherwise. No one in their right mind should condemn democracy and elections as a way to decide and support ideas and government direction.

@Lightman No, I voted.

>Democracy is better than violence or war civil or otherwise

Keep telling yourself that as the chains become heavier, link by link. "Hey, it was voted on, fair and square." 🙄 I'll die on my feet before I'll live on my knees.



sorry but if you choose not to vote fine but don't complain about the result.

As someone who didn't vote in the USA, who can't vote in the USA, are you going to not complain?
Of course not.
You are going to complain.
You are already complaining.
So don't ask of others what you yourself aren't willing to do.

I await your mature, predictable piss.

@TheMiddleWay I haven't complained at all... it don't worry me too much. I just point out the facts.
I'm not a Trump fan or a Biden fan... personally I think they are both bad options for various reasons. Don't you?
Unlike immature progressive you... I don't hate Trumps policies etc, I don't hate... anyone's policies that is a very emotive illogical way to assess policies... but I do know where the Democrats policies like the Green New Deal goes and how it affects people and their lives. Therefore I disagree with them... not hate them... hate I leave for Progressives like yourself.

@ZuzecaSape Here I was thinking only Communists and Islamics hated Democracy? LOL

@Lightman No, there's plenty of hate to go around. Democracy is essentially Communism-lite. The more they've expanded the franchise in the US and other nations, the worse things have become.

If our leaders are to be elected, only #veterans should be able to vote. #StarshipTroopersGovtNow

>“Under our system every voter and officeholder is a man who has demonstrated through voluntary and difficult service that he places the welfare of the group ahead of personal advantage.”<
― Robert A. Heinlein, Starship Troopers

Learn to pronounce
noun: democracy

a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

@Lightman Yeah ... it's awful.

“Both for practical reasons and for mathematically verifiable moral reasons, authority and responsibility must be equal - else a balancing takes place as surely as current flows between points of unequal potential. To permit irresponsible authority is to sow disaster; to hold a man responsible for anything he does not control is to behave with blind idiocy. The unlimited democracies were unstable because their citizens were not responsible for the fashion in which they exerted their sovereign authority... other than through the tragic logic of history... No attempt was made to determine whether a voter was socially responsible to the extent of his literally unlimited authority. If he voted the impossible, the disastrous possible happened instead - and responsibility was then forced on him willy-nilly and destroyed both him and his foundationless temple.”
― Robert A. Heinlein, Starship Troopers

@ZuzecaSape lol you are quoting a work of science fiction.

@Lightman #StarshipTroopers is a work of political philosophy disguised as science fiction. That's why it's on a number of military reading lists. Starship Troopers is the very first book on the Maneuver Center of Excellence's reading list for Lieutenants. It was only recently removed from the Marine Commandant's reading list. In fact, Starship Troopers is on so many military reading lists that its *exclusion makes the news.

Whimsical scifi fantasy novels don't make it on to military reading lists worldwide. Don't dismiss Starship Troopers as such.

@ZuzecaSape what about the movie?

@Lightman The movie was lighthearted fun, but only about 10% of the substance of the novel. The novel spends considerable time laying out the socio-political philosophy of the #TerranFederation, in between mediocre battle scenes and tales of day-to-day trooper life. In that sense, it's reminiscent of Nietzsche's 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra' in that its a work of philosophy disguised as fiction. Some might argue 'Fight Club' falls into that territory as well.

Apparently that's a whole genre ... philosophical fiction. I'd never heard of it before.

@ZuzecaSape []
my take on it is much more in line with this summary...

@Lightman Oh good, then we're in agreement. The Wiki article also describes it as a philosophical novel. 😊

@ZuzecaSape yes but a personal philosophy

@Lightman Political philosophy.

>“Liberty is never unalienable; it must be redeemed regularly with the blood of patriots or it always vanishes. Of all the so-called natural human rights that have ever been invented, liberty is least likely to be cheap and is never free of cost.”
― Robert A. Heinlein, Starship Troopers

@TheMiddleWay plz indicate his failed policies.

Top Three for Me:

Trade Deficit
Federal Debt

@TheMiddleWay Only Democrats put COVID top of their list... probably due to their Dear Leader's scare campaign, and blaming Trump for what is essentially bad management by Democrat states.
Of course economies debt and deficit all over the world has been affected by the Pandemic.
In the simplest terms, a trade deficit occurs when a country imports more than it exports. A trade deficit is neither inherently entirely good or bad. A trade deficit can be a sign of a strong economy and, under certain conditions, can lead to stronger economic growth for the deficit-running country in the future.
The total deficit for goods and services for the same period in 2019 was $447.1 billion. Total exports are down 17.4% this year from 2019, while imports have declined by 12.4% as the coronavirus pandemic has sabotaged global commerce this year and disrupted global supply chains everywhere.
The notion that bilateral trade deficits are bad in and of themselves is overwhelmingly rejected by trade experts and economists. For many economists, the current trade deficit has been scapegoated, and they argue that the trade deficit is not itself a problem for the U.S. economy. This means that the U.S. pays little for its foreign borrowing, allowing it to finance its high consumption at low cost, which boosts global demand.
Under the Democrats the trade deficit will only grow as globalisation is one of their tenets not national sovereignty.


I think the US government has continuously had fluctuating public debt since 1789. Apparently only during the years 1835–1836, was there a period in which the US under the presidency of Andrew Jackson, was it completely paid off.
So not unusual for the US and not unusual for other countries to have debt. In fact the Progressive Left in my country always insists of creating debt and spending spending spending. Which along with higher taxes will undoubtedly occur under the Democrats. don't say you weren't warned... airy fairy utopia, comes at a price...and it is usually not cheap.
Most countries in times of low interest rates like now tend to not worry about the debt too much some even see it as a good time to borrow. According to articles in The Wall Street Journal and others, based on documents released on October 29, 2018 by the Treasury Department, the Department's new projection estimates that by the fourth quarter of the FY2018, it will issue c. $1.338 trillion in debt. This would be the highest debt issuance since 2010, when it reached $1.586 trillion. Wasn't that under Democrat President Barack Obama?

You want to see debt and deficit look at ours after all it is a Global Pandemic right.

@TheMiddleWay Top issues for most Americans according to Pew

Top issues for Trump supporters are economy, crime;
Biden supporters prioritize health care, coronavirus

@TheMiddleWay covid...ok, the pandemic that has a survival rate of 99.5% for those who contract the disease, morphed from omg dying to sick to positive “cases”. The flu bug that even the CDC acknowledged on its website that the antibody test can’t determine if the bug is covid 19😮r the common cold. The PCR tests that it’s Nobel Prize winning inventor says “it’s not a diagnostic tool” yet here we are diagnosing using it...

The virus that has a vaccine that’s contains “luciferase” a tracking compound that will indicate under light if someone has had the vaccine, and contains a development under patent 060606 that allows remote ‘readings’ of your location, activities, contacts, the state of your health, etc...

Lightman has already covered the deficit and trade stuff, but let me leave you with a video I have posted’s worth watching! Stay safe.


Impossible to know the true outcome. Even in the least contentious election years, the margin of error has never been better than 1%. With mail-in voting, that has arguably increased to 5%. That is roughly 15 million votes of uncertainty, and will have turned the US into a banana republic, in which the final vote is settled only by force. Congratulations to all of you who felt mail-in voting should be allowed, and that Democrat shenanigans should be tolerated, instead of prosecuted to the most severe extent allowed by law.

Perhaps fraud, perhaps more minority involvement... hard to tell 😟

@TimTuolomne The #28thAmendment should set up a process for peaceful secession from the Union. #LegalizeSecession

>Resolved, that the several States composing the United States of America, are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their general government; but that by compact under the style and title of a Constitution for the United States and of amendments thereto, they constituted a general government for special purposes, delegated to that government certain definite powers, reserving each State to itself, the residuary mass of right to their own self-government; and that whensoever the general government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force: That to this compact each State acceded as a State, and is an integral party, its co-States forming, as to itself, the other party....each party has an equal right to judge for itself, as well of infractions as of the mode and measure of redress.

It is obvious that it was fraud. To shut down counting in the crucial states while Trump was ahead, and "magically" all the new votes counted were for Biden? That smells like shenanigans. Plus, there have been people who reported on what was going on.

@Admin you have too high an opinion of people. Lol


There is already plenty of evidence coming in that there has been so much tampering with this election by democrat partisans working as election officials and by highly suspicious mail in ballots, ALL GOING FOR JOE BIDEN, that Trump should NEVER CONCEDE THIS ELECTION.

There is absolutely not a shred of evidence, how stupid is Trump and his coterie of morons? Republican votes on the same ballots that reject Trump have increased! Try taking that to court as evidence of tampering.

@N0DD you’re as pathologically dishonest as every other leftist commie, there’s boatloads of evidence of election and vote fraud. “By any means necessary” is your motto and you people pride yourselves on your criminal tactics.

@Andyman nope, youre wrong and your fascist TV celebrity demagogue has lost bigly!


Trump is gone and good riddance to bad rubbish, America needs to take a good look at itself and get back some heart soul and self respect, peace & love as Ringo would say!

N0DD Level 7 Nov 4, 2020

lol.... oh the airy fairy stuff eh
What makes you think the Democrats will do anything but harm the USA comrade?

How many wars do we need to engage in for the appropriate level of peace and love?


Having an avatar of a psychopathic murder should be a clue to avoid a person.

Says the individual with a racist mass murdering commie as their profile pic.

No, he's GOOD ENOUGH. And youveno proof anyone else wouldn't make it worse.
It can be worse.

@Andyman youre absolutely rigjt Ernesto Guevara was a communist, unlike Joe Biden or the Democratic Party. He was not racist or a mass murderer tbough he did have some negative things to say about the Congolese as a revolutionary fighting force. Tne mass murdering regimes in Central and South America have all been heavily supported or installed by the US/CIA hence the heavy Latino support for fascist Trump in Florida.

@N0DD Yes the CIA has murdered who knows how many people and screwed up half of south and Central America but that doesn't change the fact that history shows us Guevara was also a murderer. People like him can be revered as a revolutionary underdog, freedom fighter or martyr but not as a person of peace.

@N0DD Oh sure, we are supposed to believe you wish for peace and love for the US and then you claim your idol profile pic wasn't a murderer, or didn't put gay people in labor camps, or oppose a free press. We are supposed to believe someone made that up in his diary "the black is indolent and a dreamer, spending his meager wage of frivolity to drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving" ,,,, eye's rolling


We know now that FAKE Covid was used as a prime communist political tool to cripple Trump. Read new book out and one of the best on Communism in America. "The Specter of Communism is Ruling Our World." Sorry, It is a 2020 video on Prime.....

Uh huh. The entire world shut down and hurt their economies and let millions die just to spite Trump.

@JacksonNought Yes, that's how evil they are.

@ZuzecaSape who is "they"?

@JacksonNought Don't read too much into my comment. It was intended as an act of parody, which doesn't carry well over text. 😇 #PoesLaw


Trump has 213 and he'll likely get Georgia (16), Pennsylvania (20), and North Carolina (15),
bringing him to 264. 269 is a tie. Trump trails by a small margin in Michigan (16), Wisconsin (10), and Nevada (6). If he gets any of these he wins. Election fraud in these states should get special scrutiny.

Republicans have 53 senate seats. Republicans flipped Alabama and will likely flip Michigan.
Democrats flipped Arizona and Colorado.

If I could have only one of either the senate or house, I'd rather have the senate. Confirmations of executive branch officials and judges is important.


Stop counting where Im losing, keep counting where Im winning....thats Trumpocracy!

N0DD Level 7 Nov 5, 2020

Sorry, I have a hard time taking the opinion of someone with a Che Guevara profile pic seriously.
Unless, you are being ironic, then bravo!

@WorldSigh .
Not irony
Trump protest in Arizona: Keep the Count.
Trump protesters in Pennsylvania: Stop the Count

U.S. President Trump's supporters can be heard chanting "stop the count" in one video and "count the vote" in another.



@TheMiddleWay I do not doubt the sincerity of N0DD. I’m fairly certain he meant what he said. No doubt there will be no shortage of such banter from both sides in the coming days. I was referring to his profile picture.

I wasn't going to comment on that but IMO we should listen to the veracity of the message not the salaciousness of the presentation.

There are several reasons why someone may admire a revolutionary like Che Guevarra, George Washington ... or Luke Skywalker! 😀

I agree! There are numerous reasons to admire George Washington and Luke Skywalker, even Darth Vader. On the other hand, Che Guevara was literally a psychopath who tortured small animals in his youth, betrayed his own men to save himself, and took particular pleasure in personally executing dissidents with a bullet to the head.

I can understand uninformed leftist thinking he was a great man. His Wikipedia article makes him sound like the love child of Dr Schweitzer and Mahatma Gandhi! However, a little actual research reveals that Che was a true bastion of leftist ethos as he backstabbed, tortured, and murdered his way across South America and Cuba! When Soviet era Communists think someone is too nasty to play with and have them executed, it is not an indicator of strong moral fibre!

Is there anything to admire about that pathetic monster? He was an avid reader. That’s about it.

Alas, presentation is a a rather large part of the message.

I don't know how presentation ( Che Guevara in this case) affects the message that it's hypocrisy for Trump supporters to claim that all votes should be counted in states that he is losing while simultaneously claiming that votes should stop being counted in states where he is winning...
.. a message that i, with my own murderous face as a avatar, wholeheartedly agree with.


The dignified looking pic of a murderous, psychopathic, traitorous communist gives the distinct impression that the attached opinion comes from an admirer of these qualities. This diminishes the value of that opinion. It is all part of the same message.

Personally, I think nothing should be counted that was not in the counting room on Election Day, no matter who the vote is for. At this point, it is inevitable that SCOTUS will choose your next President.
Rampant corruption has destroyed American democracy. Enjoy!

No doubt, Saint Che would approve of this...


The dignified looking pic of a murderous, psychopathic, traitorous communist gives the distinct impression that the attached opinion comes from an admirer of these qualities. This diminishes the value of that opinion. It is all part of the same message.

That's a logical fallacy. A persons support of a football team you don't like in no way shape or form invalidates that person's opinions on the behavior of people; support for communism in no way shape or form invalidates an opinion on the behavior or people

More to the point I would ask you without Che Guevara as my avatar: do you not view it as hypocrysy that one segment of the support chants "stop the vote" where they are losing and the other "count the vote" where they are winning?


At this point, it is inevitable that SCOTUS will choose your next President.

In order for SCOTUS to decide, there has to be
a) a case
b) a case that the lower courts pick up
c) a case that the lower courts rule upon
d) a case escalated to SCOTUS
b) a case that SCOTUS chooses to pick up.

I think this path fails on point a) or b).
Legal scholors agrees that the burden of proof for voter malfeasance is so high that given all evidence to date, there is simply nothing for a case to be built or be picked up by any court.

There may be fraud on both sides; however, the vast majority of fraud appears to have come from democrat agents.
Your football analogy is a non sequitur. A sports team has no bearing on a discussion concerning political ethics. Expressing admiration for a demonstrably psychopathic political figure while decrying a political opponent’s character is hypocrisy.


"Legal scholors agrees that the burden of proof for voter malfeasance is so high that given all evidence to date, there is simply nothing for a case to be built or be picked up by any court.’

That was quick! It is also speculation. Talk to me in December.

Nor does admiration for Che Guevarra have any bearing on a discussion on people's hypocrisy. 😉

Don't really have to wait till December to see the way the wind is blowing: from yesterday (11/5/2020)

Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania judges toss Trump suits

I'm still curious on your opinion on the point made by Che Guevarra and myself:

*do you not view it as hypocrisy that one segment of the supporters chants "stop the vote" where they are losing and the other "count the vote" where they are winning?

@TheMiddleWay answered and ignored: your behaviour is straying into troll territory. Just so you know, I do not feed trolls.

Seems like you'll find any excuse, Che Guevara or asking a question, to not address the hypocrisy of saying stop the counts on one hand while simultaneously saying count every vote on the other.

Don't answer me. Im ok with that.
You make the question rhetorical.

I’m beginning to understand why Remi banned you from the Culture War Group.
You ask questions and ignore answers. You are slightly more sophisticated than the average troll.
I had hoped that you were one of the few individuals with opposing views who was capable of reasonable two way dialogue. Unfortunately, you are still just another sad troll. This is not intended as ad hominem. I am truly disappointed. Be well.

I'm not the one refusing to engage based on an avatar or calling the other a troll.
I'm trying to be reasonable seeing if you see it as hypocritical, as I do, that one set of supporters says one thing on states where they are winning and the exact opposite in states where they are losing.

Again, you need not answer me.
You made my question rhetorical and I have my answer.
Don't feed me.


I’m beginning to understand why Remi banned you from the Culture War Group.

As well you should: he kicked me literally because I asked a question he was uncomfortable answering.
Reasonable two way dialogue can only happen when questions asked are questions answered, even if the answer makes you uncomfortable.
I'm reasonable and answer every question posed of me.

I guess that's the troll in me. 🙂
Don't feed me.

No worries, you have confirmed my estimation of you by continuing to ignore answers already supplied.
Please, try to remember, being obtuse does not equate with being superior.

If it is any consolation, in your contrarian/trollish manner, you have offered some sage advice.
I will not feed you. This is our final interaction. I wish you well, goodbye.


Even that Biden has a chance to win after being the worst candidate in history shows the sorry state of American humanity and what total suckers they are. Well, if he wins they will get what they deserve! Useful Idiots of International communism is the only answer to this sick and pathetic debacle.

Ok the worst canditate in history got more votes than any canditate in history....explain that one to me.


Democratic voters are more cautious about Covid so they resorted to mail in. Trump told his supporters not to do mail in and to do in person voting instead. What'd you expect?

avan16 Level 5 Nov 4, 2020

voting on results and policy not feelings and hatred.

@Lightman that's exactly what we voted on, results and policy. Trump had terrible ones, so we voted against him.

@JacksonNought Apparently not sonny.... older more experience mature people and many experts not part of the political soup over there disagree with you.

@Lightman Biden is in the lead, so looks like you are wrong.

@JacksonNought Nah.... IMO their policies like the Green New Deal will do more harm than good. I know being a Progressive you can't tolerate someone disagreeing with you but hey... that's life.

@JacksonNought If you think all that anti-Trump hatered and rubbish the Democrats etc have pushed for 4 years doesn't exist you are simply lying to yourself... don't waste your time lying to me.

@Lightman uh huh, which is why you are constantly triggered on this site and resorting to juvenile insults and name calling... because you are so comfortable with people disagreeing with you, eh? That's why the Trumpers needed to try and run a Biden bus off the road, and feel the need to block traffic with their pickups and pepper spray people, because they have no problem with people disagreeing.

How do you feel about 8 years of anti-Obama hatred and McConnell putting party over country?

@JacksonNought not me I rarely name call
I'm not a Trumper either
And that event you posted has been refuted and denied by officials
You need to read a quote in the bible and get yourself back on track
"Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye."
The Left, the socialist Anarchists (Antifa, BLM) etc have been the most violent regularly violent groups for the longest time this year... deny it all you like won't make you right.

@Lightman what "event" didn't happen?

And why would I care about the Bible? I don't believe in fairy tales.

@JacksonNought stop wasting my time

@Lightman you say that quite a lot here. Need I remind you, for the umpteenth time, you have every ability to check out and stop responding, no one is forcing you to engage with me. You are wasting your own time.


2 + 2 = 5

You must be a ballot counter...

@2peros I was... in 1984.

@2peros 💥 Mic drop 💥


Millions are not dying around the world from Covid. The tests are unreliable and don't work. They have been blaming other disease on Covid and letting many die in this country just to get the fed money at hospitals. Did you notice right before the election that the left communist media was trying to tell us about the epic huge monumental surge in deaths???? lololololhahahahahaha


Keeping my eye on my own state of PA. We're over halfway through counting Philly and Pittsburgh. We still have numerous rural counties that don't even have their precinct vote in much less their mail-in vote. At current trends, Biden will beat Trump by 120k votes (79%D:21%R ratio). But I think the current trend is starting to decelerate for Biden as the big cities finish tallying. If we consider that 5% of mailins will be rejected, the lead drops to 80k which will continue to diminish. If mailins go to a 74%D:26%R ratio, Biden loses. It's gonna be a squeaker.

Trumps ahead 350K as of one hour ago. Then comes the legal battle.

@dd54 200k difference with 600k more mail in votes to count. Lose 5% due to error so 470k votes to go. At 2 out of 3 D to R we are down to 20k votes. Very tight.

@RobBlair that was just a snap shot. Its a rollercoaster for sure.


Biden elected, GOP holds Senate, then we agree to #Balkanize.

We had a nice run. Time to get back to basics before this devolves into civil war.

Time for bread and games... while it lasts... legalized weed and magic mushrooms anyone?

@Admin Straight to the speedball...

@Admin I'll vote for anyone who puts cocaine back in #CocaCola.


Trump Is Poised To Win The Election. Now He Has To Stop The Steal: []

Yup. Justice department has already begun investigating hundreds of claims of fraudulent and tampered ballots. Some of the claims involve thousands of ballots.


I predicted before that the Democrats would organize chaos in the form of the mail voting scam which is rolled out in democrat run states. Now that the scope of this scam is revealed because more and more frauds come to light, I repeat my prediction that this election will be done again in the proper and honest way with in person voting under public scrutiny. This second round will reveal that Donald Trump is the clear winner. The present chaotic procedures have no meaning and calling a winner is unacceptable, so I voted "something else"


"Mail voting scam", would that be the one whereby its safer to vote by mail during a pandemic for the individual as well as the public? Of course that must be a democrat scam because Trumpers don't believe in viruses and don't give a shit about public health....what to do in a pandemic? Buy more guns, stop counting because counting votes in a democracy is fraud! Listen to yourself!

@N0DD Mail voting becomes a SCAM if and when a state is flooded with unsollicited ballots. It is also a scam if ballots are 'received' after the closing hour of the election process, even 'helped' by USPS people predating the postmark. What adds to the scam-quality is that public oversight by Republican watchers was blocked. Also there were cases in which total votes 'cast' were higher then the total of voters. If Democrats were really panicking about going to a poll station during a pandemic, they should have SOLICITED a mail ballot and sent it in time. These hysteric Democrats should also not celebrate in packed masses an alleged victory to be believeble.

@Corjova your argument is specious in the extreme, whether ballots are solicited or unsolicited is immaterial, the act of voting and the counting of the vote is all that matters, and from the world that is watching the American achievement, and rigour, in that regard is impressive. All votes are solicited or suppressed one way or another but the act of voting should be fully enabled and free from impediment, and the act of counting the vote free of any interference, especially by the incumbent administration.

@N0DD It is quite material whether or ballots are solicited because the act of voting requires the act of checking the standing of the voter as a real citizen of the state.

@Corjova hence the checking of registered address, sealed envelopes and matching signatures, nothing to do with solicitation, how many phantasmogorical non-citizens do you think voted?

@N0DD I think hundreds of thousands manufactured ballots have been mixed with real ballots. I also think that this checking of sealed envelopes and matching signatures didn't take place. I think it was an 'anyting goes as a proper ballot' process.


The latest line being run here now...
Bernie predicts outcome.

So Bernie predicted Trump would be a bad loser... well that is in his personality.
Was Hilary a good loser....? Noooooooooooooo
Were the Democrats good losers? Definitely Nooooooooooo...
What has Bernie got to say about them apples?

Did Hillary concede? Yessssssss...

@JacksonNought Oh so that's why she told Joe not to eh.... come on maaaan.... LOL

@Lightman changing the subject. She conceded in 2016. Fact. She might have been a sore loser, but she conceded.

Has Trump committed to accepting the results and peacefully transferring power yet, or is he still dog-whistling to his armed militias?

@JacksonNought No you changed the subject or tried to... FAIL!


The latest line being run here now...
Bernie predicts outcome.

So Bernie predicted Trump would be a bad loser... well that is in his personality.
Was Hilary a good loser....? Noooooooooooooo
Were the Democrats good losers? Definitely Nooooooooooo...
What has Bernie got to say about them apples?

Soooooo when will Bernie and the media etc make up for the last 4 years by telling the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

@Lightman you seem awfully unhinged. Are you okay? Seems like you are losing sleep and agitated due to your TDS. All this over someone who disagrees with you. You might want to get off of the Internet and take some no-screen time to relax and subdue your seething hatred.

@JacksonNought I don't think she EVER accepted it.
Conceding isn't accepting.
Trump's been SO set up, so many lies against him, why wouldn't this be another?
He can't concede. There's so much ROT.
What's to vote for totally UNPROVEN Joe.
They say, the enemy you KNOW.
You can hate Trump and still do your business, live your life in US.
I think Joe Biden is part of the Snowflakes: disagree=hate speech, lock up.
Do you have proof otherwise.
Kamala seems WORSE, eugenecist AGAINST whites.
For starters.
Like the extreme discussion allowed.
I see this in liberals increasingly, very problematic.
Prove otherwise please.

@JacksonNought I don't hate anyone child... not even you... perhaps you should take your own advice.

@2FollowHim ok, so Hillary may have never gotten over her loss. Big whoop, she conceded and isn't running now and honestly no one cares about her. When Trump suffers a loss, he harps on it forever as well - he couldn't stand losing the popular vote, had to make up lies saying he won. He couldn't stand having a smaller inauguration, had to make up lies. He couldn't stand Apprentice not winning an Emmy, so he had to trash the whole thing. He is a very petty jealous man.

How many lies do you think were thrown on Obama, by Trump himself? What about the lies he tells about Biden?

From your username, and your rhetoric, you seem like an evangelical white supremacist. As both an ethnic and religious minority, I see Trump as slowly eroding my civil rights and installing a theocracy. I see Republicans putting party and politics over the wellbeing of the country, giving the top 1% more money and destroying the middle class and making the poor poorer. I see rampant racism, sexism, and the eroding of civil rights for people in the LGBTQ+ community. I see corporations being given more money to buy back their shares and stash in offshore accounts, rather than trickling down to the workers. I see corporations getting regulations slashed so they can dump waste in the local reservoirs and pollute communities. I see a complete disregard for science, which is what led to the absolute shitshow in how we dealt with COVID, and how we are dealing with climate change. I see the party of "small government" trying to legislate what people can do with their own bodies (drugs, abortion, sex, etc).

Trump is a plague on this country. We need Biden to get us back on track. He isn't perfect, but he isn't setting the country on fire to add a few bucks to his wallet.

@JacksonNought Trump is a plague that got business going again , put China in its place, and made the lives of thousands of the poorest Americans better.
Only a Progressive out of touch with reality... would believe that Trump is a plague.

@Lightman you live in Australia. You have no dog in this race, and have no personal experience with how people in America are affected by Trump and his policies. Maybe you should butt out and focus on your own country? America first, isn't that Trump's motto?

@JacksonNought I can't vote but the US is important globally.
I have relatives that live in the US and friends in Canada.
I am focussed on my country.
If you don't like people telling you facts then go away.

@Lightman facts of the alternative variety?

@JacksonNought I don't have alternate facts or alternate truths like Progressives and postmodernists do.

@Lightman Hmm, lot of JUDGING! Like so much JUDGING, those are untrue. So, short form, 'lies'? Can I use that term for UNTRUE. If you want to actually know, ask, stop being a 'know it all. So not.
To know China, you need more education, less brainwashing, propaganda.
The Falon Gong...STOP! Right there! Let me say this with less prejudice.
They hurt nobody, a weird belief, but one is sound.
And THIS targets them.
Are you at all familiar with the BODY PARTS trafficking, the BIG money it pays? Well, most billionaires needing a new,
whatever, want it HEALTHY. That's where F.G. seal their doom. Too healthy, thus disappear, NEVER to be heard from again.
Christians unless state sanctioned, must be underground.
Since so often accusers are SO PASSIVE really,
I'll give you just ONE clue: it's literal.
I totally REJECT the terms WHITE, BLACK.
Don't use them with me.
I'm sure I'll talk again!

@Lightman, @JacksonNought what balderdash. Nonsense. Your total ignorance is showing.
You show you know absolutely NOTHING about Christianity, if that's the Theocracy you mean.
Do you even know who, what group totally SURROUNDS Trump?
He invokes sometimes, likely is heart felt...IN the moment, THEN, it's the Art of the Deal, and that's always not on the up and up, but
seems MORE than Joe.
Do you know at all that China intends to rule the world?
And has used many ploys? Well? Do you?
You want freedom? It's sure NOT in Australia, is it!
Maybe it's lack of 'theocracy'!
Well, you got plenty to condemn now!

@2FollowHim huh?
You talking to me?
About what?
Seems to me whatever it is it is badly misplaced... so I'll just assume you are talking to the LW Progressive gay kid.

@Lightman ooh so close. You were this close to actually having me side with you from confusion of whatever 2FH is going on about, but then you ruined it with the childish name calling. Wait, I thought you said you didn't name call?


Wait, I thought you said you didn't name call?

I can't imagine he'd ever say that considering every attempt I've had to engage him in honest conversation ends with Ad Hominem on his end.

@TheMiddleWay I know, crazy right? His own words from a different comment thread on this topic:

"not me I rarely name call"


Ahhhh... I get it now; it's lost in translation.

Being from the land down under, his rarely needs flipped into our often, his facts into opinion, and when he's talking about progressives he is really talking about conservatives.

Man! He makes a lot more flippn' sense now...

@JacksonNought No that would be a lie.... I said I rarely name call... Oh and btw calling you a Progressive is not name calling... yawn... you people ganging up on me now eh... yet you still lose the argument.

@TheMiddleWay tsk tsk tsk... ganging up and dishonesty... you guys are desperate eh.

Let me run that through my down-unda translator:

TRANSLATION: good good good... Breaking up and honesty... you guys are confident eh.

It works!
As always, i agree with you 100% lightman!

@TheMiddleWay Yawn... if only you were as clever as you think you are....
stop wasting my time...


>TRANSLATION: Hey... if only you were as stupid as you think you are....
keep wasting my time...

Still 100% agreement with you Lightman, as always


I appreciate the "group think" update.😂

Yeah, I knew this was going to be rough, but I don't think I prepared myself enough for the ride. Because, yikes.😬

Yeah me too... it's very close. Definitely not a mandate either way.

It's because of the ramifications of Obadiah 1:7 that made me realize that it will have to be Trump. Those Abrahamic peace accords need to take place with all of Israel's immediate neighbours for the Obadiah prophecy to take place. And there are still 4 or 5 nations more who are waiting until after the elections before they commit. This cannot happen with a Biden in the White House.

@Admin. Only close if you believe Dems did not fraudulently create 5 million votes for Hillary, and maybe more than 20 million now.

I think the mandate comes from the popular vote not the electoral votes.

After all, the electoral vote is a game played by politicians along gerrymandered district lines while the popular vote is the actual voice of the people.

In this regard, Biden having won more popular votes than anybody in US history does speak to a mandate from the people even if he loses the electoral college.

@TheMiddleWay Here is an interesting thought: Biden wins the popular vote by ...2-3 million. He won California by more than 4 million, which means Trump won the other 49 states (I understand that is not accurate because some states did go to Biden) - but that is not the point I want to make:

YOU, IIRC, said many people were voting AGAINST Trump rather than actually supporting Biden. If that is the case, then Biden, despite having more votes, lacks a mandate too.

"Anything but Trump" is a valid mandate IMO.

Also, my opinion of "many" should not be taken as "all" or "most".

@TheMiddleWay Do you agree with implementation of : The Green New Deal? Ending Fracking? Gun buybacks? Full lockdown to the whole country? These are part of the Biden Plan. Do you support Harris as President? I wager the 25th will be implemented within 90 days of Biden being sworn in....

@TheMiddleWay Many could be 10%. That is 7 million votes.

Or could be 1%. Or 5%. Opinions arent fact after all. But number of popular votes are. How we interpret said popular vote is also itself an opinion.

While none of the things that you mentioned are biden's plan, I do support transitioning to alternative energy, increased gun regulation, and stricter measures to contain covid.

And I have no problem with Harris or Pence as president.

I'd take you up on that wager any day for any amount.


From Biden's own website:

Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face.

Key word: Framework. Not implementation.

@TheMiddleWay Also from his website:

Buy back the assault weapons and high-capacity magazines already in our communities.

Note that AR-15's are considered assault weapons. This is the most popular type of rifle in the US with more than 4 million out there.

@TheMiddleWay So, you think he will build the framework and then say DONE?

I was unaware gun buybacks were part of his platform. Thanks for that correction.

I don't read that sentence as him building the green deal framework but rather using rhe green deal as a framework. As an guide, not a blueprint. The green deal in its entirety is idealistic codswallop. But within that idealism there are some very salient and pertinent ideas that I think should serve as a guide for our future energy and environmental policy.

@TheMiddleWay Mandating more electric cars and opposing coal fired electric generating plants (or hydrocarbon based ones) and although he puts a nod towards nuclear, he is going for renewables. CA bet heavily on solar and we had to shut down areas this summer because demand was too high. Adding the CA mandate to be all electric by 2035 and you have to ask - where is the electricity going to come from.

I think the New Green Deal is an economic nightmare...even as a framework.


Biden wins, Trump didn't win in a landslide wich was his only chance in my mind. I know you trump fans are hoping for the best and thats fine but he might as well be spitting at a hurricane. 🤔 if I'm wrong go ahead and laugh at me latter 🙃

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