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Reddit restricts access to the very popular "The_Donald" subreddit over alleged policy violations by it's members - averaging 1-2/day (see []. While we understand the challenges of running an open forum, Reddit makes over $100M/year and uses their community for advertising (unlike this website) and therefor could easily handle any policy violations response without moderating a whole channel. Is free speech facing a death by 10,000 cuts?

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Admin 8 June 26
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Just let the community vote up or down or mark comments as unsympathetic. But don't block or hide bad comments. At least not for adult users.


Ummm... If I had $1M what would I do to help keep free speech alive?
Why donate it all to the Intellectual Dark Web Community of course! @Admin


We just need to find every free forum we can and keep speaking the truth. I accept people who disagree with me and wish them to keep speaking. It is only by hearing the other side, that you are able to learn. But finding those sites willing to let people speak is very important. Spread the names of those sites and keep talking them up on the censored sites. We need to keep open minded people learning about the other places who don't have billions but do have thought provoking discussion.


I think I'd go to Jamatto and see how much of the company or influence I could buy for $1 million. Jamatto is the micropayment company probably most likely to take paid writing on the internet into the future. PayPal had the chance, but they still charge 5 cents a transaction and they are difficult to use. Jamatto promises to be for the internet what Jobs and Apple and the iTunes deal were for music.

Think of it. Journalism need not die, and for 5 cents a read, it probably can be kept alive. No more JSTOR $35 paywall. Print newspapers go away, but digital ones don't need to rely on digital subscriptions.

Arrogant companies like Reddit and Wikia, who harvest the effort of their users like The Matrix using human batteries. They will go the way of the dodo, when people realize they don't want to read platforms that bow the whims of their big money donors and advertisers. And will pay a nickel not to have to put up with Fox News or Facebook β€œowner bias.”

When enough people are reading some Site of the Future and donating to it by the penny, it won't be able to close them down because they will be funding it directly.

You want free speech? It's not actually free on the net, but controlled by ad money. But if you want to escape that, it might only cost you spare change.

Babou Level 7 June 26, 2019

The agenda has shifted into full swing because they are now arrogant. The climate change BS, the identity politics, the overtake of the MSM and now the social media networks. They think they are now strong enough and that enough have been deluded by the propaganda.

As with all poor man's bond villian's, they like to gloat before they head toward the final act, and that is when they are cut down.

They may think Rockefeller and Soros have all the money and power, and that Silicon Valley amateurs have the money and the means to control the message, but just like the authors of the Red House Report they follow, they fell before, and they will fall harder again.


The Tech Moguls are getting ready to censor the 2020 elections.

Leftists have already discredited legacy media. And now Leftist Tech Moguls are busy discrediting their own platforms. They simply don't understand, perhaps they cannot.

if we really think the tech moguls can sway the election with their tactics then what really needs to happen is a ground swell of Trump supporters who will declare they will vote for Trump REGARDLESS - who runs against him - what ever nonsense the left throws out via mass media and interwebs etc...


More censorship, unreal...

Oh yes... to answer your question what would I do to help keep free speech alive with $1 million, think at that point I'd seriously look into starting my own website for those interested in being a voice for free speech in their communities. It would be similar setup to how the groups on here operate, and would also be ad-free like this site is.

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