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How much do you expect "payback" to influence Democrat policy?

After four years of anger and outrage towards Trump and his supporters, Democrats appear likely to win both the Presidency and the Senate (or maybe) while retaining control of the House. While an upcoming topic will focus on specific policy and constitutional ramifications of this dramatic change in political power, this topic is more about how Biden/Harris supports feel about finally getting to drive the car.

We all have seen countless posts and comments online professing that Trump is a dictator, fascist, and even a reincarnation of Hitler. Many have a hard time thinking of even one thing that Trump did that could be considered good. Do you think that this anger, even hatred, toward Trump will drive how aggressively Democrats will enact policy changes?

Is it "Payback Time"?

Do you anticipate "payback" will influence Democrat policy?

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Admin 8 Nov 7
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The better question to ask is what will be policy within the GOP with Trump gone? I can tell you now what it will be. Back to business as usual. All the neoconservatives will file back in and take their place arguing that this election result will mean Trump and his ideas were discredited. Back to foreign war, unfettered trade, and uncontrolled immigration. I no longer have a political party anymore with the defeat of Trump. The Republican party had a chance to get it right and reform, and that chance is gone. The Dems, with crypt keepers and vampires like Joe at the helm have nothing to offer me. It's time to move on. Create a new party. Because we will find no room for ourselves after this election.

I wish more people on the left had your attitude.

Trump, if nothing else did for us what was long overdue and needed to be done. He revealed what many of us long suspected. That there is no such thing as two separate political parties. That there is one party. With as many people who endorsed Biden from the GOP, what else would you call it? The things the rwo sides spar over are little more than a distraction. Abortion? A sideshow distraction. Gun control? A sideshow. Transgender bathrooms? A distraction. Meanwhile, things stay the same: the wars continue, the budgets get more bloated, the jobs are offshored, a poor immigrant underclass is allowed in to fill the jobs left behind and our lives get worse. The mainstream right will never end abortion because that would mean one less thing to fundraise on, to campaign on, to get elected on. The same goes for things the left is passionate about. The Trump presidency for one brief moment in time forced people out into the open, to show who they really were, to show which side they were truly on, and it is not on the side of the people. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and Trump served as that sunlight. He came to the fore, he served his purpose. His presidency provided us the knowledge us things we long suspected. Sometimes, people are brought into your life to teach you something, to reveal a truth. Sometimes those people are bloated billionaires with orange hair and a big mouth. But, if you can see past the ugly packaging to get the grain of truth, you have what you need to do next. His presidency is over. He will soon pass from the scene and eventually,this mortal plane. We need to decide. What will be do with that knowledge?


When all the legal dust settles, regardless who wins, one things for certain, the Republicans are going to continue to be demonized.

Considering the sensational nature of MSM and social media, I'm unsure how accurate of a representation of progressives are, based on online speculation. Still, after the announcement of a Biden win, things have already gotten heated.

I'm right leaning, and voted for Trump. So, I can only guess these few examples by MSM and social media is an indication of things to come.



  • Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future


It would seem allys not deemed progressive enough will be given closer look at The Lincoln Project is taking some heat online as well.


  • A group of longtime Republican operatives depicting themselves as anti-Trump stalwarts convinced liberals to give them more money for ineffective television ads and stunts than was raised by the Democratic Party’s national campaign to win state legislatures.


I'm unsure how much more "revenge" is needed considering conservatives have been getting plenty since the day Trump won, 4 years ago. Most notably, this year, has been particularly awful. Still, maybe I'm wrong, and cooler heads will prevail.😅

Kinda hard to imagine MSM and social media to be worse than they are now, but I guess it's possible.

Take comfort. I read a Blaze article. Even the Democrats are calling AOC out on this. God bless them!

@coalburned @saramarylop3z Cenk Uyger (TYT) is a force behind the far left progressives and he hates Trump, Conservatives, Republicans, dems & the Constitution. He's all about taking over telling the dem party to get out of the way & ushering the socialist/communist vision as well as cancel culture, identity politics, green new deal and he supports globalism. I think big tech censorship, cancel culture & msm is the medium by which punishment will occur, along with increased lockdowns with mandatory masks & vaccinations, possible quarantine facilities at state level, decline in jobs (biden offered green jobs vs obamas shovel ready jobs which didn't appear), economic decline, increased taxes, china tarriffs removed etc which all appear as a firm of punishment to me. AOC +3 will keep inflaming her followers but don't see lists going anywhere. I think the anarchist blm/antifa are definitely going to be a problem that short of intervention to shut them down (they don't like Biden anymore then Trump) because they hate the USA.

@dd54 Well, I guess I'm not all that suprised by Cenk. I haven't seen his videos in a while, but that sounds about right. I'm pretty concerned about the Antifa and other protesting groups. They've gotten pretty emboldened, and yes, they don't have any loyalties to Biden.


Payback and radical policies to spite the other side? Isn't that what American politics have long devolved into...

No, that's another invention by the right. Sour grapes.

@maxmaccc No... I meant that both sides try to spite the other, and that's what American politics have come to.


As for policy change, I think stating that they will aggressively promote their policy because of anger against Trump is giving Trump too much power. As well, the notion of dismantling the previous presidents contributions has consistently been Trump's stump. As such, it's not surprising that Trump supporters would see the same possibility in their opposition. After all, we easily see in other that which we see in ourselves. But while there will be some dismantling of policy (namely Executive Orders) that Democrats don't like from Trump, I feel their policy will be pushing a Pro-Democrat platform, not a Anti-Trump platform... even when sometimes those two will coincide.

Even during Trump's presidency people wearing MAGA hats have been assaulted. Maxine Waters screamed how if they saw Republicans they should get in their faces and scream for them to leave. And other crazy, scary stuff.
Maybe that's behind some of the fear.


Biden is consistently sending out a signal of working together, of working for both those that voted for him and those against. In the short term, there will be a justifiable catharsis from Biden supporters. But in the long term, if the democratic leadership promotes and demonstrates a desire to work to the future and towards unity and with those that voted for them and against, I feel that that rancor and vitriol will be short lived.

It will never be forgiven for some but it will be soon forgotten by all.

A future post may be about who is really going to run the Presidency.

At best such suggestions of 'bi-partisanship' are meant to get people on board with their agenda, I don't think for a second Biden/Harris are going to tack towards the middle (compromise) - I think they will ram things through, just like Obamacare domestically, and never put an international agreement (Paris, Iran) before the Congress to ratify....

@tracycoyle exactly. Biden is just another career politician trying to say the right things to keep his voting base on board. Most of his motivation involved getting Trump out of office and getting himself into office to try and save Obama's legacy. Other than that, he has spent 47 years in Politics taking up space. The one successful crime bill that he had his name on angered his current voter base so he disavowed it and said he made a mistake.

@Admin There will be a continual struggle between Marxism and crony capitalism. The biggest disappointment of the election result is that the Democrats will not be motivated to adopt centrism. They will not promote classical liberal socially responsible capitalism, as was practiced in the Nordic nations before the influence of Islamism.

Nothing gets done without cooperation by both parties. Chances are that McConnell and the GOP will revert to the "Block everything" strategy that they employed during Obama's time in office, putting party before country every single time. I have a feeling that the executive order may be a prominent option.

@tracycoyle you forget how senile he is. Even if (barely) competent, he lacks Obama's charm and charisma. Ditto for Harris--who will officially be our president after a few months of his swearing in. Get used to her cackle. Lol.
It will be harder for even Harris to ram things through than it was Obama.

@maxmaccc Obamacare got ZERO GOP support. There is no reason, if it is possible, for the Dems to seek compromise or bi-partisanship on major issues. Minor issues where neither side really cares is not a foundation for joint governance.

@maxmaccc, @REN777 I actually agree - except for the part where they will be trying to undue all the things Trump accomplished, regardless of the consequences.

This is claimed in every new administration.
The left said this of Trump undoing all the things Obama accomplished, regardless of the consequences.
Now, here we are, with the right saying the same about Biden undoing Trump.

I wish we could get past universal qualifiers (all or none) and as a nation start talking in particular qualifiers (some, most, few) when discussing what is good and what is bad in an administration, what needs kept and what needs thrown away.

Otherwise, each new administration becomes a "scorched earth" policy where the country has to rebuild itself against and against and against every four or eight years. 😟

@TheMiddleWay I wish it were so - and yet. I would wager that you and I could reach solid compromises on virtually every subject were we to sit down across from each other and, as the old term suggests, break bread.

The Abraham Accords, IMO, are a direct consequence of us getting out of the Iran deal. I think the push to get NATO to pay their bills is of the same part that included getting out of the Paris Agreement AND Brexit.

I think 3.9% unemployment was a direct consequence of getting rid of regulations and reducing taxes. I also think it supported what is getting to be pretty obviously a V shaped recovery and the open support for fracking.

Every single item above is on the Biden/Harris hit list.

Oh, and Obamacare sucked, was unConstitutional, and was pushed through by the worst possible batch of Congressional manipulation in probably the entire Country's history.

And Elena Kagan NEVER sat as a Judge before the Supreme Court...

I have no confidence that Biden/Harris will be anything other than scorched Earth, damn the consequences.

My blog is named the Moderate Mainstream. You are the Middle Way. I bet we could do better, but no one is going to listen to us.

Thing is, we don't have to pander to our re-election constituents. So if I were to compromise and give a little to get a lot, I would lose my chance at reelection... so I won't do that. Same with you. I think that is the fundamental problem and why for me, the solution isn't in the policy but in strict term limits. Get some new blood flowing into congress as opposed to the average age being "near death". The new blood would also not be wed to old favors, old secrets, old ideology. With a stronger congressional turnover, not only could congress be more agile and be able to deal with new issues with fresh eye and ears, but any conspiracy, collusion, and "back room deals" would come with a pre-set deadline and would expire.

For example, I agree that the WAY obamacare was pushed into being was wrong. But then again the way that every president is increasingly using their EO powers to enact policy that should be up to congress is wrong. However, the ideology behind affordable healthcare for all I'm 100% for. And the private market has not, IMO cannot, meet that demand. So some compromise should be reached but, because healthcare for all is tainted by the spectre of "socialism", by the amplified failures of the UK's NHS, and simply by an unwillingness to try something better, it stalls and Obama did what he did. If there were room for compromise, I bet there could have been a way to do it that would have made a lot of people happy, but not all. And that's the problem... politicians try to make all their people happy and thus we come to a stand still.

We'll see if this administration is different. We already know the previous adminstrations were not and thus the beauty of america, every 4 years we get a chance to try again and again and again until we get it right.

@TheMiddleWay I have strongly opposed term limits for 4 decades - we have elections and people can choose their candidate every 2/6 years. But given the reelection rate....and the ages of people in charge...

I am becoming a supporter of the idea....


The conversation this afternoon was simply " that's America Fucked now!," get ready for the appeasement of a bunch of entitled woke millennial Lefty twats!

Yep...right there...

Now for the the real question that matter to the rest of us:
How will this affect the UK, Aus and NZ and to a lesser extent Europe and Canada?

Form NZ perspective I feel we are gonna bend over and take it from China even more than we already have to.
I know Australia is very concerned about the coming economic war with China having few and weak allies.

@Hanno Canada - reproachment towards Trudeau will prop him up a bit. Can't renegotiate Mexico/Canada trade agreement but will be more supportive.

NZ has gone full nuts so a head nod towards them and Australia will be left dangling against China (South China Sea issues affecting them too). As to the UK, cold shoulder, ignoring as much as possible - comes out against Brexit and suggests reproachment to the EU.

And figure the Abraham Accords to be shuttled off to the sides. Saudi Arabia was probably going to join them with a Trump win, now, they will hold back. Also, look to the Palestinians getting back into the game of who can dump on Israel the most, the Media, the EU or Harris as VP mouthpiece.


To my mind, it's not yet over. The dirt will be uncovered.

[] <<<


There's little chance that Republicans will lose the Senate.

Xtra Level 8 Nov 7, 2020

Georgia is bluer than it's ever been and having the white house, they only need win one of the two run off. I don't think that's is little chance.

@TheMiddleWay Yet the "wisdom" of the pundits is that America votes in handbrakes when the voting is close... so they may well ensure that the Dems don't control the Senate.

"Votes in handbrakes"
I'm not familiar with that saying. what does it mean?

@TheMiddleWay It means they vote one way in the Presidential election and the other in the Senate


It seems that which ever side you're on it is apparent that at least 90 million voters are morons. One side wants to make them irrelevant and the other side won't be satisfied until they're punished- not just re-educated but held accountable and punished for daring to interfere with the "vision of the anointed."

Nice Sowell reference

@DuvergersTrap Thomas Sowell is one of my heroes. His clarity is like a draught of cool water. Great man.


I voted yes because they will try. It will be a waste of time of course but that never stopped them before. Look at the last 4 years of money and time spent trying to be a thorn in Trump's side based on manufactured hatred. If you are a Conservative and or a Republican, you know for a fact that Donald Trump has done more to further our agenda and kept more campaign promises than any other President in our lifetime regardless of party affiliation. Trump may go down but he still furthered the party. Retained Senate control and picked up seats in the House. In other words, Joe Biden may have one the Presidency but he will be just as weak and inaffectual as he has always been. At least he is consistent I guess.

With the help of McConnell and the GOP to block every proposal, putting party before country.


I have a feeling that it is going to be influential but 1 of two things will go on:

  1. A lot of it is going to blow up in their faces and they are going to do irreparable damage to the Democratic party.
  2. They play it so safe that nothing gets done, due to lack of action, they end up making things worse and drives more people to the Republicans.
    Harris is going to regret ever stepping into the political world stage. Wanting a job and actually having to do it are two different things.

May we live in interesting times...

Nothing gets done without cooperation by both parties. McConnell and the GOP will revert to the "Block everything" strategy that they employed during Obama's time in office, putting party before country every single time.

@maxmaccc Kind of like the DEMS during the Trump years????

@maxmaccc if it comes to Covid relief fund I'm sure McConnell and the rest will be glad to get on board. Maybe Pelosi will too now.

@maxmaccc I tell people to read the bills themselves, and they will understand why they were blocked.
Nobody wants to read them, and they are available to look at for free.
Read the bills for yourself before you start complaining.


I guess I'm overly optimistic. But I've been having a weird feeling peace between the parties may be possible.

I never was so much pro Trump as pro America. It's troubled me to see my neighbors fearing homelessness and bankruptcy and children going hungry, seeing angry Marxist mobs ripping monuments apart, burning cities, threatening and occasionally killing people.

It seemed Left wing politicians were cheering this on and forcing it by policies set in place just to make "Orange Man" look bad for petty spite. I have read about what Marxists do to dissidents when they take over. Spent the whole summer in tears. Weeping for my nephews and niece who might never grow up but die through guns or starvation. I believed they would kill us before the year ended.

The vindictiveness and gloating over everyone else's misery by Leftist trolls on forums has been pretty sickening too. Making a bigger rupture than previously existed.

Trolls have been checking onto Right wing sites to laugh at the emotional pain brought on by prolonged loneliness from lockdown that leftist trolls are apparently immune to. Need for human connection must be a right wing thing. These trolls love isolating and would prefer to never interact with humanity again except through computer screens.
Exactly like the alt right incel community they despise. Which is pretty funny.
Mocking fears of homelessness which those smug, wealthy, white color elites obviously aren't facing.

Constantly logging onto sites they hate reading just so they could laugh and gloat at others' misery. Pretty mean spirited. Vindictive I guess since they were gloating over people about to become homeless. All because the trolls don't like Trump.

And threats of violence against all us "racists." Why are we racists? Because "Orange Man Racist So U Racist." Covert and overt death threats. Telling us when they invade our towns if we don't let them kill us we'll do life in prison. Many of us are not even white. So sick of this!

This is why many of us on the Right and some Moderates are angry. Why we don't trust Leftists, view them as threats, even struggling to see them as humans. Trolls are what we have been dealing with all through lockdown. Not necessarily typical Leftists.

But most Leftists are not trolls. Or members of Antifa. It's unjust to blame all Democrat voters for the bad behaviors of a fringe minority. Or what those they elected have done.

I say to let the courts decide. However suspicious things are we should accept their decision. I expect to see Biden sworn in come January.

Hopefully our next election will be conducted differently to prevent suspicion. Far more important than having "our man" in the White House.

I hate riots and just want the "peaceful protesters" to take their mostly peaceful violence elsewhere. At least in my state self defense from home invaders is legal. If any Democrats get sick of being terrorized I'll be glad to drum up a relief fund. Though evacuation may be the only smart course of action.

I take comfort even some Democrats yelled at AOC for tweeting McCarthy and Nixon type rants. Sick of the meanness and drama. In addition to Republicans gaining Congress, even the Democrats who have joined are more reasonable.

(I'm sure some on the Right troll too. Of course, since I don't usually read comments for left wing articles I read I wouldn't know.)

REN777 Level 6 Nov 7, 2020

Literally everything that the left accuse conservatives and Trump supporters of doing and thinking is what they are actually doing and thinking. I expect their vindictiveness to know no bounds and if they are left unchecked I expect the reeducation camps and mass graves that were the trademarks of the left throughout the twentieth century.

One issue has been moderate lefts covering for the more rabid and extreme left...allows people like Bernie Sanders and Kamala to operate under an umbrella of respectability

But we all know, or should know, that the so called “moderates” of the left are really just puppets who will acquiesce to their bloodthirsty masters.

Give peace a chance.

@REN777, since when has the left ever been about peace?


When will the "purge of the undesirables" commence? Will AOC be the new McCarthy?

The problem with fires is that once you start them they kinda get out of control.

I hope she's only McCarthy. Worried folks like her will round up voters to put in gulags or behead. Crazy stuff going on. Frightening.


The not so intelligent intelligence community will have more influence and as Chucky Schumer has pointed out they are a vengeful lot of losers. Combined with the modestly insane management in Silicon Valley who knows what stupidity they will dream up. Certainly they seem to lean towards a social credit dystopian system, perhaps even tentatively aligned with China. The people who are not worried are fools.


I have absolutely no idea. I think the more interesting question is one I would direct to Democratic supporters on this site. How many people on the left think payback is warranted, and what would it look like?

Personally, I think payback would be the most childish, immature action Democrats could take. It would reveal them to be liars in the face of virtually everything they say they stand for. And talk about a slippery know they aren't going to be in power forever.

Childish? Immature? You are describing the vast majority of Progressives.


I voted " None" because no one expects Biden to do anything meaningful . Despite the accusations of Communism, nothing he has ever signed has looked anything like communism.

When 09/11/2001 terrorist attacks happened, just Biden shrugged and complied with the war hawks while socialist Sanders was shrieking against all retaliatory military revenge over unverified data.

Either way, it does not matter because America is smarter now than it was 20 years ago.
When Pence made up a lie about 09/11/2001 to justify a 4th war , everyone immediately called him out on his lies. " Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice and I can not be fooled again " -GWB.

Trump went through the "voter fraud" script back in 2016 when he expected to lose. Now he's at it again and the right all start parroting it as if it's some big revelation. Talk about fool me once.

@maxmaccc But... The Democrats jumped in first saying he would do exactly that... surely this was not just a double gambit in order to provide cover for actually doing what Trump is now accusing them of?

@maxmaccc Are you nervous that crazy Republicans will scream at you and chase you out of restaurants because they have BDS?

@REN777 sleeping in a restaurant will get you kicked out of one.

I understand how not all Republicans are the same but it would be nice if the same courtesy was given to democrats who are just as upset about a Biden presidency as they are.

The alternative presidential
candidates were far more devastating.

@Mikewee777 I have no intention of doing the above. Even if voter fraud got Biden into office (humor me) it's not the fault of those merely exercising their right to vote and form individual opinions. Those ballots count. Not fair to blame the voters.


Either way, I hope it is enough of a incentive for citizens to educate their fellow voters so they can get rid of the electoral college in order to ensure that votes are counted without fears of gerrymandering diluting them.



They have got the mandate to push every anti-American policy they can dream up. They won by nefarious criminal and evil endless coups against the majority and they do not represent the majority. It will be non-stop to catch up with England and Canada to dissolve the rights in the constitution and replace them with weakness and carnival side-show criminality against what we stood for under Trump.

There is no mandate. 1) the #s are too close overall, despite the 'red wave', 2) too many people didn't support Biden, they opposed Trump.


The demonic nature of Democrat activism is obvious, demons never stop, are never satisfied, never contend. Also brainwashed people are unable to any honest self reflection or reason. With the 'enemy' (Trump) gone, they will resort to vicious revanchism because the only 'ethics' they know is punishing people for the 'crime' of looking after their own interests.

Yeah. A lot of them started trolling conservative forums making thinly veiled death threats and mocking people worried about bankruptcy and homelessness due to Lockdown. Lately these creeps have been gloating about how they won. Most of us only care how it will affect our lives. But these sour crybabies never have gotten over losing 2016 and it looks like they never will. They didn't get participation trophies so they will hate everyone who "won" that election forever. And because we "won" that makes us Nazis whom they can punch or worse.


Republicans picked up seats in the House and looks like they held the Senate. So not all is lost and the payback will be able to be contained some. If it was a pure blue wave.... absolutely I would expect the democrats to go to the extremes they were promising...... packing the courts, end the Senate filibuster, adding states..... basically anything to cement power in their hands and never lose it even if it destroys the country in the process.

SeanT Level 5 Nov 8, 2020

They're already talking about trump voters getting reeducated and put on probation.

Reeducate this. 🙂

Not all.
But I admit I hate AOC. Truly evil.
Glad she isn't queen of where I live. The damage she can do my family and me is limited.
Mad Maxine too. We haven't forgotten.
It's not Trump's "losing" legitimate or not. We're angry at the pummeling from the oligarchs that has culminated this year and looks like it won't let up.
Outrage is very addictive. No Trump so they'll fight "Trumpism" only they'll look for other things than MAGA hats to punch people for.

I changed my mind since voting.


Anti- White , American ,Trump platform . This is there next blue wave and no life guards

B1967 Level 7 Nov 7, 2020

The Democrats, with Harris as their candidate and Biden as their face (certainly not their mouthpiece) probably won the presidency but not the Senate. Their problem is the house proposes but the Senate dispose, so to speak. The Democrats can only do what the Republicrats allow them to do, so the much touted social policies which the Bernieites were hoping to get will not materialize. However, the Pentagon, Intelligence, and Wall Street will make a killing during the Harris presidency. War, war, war, regime changes such as occurred in the Ukraine, the Middle East, and America will be ramped up. Oh, I almost forgot; the Plandemic, expect it to get much worse, lockdown after lockdown, never ending lockdowns, and finally mandatory vaccinations or else. I I am wrong in my predictions, you may treat me as any false prophet deserves . . . collect some stones, big rocks or little pebbles, and stone me.

Agree that the Senate is not a done deal. The outcome of GA will make a big difference as to the pace of change.

Hey cuz, only the state can mandate forced vaccines. I have a tough time seeing Oregon not go that way though.

@RobBlair Rudy Guliani has said that the federal can mandate vaccinations and stick a needle in your arm, by force" if you refuse to comply.

@lawrenceblair - An interesting puzzle. The Fed can regulate commerce but they are expressly excluded by the 4th. "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated"

Saw this on vaccines, but do not see it ever implemented (every situation can be construed as "national concern" ) -

"Federal authority on vaccines only applies to situations of national concern, such as the quarantine of foreign disease and regulation between states." []

@RobBlair You know, I can remember back in the 40s and 50s when the state was halfway sane, not the case today . . . women and children rule.


When Trump is no longer a sitting President there are some unfinished legal matters he will have to face. That tax audit is taking a long time too, if it is to be believed.


Can someone give me some examples of "payback" policies they think might be enacted? I'm going to save my vote on the poll until I think this through a little.

I'm not sure about specifics but there are some Tweets surfacing - one from AOC specifically- that seem to indicate that lists should be -and are being- made of Trump supporters, in order to hold them accountable. Jennifer Rubin (WAPO)suggests that anyone who supported Donald Trump should be disqualified from holding public office or serving on corporate boards. Also there is apparently something called the Trump Accountability Project which has compiled or is compiling a list of "Every administration staffer, campaign staffer, bundler, lawyer who represented them-- everyone." According to tweets by Michael Simon they've also put every federal judge Trump has had appointed on a list.

@Geofrank Accountable for what?

@RavenMStark accountable for supporting Donald Trump. Because he is so evil, if you supported him, you must be evil as well and everyone should know.

I think it refers to the sycophants Trump inserted into prominent positions in government.

@JobyOneKenobi I'm sorry, but that's pretty vague. Can you explain the policy you think they will propose? I'm trying to understand what kind of law or governance might be set up to make that happen. Do you get what I mean? "I hate them so let's punish them" is more an idea or feeling, not a policy or plan of action.

@RavenMStark It's patently obvious how not so much the left but the extreme left feels about Trump and his supporters and it is all based on pure feelings. No lives in this Country were made worse by Trump or his policies after his election unless you were an illegal immigrant which is a moot point because you weren't supposed to be here anyway. So will they enact policies? I don't believe so but there are a lot of things I saw in the last 4 years that I never thought I would see. Maga hats will largely disappear so they won't be grabbed off of people's heads and they won't be chased out of restaurants or called out as racists or fascists. A little action here and there by DNC supporters and a lot of talk from AOC and her ilk. I wouldn't want to see what they would attempt if they did have the power.


Edit: I'm looking up the "Trump Accountability Project" up myself to try to answer my own question. I don't want to just be nasty and argumentative. I'm trying to educate myself. (So, I remove my last comment. I think it was too frustrated of me.)

@RavenMStark it's all good. My comment wasn't really based on that anyway. I would believe that they want revenge without even knowing about that.

Some ideas - []

Packing the courts and adding senators specifically.

@RavenMStark Accountable for "enabling" Trump....

@RobBlair Lowering the voting age. And don't rule out reparations as a way to further solidify the black vote, which is slipping from their grasp. For Democrats, it's all about securing power for however long we remain a republic. It's all about votes...whatever it takes to get them.

@JobyOneKenobi feelings and what Freud called projection.

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