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Covid-19 Vaccine announcement - timed for election?

First, it's every encouraging news today that Pfizer appears to have an effective vaccine against the Covid-19 virus with potentially 90% effective rate. That's great news for the planet but bad timing for Trump in the election. Just a matter of coincidence or something to make you say, "hmmm"? News: []

Do you think Pfizer's announcement was timed for election impact?

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Admin 8 Nov 9
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I would however like to add that I have questions about the proposed 90% efficacy considering that conventional flu vaccines hover around 40 to 60%. Could be that the first vaccine is highly effective on a virus before it starts mutating but I don't know enough epidemiology to say for sure.

Thanks for the input. I'm skeptical too.

Could it be because other.vaccines don't focus on a single particular strain? I'm not an epidemiologist, either.

Exactly. Though it begs the question of why this isn't done for single strains of the flu as well... I don't know and I'm not finding many experts commenting on this yet.

When news is too good to be true, it usually isn’t.

I have been sceptical about any vaccine produced since no vaccine exist after years of efforts for any other coronavirus ... however I would LOVE to be proven wrong on this one.


I'm confused. Do we have a vaccine for the virus or the hoax?

TyKC Level 6 Nov 9, 2020

This vaccine development is political but its creation happened on Trump's watch. Since the plandemic began the numbers have been conflated, inflated and used as a political tool to frighten and control everyone except the rioters.

The fast-tracked CV19 vaccine like all the other pharmaceutical companies developing CV19 vaccines are NOT doing the animal studies/trials which concerns me as to its safety.

90% effective rate? Our influenza vaccines only have a 40% efficacy rste so I'm not buying that 90% effective rate. How did they come up with that number without the longer term studies to prove it?

Let the creators of the vaccine, bill gates, fauci, pelosi, schumer, nadler. schiff, the EU leadership, the WHO and the CDC staff take it and publish all side effects and efficacy. Then maybe in a year or so ppl may be more willing.

In terms of impact Pfizer's vaccine would be a victory for the Trump admin but the dems will try to claim it as theirs or downplay his involvement as will the msm. That said, there will now be states with dem Governors and many Countries that will mandate the vaccinations regardless of risk to pol. So let the law-suits begin as they move to take away another right.

I wll use the slogan they use to protect abortion rights...


Interesting note. I discovered that in my last android system update the service provider downloaded a CV19 emergency notifications program into my system. I was advised I have turn it on to activate it (yeah right). I have to download a google playstore app, turn the notification on and then it activates ( like they couldn't do it without my permission???). It says you must have you location turned on but that they don't track location just CV19 contacts. Hmmm...I will receive a notification if anyone that has the app/program activated on their phone has tested positive for CV19 and comes into contact with me. It will tell me the date, time, distance from me and the duration of the contract. If contact occurs they will send me a notification of what to do. I was like WTF? They say that no one besides the health dept will have access to the info (yeah sure). It also says I can delete some info from my phone but my contact ID will remain on other ppls devices.They say they will automatically delete info every 14 days (so don't worry, they're not tracking you), BUT a record always remains in the cloud which they say no one but the appropriate authoities can access. Not buying it. Check your phone for the download in your most recent phone update.

As for the vaccine I am choosing not taking it.

dd54 Level 8 Nov 9, 2020

Trump's watch but Biden saved us kiss his ring

Thanks for the heads up, I'll check my phone. I still don't understand what is going on with the whole mandatory vaccination. I heard "only health care workers" to "everyone" to no ones going to be forced into it.

I'm not against vaccinating, but I am against forcing people. Especially considering how new this is. If, like you said, these governors follow through with mandates, they will get a ton of lawsuits.

I will opt out too. The idea of injecting dead baby cells, mercury, and aluminum into my body is not on my bucket list. To say nothing of the tracking compounds “Luciferase”...

But here is a funny screen grab indicating a patent issued by the European patent office in November, 2019, to a group called Pirbright. Google it....


@B1967, @saramarylop3z here's what biden had to say in regards to CV19 vaccinations. If he can't manage nationally he'll go to every governor...
Its the state governors we need to police as they has we very broad enforcement powers. We need to be protesting that slippery slope now. Healthcare workers will be mandated to be vaccination unless that's preempted by a labor union or they are exempted for a medical reason requiring the employer to accomodate the employee. Otherwise the employer can say no vaccination and they can terminate you.





  • We need to be protesting that slippery slope now.

Agree. So, healthcare workers I actually expected would have to, along with military and other service members (I have friends and family in all, and they often get vaccinated, and, at least among my small circle, they're perfectly fine with it)

That leaves the rest of us, including some like me, who question if such a broadly given mandate is such a great idea. I'm not against the vaccine, but I am against forced vaccinations.

Biden has flip flopped a lot on the issue of health mandates, lockdowns, masks, and vaccines. To be fair, there are still a lot of unknowns, but if he wants to present himself as someone who would have done everything so much better than Trump, he should have the proof to back it up.

"I believe in science" is not proof.

@saramarylop3z where I work if you don't fet the flu vaccine annualy you must wear a mask when you work through the 4 month flu season. Some Nurses choose that option. They have not mentioned covid vaccinations. Even though there have been no patient or staff loss of
life due to covid what they'll decide remains a question.

@saramarylop3z I'm all in on protesting CV19 mandatory vaccinations but live in a blue state...arrrgh.

@dd54 dang. I didn't think about that.😬 I so hope it doesn't come down to protesting. Of course I'll still prepare for the worst, I just don't see how making this thing mandatory is even practical. From what I've read so far on the (2 step every 4 weeks? months?) process, the higher risk area is pretty wide. Age, heart problem, previous exposure, comorbidities, and others make me wonder how they ethically could require it for a good portion of the population as it is. There are also other long term effects they have no way of predicting with the small amount of time.

I would be willing to bet it will be mandatory for people who travel abroad but don't see it being forced on everyone. Ya never know tho.

@george Bill Gates wants every person on the planet vaccinated. Thats 7.5 billion people. Forced upon them...Considering a modest fee of $100 per, that $750,000,000,000...

No incentive there.

@saramarylop3z Face masks will be law and mandatory vaccinations you don't get them no job. bank account. travel

@parsifal So does Fauci since he will earn big bucks off a Moderna vaccine.

@parsifal he and Fauci do and they want it to be the Moderna mRNA vaccine as they stand to gain billions. Especially that crook Fauci the vaccine patent holder.


The timing is very suspect.

Whether you believe Covid-19 is a deadly pandemic or a hoax, don’t miss the point. Covid was a major factor in the defeat of Donald Trump. Trump was scorned throughout the campaign for his belief that we were “rounding the curve.” The administration’s Project Warp-speed — led by General Gus Perna —was dismissed as crazy talk. Now, Gen. Perna is being lauded for his superhuman efforts, but Warp-speed is being called a “government” effort, and not being credited to the Trump administration.

Strangely, a day after Joe Biden claimed victory, and too late to make Trump look good, 60 Minutes finally recognized the massive professional effort of Project Warp-speed. A day later there were headlines everywhere about the Pfizer vaccine ready to go before year’s end. Of course, during the campaign, when Trump promised a vaccine was pending, the media laughed.

Coincidence? Perhaps. But to me it’s more proof that the mainstream media always had it in for Donald Trump, and they are delighting now in rubbing salt in the wound.

The other side of the story, however, is that today’s big news shows Trump was right about “rounding the curve” all along.

GeeMac Level 8 Nov 9, 2020

I invested in Pfizer stock, election night. They already had in place a contract with the Gov for 100M vaccines, and just underwent a merger. I believe wholeheartedly this was a timed "release" of data. But, either way it was a win for me. Their stock went up 38% this morning.


It's the common cold.

More like influenza A.


Trump was already well aware of this when he said that he spoke to these companies and they said the vaccines were very near.

Further, the phases of vaccine trial are not up to the companies performing the trials but are supervised by the FDA, Trump's FDA.

Finally, note that this still needs to get FDA approval, still have to be mass produced, and so it's still a number of months ( late 2021 by all estimates) before the majority of people will have it

So regardless of who would have won, this announcement would have come all the same.

yet Trump was saying it and the Prog media were poo-pooing it

Poo-pooing his claims that they would have vaccines ready for everyone by the election or shortly thereafter.

Which, as we now know, these companies were well aware they would not deliver by then and Trump must have known it if he talked to them.

@TheMiddleWay splitting straws now eh... Harris said she would not believe anything Trump said about it... yet here we have news on it almost exactly to the day Trump said we would... CNN had drs on poo-pooing it continuously...


Timed by whom, to impact in what direction?
My understanding is it was part of Trump’s Project Warp Speed to fast-track a vaccine. I’m not too comfy with the idea of a fast-tracked vaccine. I’ll need to be convinced it is safe and effective. At minimum, I’ll wait for FDA approval. Then the first batches are for medical workers anyway. So if they don’t have problems, I’ll soon be in line for mine.

Do you think the FDA hasn't already approved it? Fast-tracked means rubber stamped approval without animial trials and long-term studies to determine efficacy.

I don’t know. I’m thinking I saw a news interview of the man in charge of the project and I thought he spoke of the FDA approval as something in the future. Do you know whether it has happened yet?

@BlurtReynolds what I meant and should have clarified is that under the emergency act the FDA is not going to hold up the vaccination unless there us some glaring apparent danger. They started meeting in October with experts and scientists to decide how to evaluate/rehulate the different vaccines. That said, they will approve at least one given the political pressure of the plandemic.


Corrected a spelling error. I hate spell check.



I do remember Trump saying a vaccine was just around the corner... but that was a lie right?


Since those who recover from it can still get re-infected, then no vaccine for it would ever work. Like a vaccine for the common cold would never work. Just keep 5 days' worth of Azythromycin, zinc supplements, half a dozen nebules of Budesonide and a nebulizer handy - just in case - and get on with your life.

What kills you is not the virus itself but your immune response to it (which is why the individual response to the virus is so varied). Those who develop an over-response to it have what is called a "cytokine storm". Your lungs puff up, your larynx inflame, your blood clots like crazy and all of that nasty stuff. Budesonide counters those immune responses. So does HCQ by the way, that is why HCQ is being used for Arthritis and Lupus, both auto-immune conditions. Azythromycin takes care of any secondary infections. Normally Azyth is just once a day for 3 days. But with pneumonia, doctors extend it to 5 days.


Was this not developed after the US government (Mr Trump I think) president set up operation warp speed to hasten the development of a vaccine in the US ???

Along with some regulatory restrictions being loosened and cash spent, Sound like he was right when he said its almost over after all ???

The_Q Level 7 Nov 9, 2020

Pfizer had announced human trials at the end of April..announced pairing with some Chinese lab to develop it in March.

Now that's disturbing.



  • The timing of this is pretty amazing. Nothing nefarious about the timing of this at all right?🙄



  • “The good news is the vaccine is coming. The bad news is it’s about two months until Joe Biden becomes president"





  • “I congratulate the brilliant women and men who helped produce this breakthrough and to give us such cause for hope"


So, from what I've read and seen, Trumps "Operation Warp Speed" promised Pfizer $1.95 billion to deliver 100 million vaccines. Pfizer has been reported as having distanced themselves from Trump by stating they didn't receive any federal funding in the development of it. Donald Trump Jr alluded to having suspicions in the timing, and Andrew Cuomo had an interesting reaction that I can't quite make out. I guess he wants to stop distribution until Joe Biden is sworn in? (I really have no clue what to make of that)

Meanwhile, both Trump and Biden have reacted positively about the news.

I'm inclined to view this as positive, of course. 90% effective, is a good start at least, and with the continued testing it looks like it may be ready before the end of the year, which sounds promising.

The timing has been spot wrong this entire year, so I'm actually leaning toward the end of "not a conspiracy", even if Trunp Jr says otherwise. I mean, if it was about timing, I would have revieled a vaccine shortly after Biden got sworn in. This happened while Trump is still the sitting president. I think, regardless how Pfizer wants to distance themselves from Trump, it really has little to do with Trump or Biden. Trump left the work of making a vaccine to doctors and scientists, just as any president would have done... Because Trumps not a doctor, or a scientist.😅

Your trump slamming bullshit aside, what is your,point?

@parsifal I'm unsure how I slammed Trump? I guess my point would be Trumps "Operation Warp Speed" has plans to pay for mass production of the vaccine once it's ready. I don't think it is a conspiracy with the timing. I found Cuomos reaction and interview weird. (Which I was wondering if anyone else found it weird too). Trump and Biden both are reacting positively to the news.

As far as the last part about Trump and Biden not being doctors or scientists, I've been confused in the MSM as far as the way they've put COVID entirely on Trumps shoulders despite the fact that he didn't cause it and has been doing as much as any other president in his position can do. He cut off travel, locked down, put together "Operation Warp Speed", and has been trying to give hope rather than fear.

Most recently in the debates, Harris had made the statement that she wouldn't trust a "Trump vaccine". I find that type of comment confusing considering Trump isn't making the vaccine, he's putting money and resources for the doctors and scientists who are.

I may just not be looking at the way MSM is reporting on this, but it comes off as if this is a "Trump vaccine" vs a "Biden vaccine". I think that the vaccine shouldn't be politicized like that. Maybe I'm misinterpreting it?

@saramarylop3z thank you

@parsifal I just noticed one more thing that may have come off the wrong way. The 🙄 emoji on Trump Jrs tweet was in the tweet itself. Not a reflection as to how I felt about his tweet.


In an actual pandemic, you aren’t just reading about deaths, and more than just knowing one or maybe two people who have perished - supposedly of COVID-19, of which there are far too many fraudulent diagnoses proven.

A real pandemic is half of your own family and friends dead in January or February.

Think about how you and almost everyone you know have been terrified out of your rational mind by the common cold. Then ask yourself who did that.


“Encouraging”???? Not really. The FDA just refused to authorize an Alzheimer’s vaccine with far greater potential and efficacy, simply because it wasn’t sufficiently proven safe. The “COVID-19” vaccine is a much bigger shot in the dark.

In addition, for the entire history of humanity, no one ever before proposed a vaccine for COVID (the common cold) because 1. It wasn’t sufficiently dangerous except for those already dying of pre-existing conditions, (just like COVID-19) and 2. Because it was never regarded as remotely possible. What’s different now?? Only the politics of fear manipulation.


There are several vaccine candidates, this move from Pfizer looks very political, they are one of many. It is both anti Trump and playing into the current political BS news cycle to presents themselves as the main vaccine producer.

I do not think its anti-Trump after-all, Pfizer waited for the election to be over, no matter who won, they would likely jump on a vaccine to take credit.

This vaccine requires cryogenic storage, only mainline hospitals have this. We simply do not have the infrastructure to distribute this widely. It would take several years to distribute. We will need other vaccines not requiring this.


This is not the only half-baked experimental vaccine still being tested in USA .

There are several biotech labs trying to sell their own vaccine .

The effectiveness of most of them so far is disappointing due to the extreme side effects.


Someone mentioned. So there is a vaccine with suggested 90% success rate for a virus that has less than 10% mortality rate but they want to make it mandatory vaccination on everyone?

The true mortality rate of healthy people is less than the flu. COVID-19 has a slightly higher mortality rate than the flu for those already suffering one or more life-threatening conditions. Its average of the two is less than an half of a percent - roughly equivalent to the flu.

With more testing, more cases are revealed, not increasing. Deaths are NOT increasing, but they are not reporting mortality of healthy people. You would lynch them for fraudulently locking us down if they did.

Its time to DEMAND of our ELECTED officials that the lockdown ends immediately, or that they will face a recall.

@TimTuolomne Yeah. At least there is attempt to elect one guy in London with that premise. End the lockdown. lockdown is for prisoners after they stabbed each other in prison cafeteria. Actually that is where they got the term "lockdown". That is what the officials think of us, cattle. Well maybe its time we showed them prison in person and convinced them for fraud, unconstitutional abuse of power etc. And if they are linked to "Global Reset" than for treason and corruption conviction. Off course the corruption employs too many people to let it just happened. So I don't know what the course of action is, short of revolution, but lockdown is not about medicine its about control.

Vaccine is also suspicions, since its hard to say who is working with whom and for what agenda.


paranoid conspiracy theories.

bastion Level 7 Nov 10, 2020

This is very political and they are only stating the results from a very limited test group which was a sub set of the large group of test subjects. This tends to point to the need to do further investigations and not jump on the band wagon, as it might be the wagon for the dead. One of their earlier tests was pulled for causing more death then the disease, so we will see what the actual outcome is. The scary part is the amount of governments who are pushing for mandated vaccines when that makes no sense at all. If it works like they say then those who don't vaccinate will not be a burden on society for very long. On the other hand if it doesn't and this is just another scam, how many are going to die from it before it is with drawn or the "improved" version is put out on the market.


NO CCP invasion in big pharmaceutical

Jhonboy Level 4 Dec 15, 2020

From what I understand, you can get COVID-19 again after about 6 months.
So a vaccine would not be able to give immunity longer than that. And such viruses mutate, so.... it will be difficult.

Of the 7 coronaviruses people can get, there are effective vaccines for none of them.


I.m stuck on wondering why it would be bad news for President Trump.


This doesn't pass the smell test


President Trump has been saying the announcement was coming. The timing may not be great for him but this falls way down on the list of things to be concerned about.

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