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Do you believe the election results?

In every close election, the side that loses has every right to verify that the election process was fair and accurate. For better or worse, there is an emotional and practical incentive for them to give credence to reports of fraud and miscounts. Social media and its confirmation bias makes it especially hard to separate facts from fiction. What do you think about the veracity of the election results? If you see fraud, what evidence do you have that will stand up in court?

What do you think...

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Admin 8 Nov 8
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It’s bullshit. Plenty of reasons to doubt the results, beginning with the fact that, as of yet, there is no result. Media propagandists do not verify a vote.

Plenty of instances of fraud.


Like the Graphic 👍

@WilyRickWiles there was universal unsolicited mail-in ballots that gave a gaping opportunity (basically assurance) of voter fraud in 2016??? Thanks for the false dichotomy and intellectual dishonesty... Go back to fb.

Democratic cities have been using fraudulent means for decades in state and local elections. That’s why we are so puzzled on why these people continue to elect these crooks into office. They just decided now to do it at a national level.

Our own little squad. 😂


The citizens must have confidence in the election system. we have lost faith because of very real issues that impact very close, contentious races. "glitches", video evidence of malfeasance and affidavits of eyewitnesses rightly shake confidence in the integrity of our elections.


The Democratic Party elites repeatedly and emphatically stated that TRUMP MUST BE DEFEATED, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.
The U.S. voters will never be confident that the election was fair, irrespective of the result of the vote certification processes.

Democrats will win forever by the time the next election arrives on account of the millions of children of illegal immigrants who will be turning 18 in the next 4 years. Latinos vote democrat over 60% of the time.

@Truth_Teller20 The U.S. government will become a single party dictatorship by the elites of the Democratic Party.

@Truth_Teller20 i agree but not because of illegal immigration, but instead because of big tech censorship of conservatives and left media monopoly

@Dr-Striper There are likely 50 million illegal immigrants and their families living in the US. They regularly vote 60 to 71% of the time Democrat. Their numbers increase while the numbers of white Americans decrease. White Americans are split and will vote Democrat sometimes or change and vote Republican other times. The Latino voting bloc and the black voting bloc vote for Democrats consistently more than whites in general. Look at California if you need proof. Look at Texas. The demographic make up of the country will determine the politics and even the laws of the country. The only group in America that even cares about the Constitution are some right leaning whites and some older liberals.

@Truth_Teller20 but they wouldn’t vote that way if they were properly informed. Yet, they can’t be bc of what I said about media n big tech n our Marxism-indoctrinating education centers


Fraud has already been proven. State election processes not complete. MSM declaring winner. Is this a national election or an episode of PUNKED?


I have my suspicions, but I want the proper officials to be given time to make sure there was no monkey business. Win or lose, I just want fair elections. If the courts need to get involved, so be it. We spent 3 years and millions of dollars because the Democrats couldn't accept defeat in 2016 and cooked up a phony story about Russian collusion helping Trump "steal" the election. I don't think it's too much to ask for an appropriate amount of time to make sure this one wasn't tinkered with.

It's a problem when the "proper officials" are in on it.


I don't have enough information to make a decision. Seeing how corrupt the FBI, CIA, state department, and a whole host of other agencies are, why would I assume Integrity in our elections?

Xtra Level 8 Nov 8, 2020

These days I find myself questioning just about everything, especially in regards to the medias...


Personally I think you’d need to be a dodo bird to ignore the reality. Never attribute the government with anything other than stark stupidity and incompetence.

Rick-A Level 8 Nov 8, 2020

Hitchen's Razor: "What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence."
The Trump Team has never produced any evidence of systemic voter fraud despite making said claims for years.
Until there is evidence of systemic voter fraud, Trump's Team's claims of systemic voter fraud can be dismissed without evidence.

Sagan Standard: "Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence"
Irregularities have to happen; no system is perfect.
Fraud has to happen; no population is perfect.
But for irregularities or fraud to significantly alter election results would be extraordinary and thus would require extraordinary evidence.

Conclusion: until evidence is presented, I believe in the election results in 2020 as I did in 2016, and 2012, and 2008, etc

I would say there are clear instances of fraud and irregularities the real question is on what scale. It may well be that there are not enough cases to sway the outcome. To be so cavalier in the dismissal when the size and scope are not known seems short sighted. I just want a fair count, if Joe Biden won in a fair contest then the American people have spoken and I am fine with that.

There is as much evidence for systemic fraud as there is for systemic racism...

To base one's opinion about the present based on the past is not short-sighted nor cavalier: As there have been no previous instances of widespread fraud in the past, I will take that as a reasonable default for the present.

@TheMiddleWay Looking at the past 4 years I have never seen such an effort to remove a president from office. There were major changes to voting this cycle and in most cases they were less secure. There have been cases already of fraud and violations of laws and practices. There is nothing normal about this year. IMO it is short sighted and cavalier, but if the end justifies the means, its still a mostly free country.

By the idea of Hitchens Razor, then too, institutional racism should be dismissed.

And the difference here is that this election is unique with universal unsolicited mail-in votes. By logic alone, one should assume whatever extent of fraud had happened in past would be multiples of magnitude higher in this situation. And as its our first go at this loony toon mechanism, a full assessment of its validity is warranted.

Except it's not entirely unique. Many states had universal mail in ballots for the 2016 election. And the Washington Post did a study on Colorado , washington, and Oregon which gave ballots to everybody in the 2016 election. They found roughly 400 probable accounts of voter fraud reported out of 14 million ballots. This election had roughly five times as many mail in ballots then what the Washington Post study was based upon and thus, as you say, we can extrapolate to 2000 probable cases of voter fraud. Keep in mind that these are probable and not proven and there is no data to skew them Democrat or Republican and said cases would be spread among all states that had mail in ballots


Please don't tell me that you are now equating CNN's video editing technology to voter fraud. 🙄

@TheMiddleWay the brighter among us would have watched the video that shows both the feed from the official tabulation going DOWN while cnn’s remained UP....

Amazing how people can ask for proof and when given it, object

@TheMiddleWay. Denial mode in 5...4...3...2...


@TheMiddleWay One for fun


I would be careful with insult of intelligence considering that neither of those feeds are an "official tabulation" but rather both are part of CNN's own video overlays. 🙄

Not denial, but mirroring the authors own opening paragraph skepticism:

"The first thing you learn on the internet is that people brag about things they never did. So, even though Kiel Fauxton claims he worked for the DNC does not mean he did. And although he bragged about throwing out tens of thousands of votes for Trump does not mean he really did it.Of course it doesn’t mean he didn’t."

@TheMiddleWay Ummm... official feed? Fed from the polling station? Shall I write slower for you?

@TheMiddleWay There is an old tale from the Middle East where a master was listening to a lunatic ranting at the side of the road. “Why do you listen, master?” Asked his followers.

“He might say something wise”, was the reply

@TheMiddleWay my bad. sorry, I’m not suffering fools greatly today.


"Fed from the polling station"

Wow. No such thing exists...polling stations don't have a feed of their results.

I mean aren't you the least bit suspicious of that both the top and the bottom graphics have the exact same color scheme, icons, font, etc? 🙄

@TheMiddleWay relax guys he’s giving u numbers. I still agree with them though, MiddleWay. I think at minimum, without dynamic human component, and all things the same, its be multiple to that # you gave. However, there’s a much much larger, desperate leftist impetus to oust Trump now then their naivety and overconfidence allowed in 2016. Most of us, therefore, are quite confident its not just simply multiples higher, but magnitudes of power.

Magnitudes of power... like 10, 100, 1000? Because based on history and the logistics to make that happen, that would be an extraordinary claim which would require extraordinary evidence.

Me, I'm confident that like the left didn't concede to a lack of collusion despite evidence, the right will not concede to a lack of widespread voter fraud despite evidence. The left and the right are "same shit, different smell" when you stand in the middle. 😟

@TheMiddleWay so was the Russian collusion scadal and impeachment... when there are enough people possessed by the same radical ideology, and in places of power (media, Hollywood, education), it is not far reach to imagine that at all.

I used to stand in middle, but when the average left veers waaaaaaaay left, that put me on the right without moving myself. AOC is legit talking about political hitlists, they are reinstalling critical race theory (which is racist), and pushing the green new deal (which untenable and economically catastrophic even by recently decades conservative/democratic fiscal malfeasance)


The same people who pushed the the Trump Russia conspiracy myth now tell us voter fraud is rare. I declare half of them are dim wits and the half liars.

I will keep parroting the #CalExit CONFEDERACY lawsuit presented to the Supreme Court until people stop calling Russia innocent.

Even Trump admitted that he wanted a guy who was sheltered by the Russian government to be " beheaded with his head on a pike " ( actual quote paraphrased ).


I don't trust the system any longer to be able to prove what is clear to any reasonable person.

The DNC torpedoed Bernie Sanders campaign hopes but, oh, no way would they ever, ever interfere in the election


Trump and those around him have had targets on their backs before he ever took office. I do not know there was fraud but I think there are some that would do ANYTHING to get him out of office. I am also very suspect of how the election has unfolded in general. Trump starts to gain momentum and seems hes gonna roll and everything shuts down to reopen shortly thereafter with those margins suddenly reversed. Maybe there is a logical explanation, but if its coming from the MSM and Trump is involved its almost certainly a lie.


To quote Pelosi "By any means necessary."

Everybody seems to have forgotten that. People have such short (selective?) memories.

The ALP in Australia have a famous oft used quote.... from a past ALP Senator no less... WHATEVER IT TAKES.

That's The part that raises my suspicions. When one side basically advertises a win-at-all-costs attitude, how can we not be suspicious when irregularities are unveiled.


I’m not a fan of the Dems, however, the American system is unique in that power can shift every two years. The focus now must be on winning the 2022 midterms. No good can possibly come from re-fighting this election. It’s over.

By all means, recount, investigate and confirm; but to blindly make accusations based on gut feelings is simply creating division and doubt and playing into the hands of the forces working to destroy America.

GeeMac Level 8 Nov 8, 2020

Well said, sir. 😉


Interesting Question.
Especially given that, as yet, We HAVE NO Results.
Unless you’re referring to the Crap the Mass Media has “Declared”.

Until they are Certified there are NO Results.

I don’t give a Rat’s Ass what Biden, Harris or the Media barfs up in the meantime.

Seems like the Admin is, once again, hung up on taking a stance for which there is no grounds.

Perhaps, Admin knows that there are many here who love conspiracy theories, rumours, speculations, that sort of things. Admin is successfully provoking them. 😛


Have seen all the alledged evidence yet so I am unable to determine veracity but because there are witnesses willing to testify to election fraud and reports of election fraud are being investigated biden has not won as being touted on the media. The Constitutional process needs to be worked through before a President-elect is declared.

dd54 Level 8 Nov 8, 2020
Header Level 8 Nov 9, 2020

Oh, I believe that some fraud happened. It will happen every election... on both sides. But I don't believe that there was any mass fraud that benefited the Democrats or "stole" the election.

I don't see anyone in the comments so far coming up with any proof that would hold up in court or even any speculation on how such a mass fraud would take place. Several states would have to be complicit in this fraud for this suggested scheme to work. Doesn't each state have its own protocols to ensure the validity of the ballots?

Absolutely, I think that we should recount in the states where it was close and we should make sure that both parties are satisfied with the protocols to ensure the validity of the vote. I am a Democrat and I voted for Biden, but I would accept it if a recount showed that Trump had won. And I would accept it if an investigation showed some real evidence of a mass fraud. I would want to know! And I think anything that can reassure Americans of the validity of the election would be a good thing right now.

Hear hear.

Posted earlier, but here



The U.S. has been managing voting for a long time. There are in every state voting irregularities that happen. People vote in the wrong precinct or the machines somehow don't record the votes correctly, but these are things that run in the hundreds and are not fraud. Fraud is a crime. Every voter who commits fraud is entitled to his or her day in court. It's relatively hard to commit voter fraud. Massive fraud in any election would be relativity easy to spot since every voter must check-in prior to voting and there would be a huge difference between the number check-ins and the votes cast. It takes a lot of effort and in country where about 50% of eligible voters don't even bother to vote, it's hard to imagine why anyone would bother to cast a fraudulent vote. In the past voter fraud has been relatively rare. To think that suddenly this year there would be massive voter fraud is a pipe dream. At best there will be a few cases, but certainly not anywhere near the thousands of cases necessary to overturn the result. It's just not going to happen. It's just not very likely that the courts would interfere with the initial counting of votes. So long as the states comply with their own rules, the courts almost alway side with them.

TyKC Level 6 Nov 8, 2020

" To think that suddenly this year there would be massive voter fraud is a pipe dream." Biden's sentiments, exactly. LOL

Its the huge number of mail in ballots, the relaxed security measures around making sure the ballots were valid, and the extended times to get the votes in. None of these things were normal in this cycle and they all up the chances for fraud. In person voting, with ID and most of these concerns are gone. That was not the case this year. Do I know there was fraud, nope. Do I believe there were unprecedented opportunities for fraud this cycle, I certainly do.

Not if the court violated the election laws set down by the legislature. People are referring to election fraud. Just so you know voter fraud is not relatively we know it occurs in most every election.


It doesn’t matter. Democracy is idiocracy. Most of the population are idiots . So idiots decide our future

You MIGHT be a pessimist 😂

That’s because we let our philosophy and culture crumble, which then destroyed education systems that now only indoctrinate ideologies. But yea, I agree

andbthe children of illegal immigrants of which there are millions who vote Democrat 70% of the time consistently.

Of course you include yourself in that’s category


Have a Plandemic with Scaredemic overtones for a wimped out society interested more in security than freedom. Put lgbt and race activist brownshirts at the polls to do whatever dirty work they can (as Stalin said - I don't care who votes -only who counts them (Is this proof enough what goes on?) LET THEM CHEAT TO HIGH HEAVEN and you have a STOLE election.

Yeah, defund the police!


The Electoral College, Senate, and Supreme Court--indeed, the entire US political system are democratic frauds and only serve to protect capital, white supremacy, and patriarchy.

Oh stop with the nonsense

Thank my Stars for that


I find it amazing that the Progressives, all without exception, simply deny there has been any fraud or issues with the vote. None... none whatsoever.
Apparently all allegations are simply baseless.

Its the hate bias. To them, Trump is so divisive and destructive that they're OK with election fraud to effect his removal. Trump supporters are so "dumb" anyway. And that's crossing the line - fodder for civil war if you ask me.

An interesting phenomena is that the moderate left will cover for the radical with the riots in Portland that have been going on for about four months....mainstream democrats? Not a peep


For four years the media promoted the conspiracy theory based on Russian disinformation paid for by the Clinton campaign that Trump was under the influence of Putin. Then the media and the intelligence community suppressed evidence that would have made impeachment almost impossible. Now the media is telling you that voter fraud is uncommon when all the circumstantial evidence points to what is uncommon is for it to be uncovered and prosecuted.

Massive voter fraud has been part of U.S. elections in large cities almost from it's conception.

"One of the most infamous of these political machines was Tammany Hall, the Democratic Party machine that played a major role in controlling New York City and New York politics"


"Chicago Style Politics. The phrase has often been used to refer to the Democratic Party-dominated machine, or "boss," politics of Chicago during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century"


"Although he only briefly held elected office as an alderman, Pendergast, in his capacity as Chairman of the Jackson County Democratic Party, was able to use his large network of family and friends to help elect politicians (through voter fraud in some cases) and hand out government contracts and patronage jobs."


I'm only offering these three examples but there are many more. Also keep in mind that Wikipedia has biased editors so you won't find many recent examples.

Now ask yourself if voter fraud was rampant and widely known about in the past but went unprosecuted why would you expect it to be uncovered and prosecuted today?

I focused of Democrats but there are plenty of republican examples as well. What is striking is the cognitive dissonance required for anyone to believe voter fraud is uncommon where patronage is so obvious.

Maybe, just maybe term limits could be a start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's incredible to watch half a country fall into the thrall of a carnival trickster - fall for every hilarious little lie, where the rest of the world is lying, but the guy covered in orange fake tan who is hated by his own city and family is the only one telling the truth.

bad education i guess. fun watching the end of an empire though.

he'll be doing his covid rallies again soon, all the hayseeds turning up to catch covid to risk dying to see trump bleat about how things are unfair.

The 99% survival rate shows us that COVID is over-hyped to push global agendas to control and monitor populations better.

Look at all those uneducated hayseeds turning up to catch covid and risk dying to celebrate Biden's supposed win...

@Truth_Teller20 tell that to the over 200K Americans who died while Trump expressed how serious the virus was in private, but publicly called it a Democrat hoax, said it would go from a few cases to zero in a week, said by April the warm weather would kill it all, and then encouraged people to pack together at super spreader rallies so he could stroke his ego.

@ktpinto you'll get over it one day

@ktpinto, @JacksonNought ha they don't care, they don't mind their countrymen dying as long as they had trump in charge.

@JacksonNought has been mishandled from the start. But to blame that’s in trump? Mishandled by the WHO, Fauci, msm, democratic governors who REFUSED federal assistance, doctors being paid to bleat the big pharma line...

But blame trump. Simple answers for simple minds

@parsifal sounds like you are twisting yourself into knots to defend Trump from all blame. He takes no responsibility whatsoever.

@JacksonNought absolutely not....but why don’t you examine the statements of those I’ve listed, see how they fare?

what bothers me are things like Pfizer announcing at the end of March they will be partnering with a Chinese drug firm to develop a covid vaccine and Tah-dahhh! It’s in human trials April 23rd. What bothers me are things like a European patent granted to a group called Pirbright Institute for a covid vaccine in mid November, 2019. Google it. What bothers me is the CDC having on their website that their antibody tests can’t tell the difference between covid 19 and the common cold. What bothers me is Kary Mullis, a biochemist, who won the Nobel Prize for developing the PCR process said it isn’t for diagnostic purposes, and, that’s not what it’s for... I’ll let you google what’s process is being used to test for covid.

@bastion You are such a hypocrite, it's hysterical.

@bastion, @Truth_Teller20 It amazes me how people keep talking about how many people died (some who were counted more than once), but not the 6,514,569 (so far) people who survived... and that's not counting those who were never tested...


@Truth_Teller20, @bastion It's so funny that the people who support the "protesters" destroying cities then accuse others of not caring about their fellow countrymen...

@ktpinto "destroying cities" lol which cities? you've really drank the koolaid haven't you.

@bastion I live in NYC and come from a police family, and have friends who are small business owners. So I know the reality of the situation.
What's the color of the sky in the world you live in?

@ktpinto let’s just admit this is a year long attempt by China to disrupt the Great American Come-Back

Trump literally made America Great Again and the left hate him because of thier political science liberal arts pocket degrees that are overinflated senses of accomplishment vs American Truther Syrup of Western Christian values Trump uses.

What’s the show stopper is how big of an idiot and clown They say Trump is, but he will achieve more then them all combined. They hate him for it. he’s a business organizer, not the next First Trans President..

Hey I love Democrat’s, like Don Lemon, absolutely, I understand he is the mouthpiece for a organization much more collected than any one of the multi faced pundits. I think they want to yield to a human trap of liberalism’s, like easing immigration and every white is the poster child of racism, feminist are not the answer to the modern female identity crisis because of the idea of a utopia of radical rights. I don’t care if you’re so Prideful in Gayness that you want society to protect you from being the target of hate crimes, but you force it in the minds of children by re-enacting your fetish in streets in parade. Your call, but then it’s rude to expect us to support it. Like a bunch of perverts dancing like Mardi Gras for us? How does that show respect for the community your targeting as shoving Christianity down your throat?

I suggest we illustrate how a typical conservative extremist would respond to all this government turmoil:

Pray for our Enemies. That any who may be in need of Christ Truth to Set them free in the Holy Spirit of Mercy. And be welcomed into the Family of Christ no matter your nationality, sex, or pronouns, class or political preference.

Fast. Refrain from indulging your appetite to focus on blessings, prayers, and spiritual suffrage

Give charity: Support your fellow man and community by volunteering hours on a weekly or monthly schedule

Exercise. Sports are healthy independent or community events

Practice with fire arm. Responsible handling of a serious tool require practice for the time to defend what it is you hold personal enough.

Go to Church. When we loose our ability to stand alone, we come to meeting.

Let’s celebrate the 4 yrs of resurgence of conservative faith in this country that we have, and under any government, may Christ be in all our hearts for the best future for everyone

@ktpinto I don't see a lot of social distancing!!!!!!!!!!

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